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An Idea is all it takes...

Do you have an idea or a concept which you feel others too should know more about? Do you know of a subject matter where you can share better information? Simply put, are you looking for ways to earn extra income or maybe simply earn a significant amount of money selling what you know? You aren’t alone. In the modern day and age, where mobile is the preferred choice for content consumption, going online might just be the answer for you…

In 2012, John Azzi and Eliot Arntz did just that. John persuaded his former college roommate to come up with an online course for iOS and swift for beginners. Meanwhile, since Eliot was teaching weekend classes on how to code, his students too liked what he taught. So, after spending $1000 and 3 months in building the online course for app development in iOS 7, John and Eliot launched their first course.


(Image Source: Business Insider)

Marketing was Key. John and Eliot emailed the course invite to everyone they knew, every student ever taught and everybody else as well. Eventually, in the first month post-launch, they made a whopping $40,000. At $99 per course, that’s about 400 students signing up for the course. Over the months that followed, price adjustments, email marketing, fine-tuning the course, etc. led them to have a consistent earning month on month.

And here’s the kicker,

John and Eliot made $1 Million in 2014 with their iOS 8 online course for app developers.

So What Do You Have To Do With This?

The massive penetration of internet and mobile accessibility across the globe has opened up the platform to 7.5 BILLION possible students. The only question is what do the 7.5 billion people on planet earth want to learn?

The Answer is Simple - EVERYTHING.

There’s enough space for all types of learning courses and the possibilities are endless. And if you are in the market for launching an online course, this is the best time to do it.

Welcome to the new age of learning. With millennials on the move more than ever, time, and access have become key to learning. Online courses are placed perfectly to address the issue and rely on a few basic steps to ensure success in the field.

Content is central to the online course. There’s no denying about it. The reviews one gets on the online course are purely based on the content and their understanding of it. Be it about technology, arts, science, or even something as unthought of like origami or balloon modeling. If there’s an audience, an online course can be built for it. But the content must be of great quality. If the students actually like the teaching and understand the concept and apply it, only then would they refer it to their peers or friends.

Here’s how you can start your own online course in 5 easy steps:


Step 1: Identify Goals

Identify what your online course is trying to accomplish. One needs to identify the learning goals of the participants to design the course. Understanding of which skills or knowledge, is to be gained will help you design an impactful course.

Step 2: Content Curation

Gather all the content that you can, about the Course. Research, research, and research.

As per Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report, Video is the preferred format for data consumption. As per Hootsuite’s 2017 data trends report, people spend almost 6 Hours daily on mobile. Most learners of online courses are between the age group of 20 - 40 years, and this demographic demands accessibility via mobile. Hence, the content needs to be designed based on responsiveness across multiple platforms. An ideal online course should have Videos, Prezis, PDFs, and PowerPoint Presentations that have been well thought of and have been crafted with care. Online courses that contain these have a higher engagement rate amongst participants. Knorish as a platform allows you to launch your own online course with the option to use videos, PDFs, PPTs, and other content types.

Should you wish to learn how to create great videos for your online course, read about it in our blog -how to make engaging videos for online courses

Step 3: Storyboard


Think of how you would teach the course if you were the learner. Break bigger learning into smaller sub-courses. Jot down topics and subtopics and utilize that as a reference when creating the online course.

Storyboarding as a concept is about you would present content to the learners, based on the organization of the different subtopics, interactions, and assessments. Once you are done, revisit, and recheck and definitely streamline.

Step 4: Content Creation

Prototype designing can be difficult initially but there are many rapid authoring tools available to assist in making the process easy. However, most authoring tools are expensive and have a learning curve to them. Post storyboarding the concept, as a course creator, by now would know of how Concepts would be broken down into smaller sub-concepts. This helps to organize the content that would go within each sub-concept. This is where Knorish’s platform adds immense value. One can directly upload the videos or embed them from youtube, Prezis can be embedded as well. Additionally, videos from webinars could also be used as content pieces. The platform simplifies the process of creating the final product by placing the content in a structured layout that allows you to create a well-designed course.

Step 5: Get Feedback, Tweak, Finalize

Share your online course with a few people, get feedback on the course. Don't get offended if the course isn't appreciated. Why was the course not appreciated? If any particular section wasn't understood, maybe explaining the concept in a different manner might just do the trick. Being open to feedback and expecting changes or rework in the content is what one needs to do here. Tweak as per the feedback, maybe add more content or remove what may not be needed and finalize accordingly.

Once the final content is published, don’t get disheartened if your online course does not make money initially. Talk about your content online, webinars, podcasts, blog, all do great marketing for the publicity of your content. Slowly and steadily the content will pick up if you have followed the steps mentioned above correctly and you should be on your way to great riches.

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