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Learn how to sell your online course even before you have created one

Failing to sell your online course after all the effort you put in it is a pretty daunting thought. If you have dealt with a similar situation earlier, you have our sympathies. For those who are yet to see one, however, are afraid, we understand your pain. But worry not, as we have the solution for you. There is definitely a way to avoid creating a course that no one buys, it’s called Pre-Selling. Learning how to pre-sell your online course can actually do wonders for you as you go about creating your online course besides providing regular income as well.

Pre-selling your online course can be started at any point irrespective of what stage you are in the course creation journey. Crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are great sources for idea validation. Innovators, entrepreneurs just like you present their ideas and raise money from people to fund their creation. This is a great yet a simplistic way of validating your course Idea. Get enough funding, you create the course, if you don’t get enough funding, tweak the idea and retry.

Why pre-selling your online course makes sense

It’s not really a new concept. Think about all the car and gadget news blogs that relentlessly talk about upcoming products. Leaked renders’ news of different products come out almost a year before the products are finally released. Product pre orders are a huge business for the gaming industry. So why not your Knorish online course? When marketed well, with the right mix of exclusivity and innovation, your customers should be lining up to pre order your online course. Additionally,

Pre-selling shows market potential

If the idea is in demand, you know you are on the right path. If it fails, you know you need to tweak your offering based on the needs of the audience.

You save precious time

Instead of creating an entire course, launching it, market it and then finding out the areas that need improvement, by pre-selling the course, the audience will share feedback about what more could be tweaked, thereby preventing a lot of problems and headache later on.

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So here are 05 steps to pre-selling your Knorish Online course

Step 1: Determine the topic of your online course

Based on your expertise, figure out the topic of your online course. You could look at popular knowledge chat forums, social media channels or simply ask peers, family or friends as well to get a feel of what is in demand right now. The key thing is to be able to identify the audience for it. The right fit is critical to the success of the audience. Selling an online course on typography or cursive writing may not be the best fit for doctors for example. They may be in need of it, but it’s not something that would appeal to them immediately. You probably are better off marketing your course to teachers and students.

Step 2: Put together a basic course outline

In order to sell something, even if it’s digital, there has to be something tangible. What this means is that the user should see a value in it for them to be persuaded to make a purchase. This means that not only do you have to put together a well-thought course outline, you would need to think through details of the course such as course curriculum, timeline, contents, course methodology, why people should be interested in your course and ultimately why should they buy your course. When you finally decide to pre-sell your online course, details like these allow the audience to make a better-informed decision about your course and most importantly share feedback about what they like and what they don’t. We personally believe that this feedback is the single most important result of the activity, more than the money you may get as part of the pre-sell as this gives insight to the kind of success your course will have and what course corrections are required to achieve success.

Step 3: Give your Pre-Sell a look, design a landing page using Knorish

Now that the course idea and outline is also ready, you need to create a landing page that does the “pre-selling” for you. Using the course details from step 2, you would now have enough data to create a knorish landing page for your online course. Knorish’s online course platform allows you:

  • To pre-sell and sell your online course with your branding
  • Showcase your expertise and skill set as the course creator
  • Share an overview of the course
  • Benefits of the course for the course participants
  • Give a clearly well-defined Call-to-Action
  • Ability to share testimonials, about your course, derived from feedback gathered earlier which could be in text or video format
  • State FAQs which answer most commonly asked questions
  • Do remind people it's a pre-sell and to pay only if they are interested to take up the course upon launch.
  • Most importantly, do mention that in case an X number of people don’t purchase your pre-sell offer, you would refund the money to all.

Remember, a pre-sell is an indicator of whether it is worth to work on the full-fledged course or not. In case, if the pre-sell doesn’t work even after multiple tweaks, there is no point putting in all the effort towards creating the course or marketing it. Therefore, it is imperative that if you do end up with a few sales in the pre-sell stage, you must refund the money if you do not plan to launch the course.

Launch your Offer tab

Step 4: Launch your Offer

Now that the landing page is in place, all you need to do is to market your course. Social media channels and groups, popular knowledge chat forums, all the places you researched for the course feedback initially, become the very same places where you market your course pre-sell.

You could also look at email marketing like product launch emails, discount emails, pre-order now emails, is the product really for your emails, relevant clickbait emails that encourage email clicks, and finally last chance emails that promote audience to open emails and reach your landing page for details on the course.

Additionally, YouTube videos, blog posts, interviews by popular podcasts are also a great way of ensuring outreach. Of course, Ads run on social media allow target marketing for your specific audience types.

Make sure to share details of payment options like popular digital wallets, PayPal, etc.

Step 5: All good things come to an end. So should your pre-sell

Your pre-sell can’t be a forever project. There has to be a clear end date listed on your landing page and all marketing collaterals. Only then does it add value to your course. Once you reach the end date, the noble and logical thing to do is to close your pre-sell, irrespective of the size of the success. Don’t fall prey to greed and extend the date, which in many ways would be unethical.

Finally, once the launch has been closed, send out a thank-you note to the entire audience for their interest even if they didn’t show any, with a detailed note on the timeline of the launch of your actual online course. In case you don’t get enough buyers, please refund everyone’s money and send them an email informing them of the situation. This is not only because of legal reasons but it also sets your brand’s credibility further for future launches.

Preselling is not a new concept, however, as an online course, preselling is a technique that helps brands find out what's working and what needs to be changed. This is a great hack to hone your offering to ensure that your end product is a great success. With a total 7.5 B people on planet earth and instant learning access via mobile guarantee maximum exposure which when done right will result in maximum profits.

Knorish; Finally everything you need to Build, Launch and Sell your online course with your Brand

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