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Gear Up To Be A Millionaire Teacher. Why you can be one too...

Gone are the days when the days when students would ring their batch mates to solve a complicated math problem or professionals would invite the support team at work to install new programs. With the online course revolution partaking a share of our daily lives, it certainly has simplified daily living besides permeating in our professional and personal existence at unimaginable levels. From ditching the local grocery vendor for hassle-free online food shopping to watching and learning from directional videos on ‘How To Debug Your Computer’, online is the new norm.

Online courses are one such sphere that has witnessed prolific growth in the last few years and continues to evolve with advancements in technology and swarming of social media. While classroom training sessions have been the conventional method of imparting skills or learning, the au-courant perspective of delivering online training has revolutionized the world with its fresh approach and easy accessibility.

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A wide spectrum of professionals, ranging from authors to teachers have gained rapid success through the online learning medium. Rob Percival, 34 years old, a math teacher from Cambridge, decided to bask in the rising trend for online learning and created a 30-hour math training course, priced at $199, back in 2014. His comprehensive course took off at a grand level, within a month of being posted online and eventually Rob’s earnings rose to $50,000 within a few months. After garnering huge success with this course he was inspired to create similar courses and went on to witness as many as 1,25,000 students opting for these, leaving him richer by almost $1 million, every month.

(Source: Business Insider)

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While creating online lectures for the ease of his regular students at his school, Kim Ki-hoon never imagined in his wildest dreams that he’d be raking in a whopping $4 million a year, but today he’s proud to be teaching over 1,50,000 students online while making all this moolah.

Even the established career coaching institutions, the world over, have incorporated E-learning practices alongside their conventional curriculum by roping in acknowledged experts from different geographies to conduct online training and lectures and have been able to amplify their enrollments resulting in an all-time high to the revenue, more so without any huge investments. Online training is a great avenue for academicians, teachers, authors who are seeking a viable and cost-effective platform to expand their horizon and earn.

According to the World Economic Forum, the E-learning industry claimed a gigantic value of $166.5 billion in the year 2016 and is expected to rise up to $255 billion by the end of 2017, undoubtedly touted as a booming realm.

Some critical factors that can be attributed to its spawning success are:

Ease of Accessibility

Online learning eliminates the logistics issue to a great extent by offering the anytime, anywhere flexibility. Perfect for a group of people across geographies, whether its educational or professional learning

Cost Factor

The conventional classroom training involves higher costs due to travel and other expenditure which gets ruled out in online learning, thereby making it a preferred mode


The limitations of geographies are phased out as expertise can travel globally with online platforms, that too at lower costs


Customization tools are available for most online courses, allowing the learners and examiners (if any), the choice of training best suited for an individual or group and the options to select the exact data needed respectively.

Better Retention

Modern learning uses progressive techniques such as multimedia, video formats etc. for better user experience, thereby increasing the retention quotient of the course.

Quick Result & Feedback

With well-integrated evaluation tools, the courses tend to test the learning at every stage, allowing learners a chance to revise or repeat, whatever the case may be.

To Learn how to create your own video-based online course, learn more here: How to make engaging videos for your online course

Online training has lately emerged as a preferred medium of learning, not only by multinational organizations who intend to beat the spatial and temporal limitations but also by individuals who are looking to optimize their time & enhance skills sets sans any setback to their professional lives. Platforms like Knorish help professionals to create and sell quality online courses and strategic programs through their cloud-based application through a well-guided & hassle-free process.

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