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How a premier design agency used knorish for better engagement & workflow automation


Scientity Design Innovations is a premier design agency with some of the best brand names as their clientele. The design agency excels in Design thinking and utilizes its expertise in communication design to create stunning Websites, Videos, Pitchdecks and Digital Marketing campaigns for Fortune 50 Companies, large organizations, SMEs, Startups, niche Influencers & domain thought leaders. As a premier design agency, the company has built some very detailed, highly customized & intricate websites for their clients.

Scientity was facing a critical challenge. Once a website was created and delivered, every client had almost similar questions which required the client servicing teams to answer them or respond to emails and phone calls regarding the website’s functionalities, modifications, ease of use, updates, etc. As such the company needed a quick & easy solution to help their clients understand how to update, & maintain their websites upon the completion of the project.

Cross-Functional Knowledge Dissemination Made Easy With Knorish

Knorish as an online course platform has been designed specifically for enterprises to train their employees across teams irrespective of the time zones they are in. With our powerful course builder, organizations can use their existing and purpose-built content such as Videos, PDFs, PPTs, Prezi Presentations, VR videos, and quickly upload the content to create online courses for training their employees complete with assessments & course completion certificates. Additionally, since the platform is built to deliver content, it seamlessly adjusts the viewing size based on the device screen size which further enhances the learning experience.

Using Knorish’s amazing functionalities, we were able to help Scientity automate the workflow for many of these challenges. Using the online course platform, Scientity’s team created various screen capture videos for step by step instructions on how to maintain the websites including the different functionalities that exist in the website. Each of these videos is embedded in an online course and handed over to the client which can then be distributed further within the client organization’s sub-teams for access by specific individuals. Additionally, since each website had a few aspects that were unique in every project, additional videos are simply added to the individual client’s platform and shared for their perusal.

Workflow Automation

By building a central repository, from which individual videos are combined together and shared with each client separately, Scientity is able to eliminate the need to conduct hundreds of conference calls and meetings. As the first step, once the videos are shared with the client, the team responsible to manage the website goes through the videos to understand the functionalities, process to update the site, blog, and other pages. Once this is done, additional phone calls or meetings are only conducted to help team members understand any complex processes or clear any doubts. These meetings then are of a different nature completely and highly reduced in number. Sharing of pre-built videos on an online platform in an online course format allows scientity to share the information in a structured manner with a step by step flow which greatly enhances the customer experience since these online courses are available for clients to use in the future as well as a repository.

HR Processes & Learning Automation

As a leading design consulting firm, Scientity’s team also needed a solution that catered to their learning needs in the company. Since Knorish was already being used to train client teams on website updation, the company went ahead and created an internal learning portal. The learning portal then allowed scientity to create a repository of online courses complete with various learning materials such as videos, documents, etc. The company currently uses Knorish for training their sales & marketing teams, design & content teams. Additionally, the learning portal is also used as a repository of all workflow and process documentation including production workflow, sales processes, new hire training courses, HR process documents & much more.

Automation at all levels

By using Knorish, Scientity was able to convert all offline processes into an online workflow which helped automate various processes across the company. Once their portal went online, the workflow was completely automated. The automation at each level freed up the team to focus on more important aspects of the business.

Key benefits:

  1. Scientity no longer needed to conduct multiple conference calls or meetings with clients to explain the website features or updation processes which freed up the client servicing teams to focus on better client engagement leading to better customer experience.
  2. On-demand website updation videos access allowed Clients to train their employees as and when required without any dependency on the client account management teams.
  3. Internal learning went online which completely removed the need for human intervention.
  4. Training for new hires also went online which leads to a smoother transition into the new job role with all the necessary information available at one single location for each role.

Most importantly, by using Knorish and its features, Scientity has been able to save hundreds of manhours and efforts required previously.

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