An organization’s growth depends on the training its employee receives. Many establishments know this vital fact and value this practice, but both managers and staff still undervalue training. The argument behind such a reaction is their claim that the time spent on training takes them away from work and it thus results in less productivity. Though, any trainer may fight this phenomenon by displaying that the participation in receiving training is a serious and vital part of manager’s and employee’s work as well as productivity.

Employee Training

Employee training is critical because of a few important reasons.

  • It educates the employees about the productive use of technical knowledge
  • It ensures a sharp edge in the current and future market
  • It helps develop health and safety among the employees
  • It creates favorable chances for personal growth and career development
  • It aids the employees to comply with the rules, regulations, and laws of the land as well as industry
  • It improves productivity and profits

Online training or Conventional training?

Since now you know why the employee training is essential, the question whether to opt for online training or traditional training; will certainly be on the top of your mind. Such situations call for the practice of observation on the pros and cons of each available option.

Online Training


  • Training can happen anywhere, anytime, individually or in a group
  • No loss of valuable work hour as the training consumes less time
  • Less space consuming
  • No need for arranging plethora of things as no trainer is physically coming over to teach
  • Recipient may go through the course material multiple times
  • Low cost


  • Can’t escape the training
  • No free time to leisure around

Traditional/Conventional Training


  • Trainer is accessible to answer all questions at the time of training
  • Hands-on-practice under the guidance and supervision of the instructor


  • Consumes time
  • More space and resource consuming
  • Recipients need to mug up much in less time

The progress of employees with online training could be observed conveniently since their performance can be seen. However, the same is a bit difficult with traditional training because it consists of survey forms and much documentation.

Hence, we at Knorish are always working to create such online training modules that suit various industries at large; yet it can be easily customized.