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Unique Online Courses That No One Thought Would Make Money, But Are

In our previous articles, we shared with you course ideas that have time and again proven to be default success ideas, as long as you have the right content and strategy in place, these are proven to be successful no matter what. That’s the power of Demand, Marketing, and Supply. But what if we told you there are other courses in demand, just that people have never thought of looking at them or teaching those skills in an online version yet. What this means is that if you have a skill or knowledge that is not only unique but also unexplored in the online course world, you might just be sitting on a gold mine.

To prove our point, here’s a list of 07 unique courses that have been launched and have been immensely successful:

The Fierce Grace Collective

Once upon a time, she was famous as Trinity from the Matrix movie series. Now Carrie-Anne Moss is extremely active with an online course called “THE FIERCE GRACE COLLECTIVE”. A year-long course on self-development and creating a life which one craves for, starts in January of each year and is a highly sort after course. We believe this is so not only because of Carrie’s star power but also due to the content quality and the fact that one has to join a waiting list and wait almost a year for the course to start. Increasing its exclusivity quotient quite a notch thereby making it very desirable for most. Based on the book by the same name, people who wish to attend the course are prompted to purchase the book as well to experience a pre-course euphoria. The book works great for creating further deep-rooted interest in the course, making the people willing to even wait for almost 365 days to start the course.


The course website has been masterfully created as well. The inverted image of Carrie-Anne in black & white is simply stunning and the image itself gives you a sense of serenity. We envy the participants who are already taking the course and wish the best for those who are yearning to be on the waitlist!

Outdoor activity based online courses!



The website’s online course teaches you how to master the roads while cycling and other in-traffic riding skills via the course. Teaching you about cycling for commuting, recreation, long-distance touring, competitive cycling like triathlons etc., the course is available for learners from US and Canada only. It’s popularity shows that outdoors based activities could also be converted into an online course and with the right marketing it could become the best selling idea.


Ofcourse, one can’t master swimming while in the comforts of your home, however, the 7dayswim website launched an online course recently, known as “The 7 Day Swim Online Course”. The creator, Justin, promises to teach you swimming in 7 straight days. While it’s a no brainer what he wants to achieve for the learners, however, what he promises to deliver is nothing short of amazing. Simply put, The 7 Day Swim promises to be the easiest online program that teaches you how to swim in just 7 short days! His techniques are based on his years of experience as a lifeguard, swim instructor and competitive swimmer.

How to live in a forest!


It seems like a repetitive theme but honestly, no one would have ever even dreamt that one day you could learn about how to live in the wilderness from the comforts of your home in the city. But one online course aims to do something different. Rewild University’s online course aims to teach you just that. To learn how to reconnect with nature from the comforts of your home. Available for learners from the US, the course is an epitome of how unconventional courses can connect with the audience and be good sellers while meaningfully making an impact in others’ lives. In our honest opinion, the design of the website is one that still needs a lot of work which plays an important role in converting potential leads to maximize sales.


While this may not be as out there as swimming or how to live in a forest kind of online courses, but an online course about Origami - the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures, also shows that there is demand for unconventional courses and learners do seek out such skills in countries where unique skills like these are appreciated. Taught by, this is Semi-live online course as the first session is live and rest are pre-recorded. The initial class is held live like a video conference and everyone participates. Beyond that, all classes are pre-recorded and viewers can log in whenever they like and learn at their own speed.

The Business of Craft-Brewing

Portland State University sells a four-course series where industry experts share their knowledge and expertise on how to excel in the business of crafting and selling great brews. All over USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and many European countries, craft breweries are on a boom and this course, needless to say, is placed well in the market and does well as well. Another interesting online learning

Tarot Card Reading

Last but definitely not the least is an online course for learning Tarot Card Readings by Estelle Daniels. The course just like the other teachers the art of Tarot Card Reading to novices and is based on Estelle’s years of Tarot experience. It focuses on how to become good at the art and share your learning and comes complete with exercises, webinars, audios, videos etc.

In all of these unique courses, no matter how far-fetched they might be, there are key commonalities that one must learn from:

  • Your Own Brand: They all are stand-alone online course websites and have not released their course under any other brand. This allows them to sell the courses as part of their brand and not be dependant on the perception and market reviews of the primary brand.
  • Additional Sales Opportunities: Launching a stand alone online course with its own website allows publishers to not only launch a course but also create an ecosystem. For e.g. Carrie-Anne sells the course and a book that goes with it. Others do webinars which can be chargeable, Rewild University’s course is selling merchandise as well.
  • Lead Generation: Tarot Reading online course helps the publishers set up credibility for their skills further and probably helps them get more clients as well for reading and students could be reaching out to them for more in-person sessions as well for learning the art.
  • Further Sales Opportunity: The benefit of launching online courses based on an in-demand expertise is that they feed into the sales funnel for future workshops, webinars, sessions, and events. Many of the times, once the course or the publisher become popular, it gives the ability to conduct these events for a price which in itself becomes another income source.
  • Finally, based on these events, workshops and webinars, one can create further courses based on the content discussed, further increasing income sources.

Knorish: Finally, everything you need to build, launch, and sell your own online courses on beautiful websites that promote YOUR BRAND not ours.

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