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Why YouTube influencers should create an online course?

Too many YouTube influencers are out there making videos and getting hundreds and thousands of views on their videos. However, many have to take sporadic sponsorships and product placement offers to make money, and not every influencer is making enough money. It's truly commendable that so many individuals have been able to create a steady lineup of followers yet so few are able to significantly monetize that following. One way to create a massive secondary income is by creating an online course. Here’s why we believe that YouTube influencers should create an online course.

Why YouTube influencers should create an online course

No one is better suited to create an online course than YouTube influencers for 3 simple reasons:

  1. They already have an existing Audience with a loyal fan following
  2. They are master content creators with already existing key content pieces that can be repurposed for an online course
  3. YouTube is the world’s biggest marketing tool in itself


Just as any YouTube content creator, Knorish too maintains a YouTube account with several videos and playlists. Each of these is a guidance tool for our course publishers to build, launch, and sell their online courses. As time passes by, such videos further help potential customers discover Knorish and learn more about it.

Similarly, YouTube influencers can further use their existing content to create online courses or use their skills in rapid video content production to teach others on a specific topic.

Now, the next logical question in this line of thought would be - what topic?

And so here’s our list of topics that you as a YouTube influencer could choose from to launch an online course

Teach others to become influencers, fast!

  • How to Become a YouTube Influencer and build a following
  • How to create YouTube videos that go viral
  • How to build a YouTube channel that makes money
  • How to monetize YouTube Videos and make millions

These are just some of the examples of courses you can do as a YouTube Influencer. Just choose your niche. You could be a a gamer, a fashionista, a Tech-Guru or a product reviewer. Teach others how to build a niche for themselves. Then you could build upon that idea and launch your very own online course on that niche. Since you already have a niche in a specific field, an online course coming in on that specific topic will have that much more authenticity and validation.

Similarly, if you are a fitness influencer, you could do online courses that talk about

  • How to build a fit body in 30 days
  • How to create the perfect nutrition plan for any body type
  • How to train for a marathon in under 30 days
  • Wellness in mind, body, and spirit

The sky is the limit. Really!

The key about an online course is that the return on the investment can take time if a community of like-minded people does not exist. Since you already are a YouTube influencer with a fan following, your followers are already invested in you and believe in you. So if you are a Yoga YouTuber and launch an online course on how to improve wellness with Yoga, chances are followers are going to jump in to take the course. Your followers who are already searching for this particular information are going to TRUST YOU more than any other random internet personality. This is the main reason why big brands are also continuously in search of micro-influencers who have a more dedicated following online because the brands know that the impact of their marketing via such influencers will be a lot more than a celebrity on ads.

A lot of people object to releasing their online course because so many similar online courses already exist. With this, they believe their efforts would not lead to similar results. To this, we would say that while it is true that several online courses are already doing exceptionally well, however, there is credit in the fact that your fan following will follow more what you have to say. That’s simply because of the loyal followers and marketing to this audience gets better results.

So if you’re wondering how to go about creating your online course, we’ve got you sorted. Here are a few quick reads on how you too can go about creating an online course.


Additionally, since you already have a fan following, here’s a quick read that will help.


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