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11 hacks to sell and market your online courses faster

The creation of an online course is the topic where tons has already been written about. While creating content, streamlining, structuring, constituents are our prime focus. But what after that?

What is left now we wonder?

Marketing and Selling! After all the hard work you have put while creating your course, marketing and selling are the next battlefronts to march. The reasoning and justification that the buyer’s mind goes through are firmed with the help of Marketing which in turn leads to the sale of your course.

Discover the hacks you can use to sell your courses like hot cakes!

First things first: Identify the Persona or the Clientele to market

One of the most important steps, before you begin with any of the further hacks, is identifying the clientele you need to market your course to.

By knowing who the person is, his taste and preferences concerning the platform he will be comfortable with, social media he uses and so on you can target and capture him there are some of the reasons why identifying your target market is super important.

All this information will enable you to capture them on the spots of their interest and as a result strike down the costs of advertising on the platforms which are unsuitable or are not being used by your customers. For example, if the customer is a working professional, putting up pop up ads on a University website won’t benefit you in terms of marketing. In this case, using Job Directories, LinkedIn and other Job sites will be a suitable way to market your course online.

1. Promotion through Blogs

Blogs are one of the great places to promote the courses you create. Creating blog content on the same lines as your Online course is one of the ways to promote. The audience who is reading your content becomes a potential customer to buy and use your online course.

Creating and optimizing your website to show your course is by using the top bar. By creating your website with Knorish, the top bar can be used as a great way to capture your audience, by pulling them from the blog towards your online course. Links can be provided at the end of a suitable and related blog post that can lead them towards the Course page. Discounts for regular and interactive audiences can be another direction to look at. Not only will this generate students for the courses, while being the interactive audience they can in addition voice their opinions about the course on the comment sections of the blog. Thereby benefiting your course with a positive word of mouth.

2. Drive traffic faster with YouTube, Google and Facebook Ads 


YouTube can be a fantastic platform to begin your promotion with. With YouTube being the second largest Search Engine in the world with millions of visitors, it can be used to showcase the work you do thereby enabling people to take a look. Creating and posting Promo videos on YouTube can attract potential customers, who were already searching for similar videos. 

In this case, Keywords research helps as by using similar and relevant keywords can bring the traffic towards your promo video. With all the traffic generated with the help of keywords, using the description box of YouTube to link the channel to your course page is a great way to capture students.

While we are on the topic of using word tactics, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are also very relevant in the prevailing times. With the questionable times prevailing around the globe, people have ample amount of time to hone their skills. Social media sites like Facebook Instagram are the favourite pastime for a wide audience. Promoting these social media sites to attract and intrigue the younger audience can also be a way ahead.

Using Google Adwords to promote on websites having a similar online presence can be a great direction to look at. Using this way has to come with the fact that this type of promotion is only to be done on websites that are more popular than yours. This will not only capture the attention of the prospective audience of the more popular website but will intrigue their existing users as well.

3. Selling mini-courses for free and capturing those users for the full course

Using certain sections or chapters from your full-fledged online course and publishing them as free mini-courses can also be done. Giving away certain knowledge for free and by the end of the chapter, a  free mini version pushing them to buy the full course can make the visitor curious to know more about the topic. This not only helps the student to establish whether they need to take up the full course or not but even creates a validity in the mind of the learner. This makes their buying decision process way easier as it enables them to test the water before actually diving head-on.

4. Discounting techniques

With a sizable library for online courses created, discounting by offering bundles can be a great strategy to Upsell to the existing lot while capturing the value proposition from the point of a new customer. While the existing audience has already established a sense of trust with the brand, new customers can benefit from bundles due to increased content to learn from with reduced pricing.

Other discounting techniques can be used according to the holiday periods. Discounts like Black Friday Sale or special Discount coupons for Diwali time are the areas to be looked at. Creating discounting coupons as a task has been made easy with Knorish’s user-friendly platform. You can create coupons on Price or Discount Percentage which can serve the purpose according to your wants. Validity date and the number of uses can also be customized with Knorish’s coupon creator. 

5. Big-ticket affiliates for Influencer Marketing

Using the industry bloggers to review your product so as to have an opinion on your course. Having great reviews from popular bloggers can create great sales results. Connecting with such a blogger and offering them the product for free in return for a review post on their blog can create an audience for your online course. Not only will this create traffic from the Influencers website, but will even create validation on the benefits and advantages of your product.

Using Instagram and YouTube for shout outs can also be a way to look at. Contacting the influencer and asking him to link your course with his Instagram bio and post stories concerning your course can be a great way to get more students on board, as Instagram is the favourite among the younger audience. Similarly in case of YouTube using the influencers “i” buttons to create the link to your course, sponsoring a video in turn of a 10-second description slot in the entire video can also be used wisely to create viewers and learners.

6. Nothing like the power of LinkedIn


If you have your target audience as working professionals, LinkedIn can be a great platform to sweat out your marketing efforts. Commonly being referred to as the Facebook of the professionals’, niche marketing can be done is a better way with the help of LinkedIn. Targeting specifically on the required profiles can be of great use. This will not only enable you to narrow down your marketing efforts but even help in getting relevant audiences on board.

Creating LinkedIn groups, using favourable hashtags can lead to numerous opportunities in ways of professional collaborations, partnering with organizations, referrals from satisfied clients and much more.

7. Going Live through Webinars or Live Sessions

Taking your teachings Live can also attract a lot of audiences. Going Live through Instagram Live feature with the help of a certain Influencer can help you get a boost to your sales. By this, you will be able to utilise the wide audience of the influencer in your best interest. With all the credibility from the influencer and his face value, your brand will benefit as this will create an audience to put across your product.

Organising Webinars, inviting leaders, influencers and other business-related key personalities to speak to your target audience can generate hype and interest all around. Speaking on the same topic and directing the audience towards the Course, in the end, can very well lead to sales for your online product.

8.Reddit Channels

Using Reddit for increasing your online presence can also be very fruitful. Begin by creating a username similar to that of your Online Website or course. This would enable you to have followers from your existing lot of customers which can identify with the username. While on the other hand, this will enable your brand to establish a social media presence.

Also being active to the communities your brand relates to, getting into the online discussion, answering queries, upvoting on daily feeds relevant to your brand can help in establishing a connection with your audience.

Adopting a regular participation strategy is also the way, to begin with. Sharing jokes, memes, engaging in discussions can help you contribute towards the Reddit community, therefore, creating a sense of trust and brand personification.

Creating content specific to Reddit Audience is a great way to engage and convert the audience towards your online course. Posting on the current topics about your course can help and create quite an interest from Reddit Users.

9. Quora Answers

Replying to the questions put across the Quora concerning the topics for your course can be a suitable way to attract learners. Running ads on the most “Upvoted” answer of yours which directly leads the upvoters towards your website can create customers for your Online Course, as by upvoting they have already established interest in the topic being discussed.

Helping out the query by giving appropriate answers can create credibility to your answers and create followers for your Quora profile. Putting in links directing towards the course website can generate interest in your followers which will lead to conversions. Giving replies to comments on the answers is a great way to engage with the audience who can very well be your prospective customers.

10. Using Wikipedia for a Boost in your Website ranking!

Wikipedia has the highest-ranking website the consumers use online to search for information. All the work you need to do is place your link on Wikipedia.

  • Visiting the topic of the course you have covered.
  • Using the Edit function of Wikipedia to place the link on the page.
  • Do not try and make the link obvious, as being used as a form of promotion. Supplement the link with a fact or a statement so as not to look very obvious.

And that’s it! That’s all that is required to increase the organic search ranking for your Online Course! Simple easy and Time and Money saving way

11. Giving away Valuable Information and Knowledge

Another way in which we can reach out to prospective course takers is by giving out crucial and important course-related learning material for free on the website.
By this not only can they utilise the information, but learners will also develop a sense of affection towards your website and the brand. Sooner or later, pushing them towards the Enrol Now button. This way will not only create more users but will pave the way for capturing crucial User Information. “Downloading will begin after you have entered your email” is a way to use and implement this. With the email captured frequent mailing can be done by creating and storing the information in the Email list. Time to time emailers can be sent to the mail list informing them about the new courses, discounts and other new bundles on offer to get them on board. 

Bonus Idea: Using Medium Blogs For Promotions

Medium has been one of the names that have been increasing when the quality of the content available to the consumer is to be concerned. Being the sole platform that values great writing as opposed to recent content, having started with your marketing efforts on medium should purely be based upon the quality rather than quantity.
Writing crisp and up to date content on Medium can help you stay at the top as there the content is sorted based on theme collections. A larger chunk of the audience who has been reading from a specific collection will be interested in the content you publish, thereby turning them into your audience.

Medium also acts as a platform which enables free branded content to be published without paying a hefty sum to get the content on the centre stage. If your content is well written and is greater on quality Medium as a platform will appreciate it and so will the readers.

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