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Shoot and serve: ways to turn your short videos into meaningfully long online courses

Time and again, Knorish has busted age-old myths that finding the right content for an online course is the biggest challenge. In today’s world where content is king and so much of it exists in digital and physical form, it would be a sin to state that good content is tough to create. Those who say this, are reminiscent of this from an age-old perspective of converting textbook information into a digital format. Problem is, if textbook information was enough, online education and learning which is poised to be worth $325 billion by 2025 would simply cease to exist. What most, including academicians and other experienced professionals, have failed to realize is that the audience is no longer interested in the old ways of doing things. With the advent of social media and smartphones, the industry has already realized that the cost of creating quality content has reduced considerably. As such, it makes sense to consider converting videos to online courses since the content already exists, one can easily use those videos or short videos into online courses.

Still deciding which online course to create and sell: Here’s help:

Social Media influencers and platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and FB have proven that with bare minimum costs one can produce tons of content that are powerful enough to garner the attention of millions.


There is no longer a need for heavy professional video equipment or shoot etc. Thousands of professionals have already followed similar paths and have done insanely well and made millions for themselves using the same strategy. All you need today is a phone with a great camera (Smartphones exist today that do a better job than a DSLR), a budget-friendly tripod to hold the phone steady, a decent collar mike, and a nice setting with a lot of natural light. That is all that you need really.

Take Geeta Malik for instance.

A culinary expert, an online course creator and founder of, Ms Geeta started making videos as an experiment to share with her audience so that they can learn beyond the physical classes. Overtime these short videos have steadily become an online course on their own. She has since then released several online courses and hundreds of videos most of which have been shot by phone or a DIY set up on a shoestring budget.

Convert a long or several short videos into a weeklong online course

Nothing works better in an online course than Videos. Videos ensure maximum engagement across demographics and ensure your online course does well. Long Videos are exceptionally better in this case as there is more quality content available that can be broken down into smaller bite-sized content pieces for sustained consumption.

Additionally, there are multiple ways to add tons of other content and make the information that much more valuable and engaging:

Divide your video into distinct sections

As mentioned above, instead of using one extended video, you could always use the smaller pieces of videos for your online course. Even if the video is discussing a singular topic throughout, watch the video again for subtopics which can be used to further divide the video. The golden rule being that with short attention spans, it is best to use videos that are under a maximum of 12 - 15 minutes long. Breaking down videos into the said duration will easily give you more content pieces that can be spread across a specific duration.

Focus on one learning goal at a time to prevent boredom or learning overload

Remember, the best online courses are those that focus on one topic at a time and share bite-sized information that is easy to analyze, understand, and remember. What this means is that regardless of the duration of the time required to read, watch, or view your content, it should be easy to understand and follow. Short duration content is important but an engaging learning experience is more crucial.

Watch the videos and preempt questions that may arise

Watch the video again from a fresh angle. If need be, ask someone new to the topic to watch the video. Does it answer all the queries as the viewers are watching the video, are there questions that remain unanswered or topics that were not covered in detail?

We are sure there would be many questions that can still be answered outside the video. Knorish as a platform allows for this with our feature-packed course builder that allows for additional documents, PDFs, Presentations, Word docs and other files to be added into the course. What this does is that even if there are parts to the video that may not have addressed the topic in its entirety, you can add tons of other important content pieces that would help your learners learn a lot more in addition to the learning from the video.

Organize your content & assets

Our course builder has been purposefully built to ensure maximum engagement for your learners and for ease of launching online courses. What this means is that you can arrange your videos that have been broken from the longer video and other learning material together in a structured manner.

So, once you have the overall scheme of the entire course ready, you can start placing the content in the order you deem fit which allows you to rapidly create the course structure and then launch it. This means that once the long duration video is broken down into smaller videos, you can create an online course with multiple sections wherein each unit could have one video and then add content such as PPT, PDFs, Prezis, Docs, etc. that add tremendous value.

Drip feed - the programmed release of course content

Knorish as an online learning platform has a feature known as Drip Feed. This function is primarily used to ensure learners are not able to move forward without completely understanding the content. What this means is that using drip feed, you can ensure only a certain amount of content is unlocked each day or week or even unlock content on specific dates as per your pre-programmed schedule.

Available for use while a course is being built using the course builder, this function is a great tool that allows for greater content delivery control which greatly enhances the learning experience. Once the Drip feed is in place, you could add activities, quests, and use other techniques to further increase overall engagement and improve the overall learning experience.

Enhance the learning experience, build assessments

Another great benefit of Knorish is the ability to build and initiate assessments. Using the platform’s assessment builder, one can quickly create assessments that check for learning and comprehension gained so far. The assessment builder allows you to quickly add assessments to each unit or module with multiple choice questions, single choice questions, paragraph answers, and short answers with additional capabilities to use Images and videos for choices to be selected from. The addition of images and videos can be exceptionally useful in the identification of concepts or products and in checking concept comprehension. Using drip feed, an assessment can then be added to each day’s content to ensure maximum understanding. From a participant's perspective, being able to visualize scores has a great impact as it shows the level of interest and engagement with your online course.

More than assessments, build tasks for experiential learning

Nothing helps participants learn better than activities that help them learn by doing on their own. For example, if your online course is about learning how to write codes or project management, asking your course participants to fill out an assessment and then them scoring 100% on a question paper might boost their morale, however, it will not be as effective. What your participants need is decisive actions that they need to take on their own to ensure they can learn practically as well. Hence, a list of activities that enhance their coding skills or short activities that enhance their project management skills will not only improve their learning experience but will also ensure they get much more value from the course.


(Image source: Mindvalley)
As such experiential learning tasks are great for an online course and barely take any effort to build. Meditation, Mindfulness, Technology, Languages, Sciences, Vocational courses, etc. are all courses where such experiential learning tasks become a must in the online course. A list of two or three activities that must be performed in line with the learning from the daily video lesson with each activity taking less than 15 minutes is more than enough to reinforce the learning. Mindvalley courses have mastered the art of combining experiential learning with online courses and as such exercises that are queued in with every daily learning content pieces. A ten-minute video with a list of activities learners must perform that easily take anywhere between 45 mins to an hour in the real world. This allows learners to practice and master the learning which leads to a highly engaging learning experience.

In conclusion

This article gives you the power to turn your videos to online courses that can be launched within a matter of minutes. The goal is to allow you to focus on your learner’s needs so that you can provide them with the learning and the resources they require. Plus, they still get the added benefit of being able to watch the original video but with a lot more value-added.

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