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India's First Luxury B-School Launches An Online Course With Knorish


The luxury industry is estimated to have an annual consumption of $14.75 billion and is growing at a pace of 20-30% per year in India whereas, at a speed of 65% worldwide. With the ever-burgeoning retail sector and the infinite number of international brands expanding their base in and around the world, it becomes excessively important that there are a considerable number of trained professionals in the luxury retail and service sector. As per a national report, it is projected that by the year 2022, Indian Luxury Products & Services Segment will be requiring 5.6 million trained professionals.

Luxury Connect Business School

Luxury Connect Business School is the first luxury school in India that offers various skill development programs to educate and train in areas like brand management, retail operations, and customer relationship management. The School has been carefully designed keeping in mind the standards and gaps prevalent in the Luxury Industry.

Luxury Connect Business School was looking to design a customized course with the use of myriad multimedia aesthetics to guide learners through the intricacies of various subjects related to Luxury Management yet be practical and methodical in approach. Knorish provided LCBS with the design and technology to create and deliver such a course.

“Luxury Management is a new subject that is yet to be explored. Therefore, it becomes essential that we transform the way courses are provided in the digital age that we are all a part of today. I never imagined the impact of delivering courses to students through an online platform and reach students and professionals from all over the world so conveniently. With the help of Knorish we have created an exceptional course on Luxury Brand Management that impacts students from across the world”, says Abhay Gupta, CEO and Director at Luxury Connect Business School.

Knorish’s Contribution

The course comprises the luxury sector’s analysis, product and service development in the luxury industry for Fashion, Horlogerie, Automobile, and Wine and Spirit. It also gives us an insight on the development of specific marketing, branding and promotion strategies according to different global markets by laying emphasis on the luxury growth and evolution of luxury space in Asia and its expected trajectory in India.

Luxury Connect Business School has harnessed the capabilities of Knorish’s platform to enhance the delivery and efficiency of its course. The cloud-based online course, discussion forums, and regular assessments make the course very learner-oriented. The Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard available for the course; a feature at Knorish with real-time data analytics that tracks visibility, impact, and progression of the course with every enrolled student helps LCBS get more productive and efficient.

Right now the luxury industry is booming at a rapid pace, where more money is invested in comparison to various domains such as finance and retail; to name a few. A person employed in this industry at an executive level, managing the brand could earn a handsome salary. However, the challenges in this realm are what keeps things interesting as well. The career opportunities in luxury sector are innumerable, but they must be approached with the right knowledge.

Head on towards a bright career with Luxury Brand Management course, for precise knowledge and a superior edge over the rest.

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