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Planning To Host A Workshop? Convert Your Workshop To An Online Course And Reach More Learners

As an entrepreneur, subject matter expert or a knowledge professional, the best strategy to leverage your self and knowledge is to make yourself available online. Converting existing content to an online course is the easiest option to monetize your learning. While in-person workshops are great and add oodles of value to the learners from your experience and expertise, however, the audience size will always be a limitation. The best way of ensuring a massive outreach of your knowledge would be to create an online course based on the workshops you conduct and then promote the course to your audience and other learners.

However, many first-time online course entrepreneurs still believe that converting knowledge to online courses will cause

  • A loss in the transformational impact of the content
  • The entrepreneur to be overwhelmed with technology
  • Failure in the launch & sales of the course

Instead, hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and their online courses have proved that launching online courses are the next organic step in the journey of sharing knowledge.


So here are tips on how to link your workshop with the online course and sell more:

    1. Course Website: Before the workshop starts have a website ready that can host your online course and explain the features of your workshop. Knorish is perfect for this purpose. The simple drag & drop action on the platform allows you to create your website within minutes. It is also multi-device compatible thereby ensuring all your learners get the same learning experience whether on mobile or laptops. Using Knorish, you could even sell tickets for the workshop on your website and create buzz around the event as well.
    2. Data Capture: With the new website ready, and applicable social media channels as well, you can capture data-points like email, and phone numbers to market your course further. This not only helps in email marketing but also helps with remarketing campaigns and direct marketing campaigns to publicize your online course further.

    1. Content Creation: Videos are the latest and most engaging teaching methods for an online course. Hence, record your workshop in its entirety. Ensure quality recording tools & methods are used. Once ready, break down the videos into smaller bite-sized videos based on different topics. Known as “Chunking”, it ensures that you are able to offer precise quality content for each of the topics in your course. Smaller Videos also mean more freedom for the learner to learn at their own pace without feeling overburdened with the knowledge overload from one large video. In another post, we have also covered, in detail, the aspect of how to shoot quality videos for your courses. Definitely a must read if you are yet to finalise a video shoot for your workshop. Read more about it here.
    1. Online Course Tech Tools: Various Tools available on Knorish offer greater flexibility for a more engaging learning experience. For example, you could use the PowerPoint presentation used in the workshop as organized PDF or even PPT based handouts that learners can download and use later for their reference. Here are some more tools that can be used in your course to add value for the learners.
    2. Online Discussion Forums: Discussion forum channels on Knorish allows learners to exchange ideas and discuss possibilities at a larger scale. Being online, learners who were not part of the discussion can review the discussion at a later date as well.
    3. Assessments: Well-timed and thoughtfully created assessments can act as learning enhancers and ensure critical parts of the course are well understood.
    4. In-person peer edit Assignment: As part of the platform, you could even ask your learners to submit assignments based on their learning for a personal review. A great value-add based on your expertise. For e.g. another course creator on Knorish invites learners to submit their “Statement of Purpose” essays for Ivy league college admissions. These essays are then graded by ivy league admissions professionals, who then share feedback so that the learners could write better essays, thereby drastically increasing their chances of getting accepted.
    5. Prezi: Besides video-based content, Prezi presentations are all the more in fashion right now as they are easy to create and great for engaging users. Pre-existing content could be converted to Prezi presentations which allow for higher retention due to the nature of their design.
    6. Worksheets: Worksheets are different from assignments or assessments in the sense that they are designed for practice more than knowledge check, hence, sharing worksheets with the content is great for additional learning.
    7. Launch Announcement: Always remember that launching the course can take some time depending on the extent of the course and time required to break down the videos into smaller videos. Keeping that in mind, do make sure that you announce the course launch date with a few extra days at hand to test the content and fix any issues that you may face.
  1. Call to Action: Once the workshop is over, you could also announce a discount for the first few learners who take up your course. A discount offer entices the audience and also creates buzz around the worth of the online course. Similarly, the workshop’s quality would also be an indicator of your expertise and knowledge on the subject matter which also promotes the quality of your course content. Besides the Video of the workshop, make sure to highlight the additional content that would be part of the course to ensure greater curiosity about your course.
  2. Spread the News: Once the course is finally ready for launch, contact information data captured via the website, social media and at the workshop can then be used to promote your online course. The benefit being that this marketing comes to you absolutely free and avoids google and Facebook marketing costs. Plus since the data is of people who have attended your workshop and their referrals, the likely hood of a purchase by the audience is very high.

Launching online courses is an active yet a simple process. An online course with a clear structure and quality content go a long way to support the workshops in future as well by setting up your credibility in the subject matter. The popularity gained by a successful online course, in turn, will actually help sell more tickets for future workshops and create more online courses, thereby creating an exponential income chain.

Knorish: Finally, everything you need to build, launch, and sell your own online courses on beautiful websites that promote YOUR BRAND not ours.

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