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Monetize your expertise with your own online course. Here’s how

The education and learning systems around the world are evolving rapidly. With mobile data costs dropping significantly, opportunities are swarming in internet-based businesses. A recent report by the World Economic Forum states that by 2025, the online learning industry would be worth $325 billion worldwide. Online courses are already becoming a steady source of knowledge across schools and colleges and with the advent of the latest technologies making previously considered niche tools and techniques as obsolete, the demand for reskilling in the workforce across industries has seen a major increase. This is leading to a renewed interest amongst people to look for learning solutions while on the move and online courses are the perfect solution for this. People are always in search of knowledgeable experts with niche domain expertise who can help them learn and reach their personal and career goals. Based on the years of experience you already have, online courses can be very easily built and launched.

Why Won’t Students Learn From The Internet or Social Media Platforms Directly?

Social media channels, in general, were not designed to cater to the learning needs of human beings. They were designed specifically for engagement. This is why while surfing through the net when you start with one post, you eventually realize that 30 minutes have gone by already and you may not have actually done anything that you set out to do in the first place. And it’s not just you, it’s how most social media platforms have been designed. Powerful algorithms that run on the platform are specifically designed to keep you on the platform for as long as possible. This means a constant bombardment of information that distracts the audience continuously making them jump from one link or post to another. Known as an information vortex, the social media platforms have mastered the art of keeping the person hooked on their platform. On top of that even if you manage to not get distracted, the challenge, especially with most social media platforms like YouTube, etc., is that the information is unstructured and not very meaningful from a learning experience point of view. The videos created are rather meant for sharing information and not necessarily intended for a meaningful learning experience. Thus, further pushing people to look for sources with credible information validated by a persona with years of experience in the domain. Thus, pushing the need for online courses from credible sources.

Anyone Can Publish Online Courses

Experts who have built their knowledge and skills over the years are best suited to launch and sell online courses. Internationally, knowledge commerce entrepreneurs as young as fourteen are launching their online ventures primarily because they have built a deep understanding of a specific topic and are able to utilize their following or groups where the venture would do well.

With Knorish, publishing online courses is relatively easy. All you need is a good quality phone camera, great natural lighting, good content that is based on your knowledge, a few PDFs or Word Document-based text for reading material and you are good to go.

And the potential is huge. With bare minimum effort, you can create a couple of videos, PDFs, PPTs, Prezis, with which you can launch your very first online course. Let’s say you price it at $20 per sign up. Once launched, you reach out to like-minded people via social media that your course is available for purchase. Even if only 10 people take your course in the first month, that’s $200 in your first month’s launch. Not to mention the ripple effect it would cause when these course participants share positive reviews about the course with friends and family.

Selling an online course beyond the first month would be a lot easier as well because if the knowledge shared is in demand and of quality, direct referrals would get you more customers as well. That’s the power of social media. With one like or share, your students can send the word out to thousands who might be interested in taking up your course.

Remember: The best online courses aren’t high-level lectures created by people with decades of experience. They are created by people who are in the mix of things. People just like you who’ve developed a unique method to resolve or tackle challenges and now want to share their methods with the world. It’s not about bookish knowledge per se, it’s about sharing actual real-world scenarios and cases. The lessons, therefore, have to be short and concise and direct.

So, Here’s How You Get Started

Online courses are pretty easy to create once you understand how to go about it. Unlike the early 2000s Learning Management Tools which made life pretty challenging for publishers and students, Knorish has made it very easy for Knowledge Commerce entrepreneurs.

As a platform, there are a myriad of tools available to build, launch and sell your online courses. So, here’s how you get started.

Step 1: Decide on the topic you want to create an online course for.

This step should be relatively easy. By now, based on your knowledge, you would have already realized which topic you could create your online course on. Just remember, online courses should be based on a niche. A Knowledge that you know people would want and you are great at.

If you still need help on deciding, here’s a link that shares some great insights: How To Find An Online Course Idea That Makes Millions.

Step 2: Think of a great name for the course

Again, it’s all about presentation. A great name based on your target audience profile would help you attract more students. So, think wisely. Cool fun names for younger audiences, professional names for more experienced professionals or for serious topics. This is a key step from a marketing perspective hence do spend some time researching how different courses have been named.

Step 3: Register on Knorish

Depending upon what you need and your goals are, Knorish has various account types available and you can choose accordingly. Here’s a link for you to see the differences in the various account types. Feel free and click here to go through the web page for more details.

With 5 different types of accounts, you can take up a plan based on what your needs are. You could also sign up using the free account and upgrade later.

Why sign up on Knorish?

With knorish, you get all the tools you would need to build, launch, market and sell your online course, all under one platform. It has a:

    1. Website Builder

With simple drag and drop actions and preset website themes to choose from, you can create your own awesome website that beautifully conveys your message, helps you sell more online courses.

    1. Course Builder

The platform offers a smart course builder that allows you to upload videos, 360 - VR videos, powerpoint, word, pdf, excel and embed Prezi and youtube videos as well.

    1. Assessment Builder

Build powerful and engaging assessments, multiple-choice questions, single choice questions, short and long paragraph answers complete with images and video embedding functionality

    1. Publisher Dashboard

A powerful dashboard that allows you to manage your users, keep track of transactions, access your Plan & Billing information, manage your site pages, manage your SMS and email pipelines and much more.

    1. Issue Course Completion Certificate

Complete with your logo and information, verifiable at later date with a simple link.

    1. Email Marketing and other social media integration

Powerful integrations such as Cloudflare Custom Domain with SSL Integration, Freshdesk Ticket Management, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and MailChimp Marketing Email integrations that allow you to manage your school hassle free.

and a lot more.

Step 4: Upload Content

You can create & upload simple videos with the help of a smartphone and a tripod in natural lighting and share your knowledge. Add more value to the course by sharing PDFs, PPTs, Word docs & even Prezis as reading material.

To learn how to create amazing videos with the least effort, read How to make engaging videos for online courses.

Step 5: Launch & Market Your Course

Once ready, simply launch your online course and share it with friends, groups, students, learners, and peers. Use the power of social media to spread the word and sell.

It’s that easy!

Anyone can launch a course. All you need is knowledge, expertise and a zeal to put in the bare minimum effort needed to launch the course. By combining all the tools you would need in one place, Knorish has made it that simple for you.

Finally, last thought that we would like to leave you with, is this. According to a recent Statista report, the global online course industry will be worth $46 Billion by 2025. While in countries like America, UK, Australia, etc. online course industry is already a mainstream business with thousands already making millions. The rest of the world, on the other hand, is still coming of age with online courses. While there are many takers for traditional learning topics like languages and tech, the online course industry is still at a very nascent stage.

So what are you waiting for? What would be your online course about?

Knorish — Finally everything you need to build, launch and sell your online courses with your domain.

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