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Turn Your Favorite Content Into A Brilliant Employee Training Program


It is easy to lose motivation in today’s job market quickly. With practically so many options to work for, where each company brings in new ideas for employee engagement because they understand how important it is to retain the talent they have already invested so much in. It is not wrong to say that every employee starts job hunting after every two years and merely good working environment and fat paychecks are not enough to make them stay!

So, what is it that results in higher productivity, better retention rates and improvements in organizational success across the board. Now it is your turn to take a step back and think!

A study done by Deloitte in 2012 found that the retention rate is 25% higher for employees who have engaged in training programs offered or sponsored by the organization. It brings us to the idea that employee training and mentoring should not stop after an employee’s initial onboarding process, in fact, you must understand that continuous and innovative approaches to training will enhance the growth and productivity of your company in the long run.

Implementing online training platforms like Knorish- for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of e-learning courses or training programs, in organizations to engage with employees is an innovative approach to training. The new technologically driven ways of training together with well-designed multimedia aesthetics are the most efficient way to drive employees to work better.

For example, a new employee in the company would always be hesitant to ask questions. Thus, making it necessary to make him/her know the fundamentals of what the role will comprise of, what will be the responsibilities, what are the company rules, what are the protocols; would help in settling. This induction program will develop confidence in the new employee to remove the doubts related to work and perform efficiently. It will also improve the bond between the company and the worker, as the online induction program would do most of the ice-breaking. Furthermore, it will help in enhancing the employee's overall performance in the future too.

Learning and training take place by encoding new information in the permanent memory which is also recognized as long-term memory. As per a theory called Dual Encoding, content communicated with text and graphics or any other form of multi-media sends two codes — a verbal code and a visual code. Having two opportunities for encoding into long-term memory that increases your capacity to grasp what is being taught. Imagine the impact of curating training programs for your employees with the help of all-new multimedia tools that invoke audiovisual cues for learning.

We know instinctively –and research has proven– that the use of media, including graphics and illustrations, can indeed help people learn efficiently. There are myriad options for videos, presentations and prezis and infographics that help process information 600,000 times faster than plain texts. Employees can learn and train themselves within the comfort of their own time and vicinity unlike in classroom training sessions where so much time and resources are wasted to get learners together in the same place and time to train them.


We have grown up training ourselves in what is now considered old-school ways of training. Therefore, there are always going to be a few people in your organization who will proactively seek mentors and traditional training. We can always get instructors to give directions and illustrate with graphics and designs. Research shows that 65% of the population is mostly visual learners, where graphics and images are vital for keeping the employees engaged in online training.

Multimedia tends to improve learning by keeping the pupils engaged and motivated to learn. The goal of using your favorite content and various multimedia tools is to mesh behavioral science with technology to form a very efficient source of employee training.


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