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Nano-Learning: 10 Aspects You Must Know


The need for quick learning and efficiency improvement in the workforce, as well as individuals, has brought a plethora of online training courses. Some are lengthy, while some are short; then there are Nano-Learning courses. These are highly targeted, covering sole objective of training while delivering tiny chunks of information to the recipient. However, the best part is that it can be viewed on almost every device that is configured to display online training videos. Usually, the length of Nano-Learning courses are from 2 to 10 minutes, and these are the most favorite among the online training publishers. It is used more for virtual teams that need to be continually updated with new work methodologies and techniques. The training costs also reduce much with online modules while Nano-Learning compliments the same with its precise delivery as well as size.

The rise of busy schedules of professionals has made Nano-Learning the strategic and core solution for training. Below Mentioned are the 10 aspects of this amazing training solution that you must know.

  • Time: It typically ranges from a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Volume:It only covers single learning objective and provides focused learning on the single topic.
  • Type: It is self-contained while it may be commenced independently, which makes it appropriate for quick refreshers as well as since it does not have prerequisites, it stands on its own; alone.
  • Flexibility: It is designed in such a manner that it can be reused, which allows for leveraging from it; by using it numerous times.
  • Device compatibility: The courses made on Nano-Learning designs are compatible with all kind of tablets and smartphones along with the laptops and desktops. It allows for convenient learning on the go.
  • Variety of media: It would include various kind of media, or it may have a combination of different multimedia, whichever is most effective to the audience, according to their environment as well as content and technology. It includes video, audio, scenario examples, avatars, knowledge checks; but not limited to these only.
  • Links: Mostly each Nano-Learning course has links to related materials for training, practice aids, or other additional resources; to expand the knowledge base of the learner.
  • Audience: It can be delivered to specific audiences like consumers or product users, to enhance their user experience by giving complete know-how on how to use the product or service. Thus, it serves as a marketing tool as well.
  • Advertising: Since it can be used to educate consumers at a macro level, it also becomes a potential asset for advertisement because of its natural outreach.
  • Size: Most of the Nano-Learning courses are small, which allows them to be downloaded and stored in the smartphones or tablets without making space for them.

This is a perfect training asset for both, companies to educate their employees as well as individuals at large to learn things with less time in hand. Most of the publishers are already experimenting with it by launching their Nano-Learning courses for various enterprises and individuals. Even businesses prefer it more because it delivers immediate awareness about the targeted aspect on which their employees need the training.

Join the league of extraordinary publishers and businesses, who use the platform of Knorish to develop and evolve the training ideas into an impactful online learning course.


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