First impressions are everything. That is why a website homepage and your online course landing page need to be absolutely stunning in terms of content, context, and visuals. The landing page be it the homepage of your website or the page for your online course, is the page that describes your course. Additionally, it also persuades the audience to enroll in it. These are the pages that your prospective students visit before making the decision to sign up – or not sign up – for your course. Since a website’s home page gets the maximum site traffic it is absolutely critical to have the elements in place to convert maximum traffic from the site. So with that, here are our 9 list of critical elements that every website homepage must have to ensure success in your knowledge entrepreneurship.

Before we begin, here are the 3 things that you absolutely must keep in mind before you start writing the landing page:

  1. The purpose of a sales letter is to influence someone to make a decision

Keep that in mind while jotting down the text for your website. Think of yourself as a salesperson and make sure your text is like an ad.

  1. The landing page is the Ad

As mentioned above the sole purpose of a landing page is to ensure traffic arrives, stays and performs the action you need it to. Your style of writing this text must be just like an ad copywriter and ensure it sounds attractive enough for your audience. So while writing the text for your landing page, think about:

  • what does your online course do for students,
  • who is it for, how will it help,
  • why is it better than everyone else’s, and most importantly
  • why should students care enough to purchase it?

Once you are able to answer these questions with confidence, you will be on a great start already.

  1. Types of online course website landing pages:

Keep in mind no format is good or bad and it purely depends on what you feel is right for your online course and your writing abilities. Primarily there are 3 types of website landing pages specifically for online courses:

  • Long form Text based landing page
  • Text & Video Landing Page
  • Video only landing page

While the structure of the page & its content are equally important, it all depends on what can you execute well. Some course authors are great writers and hence have no problems in writing a long form text based landing page, while others have great videos. Great execution is key here.

So with all this in mind, here are our 9 list of critical elements that every website homepage must have to ensure success in your knowledge entrepreneurship.

  • Taglines that make promises and demand attention
  • Opening Paragraph: Text that persuades and promises to deliver
  • Benefits of your online course
  • Clear & Concise Call To Action Statement
  • Course creators’ credentials
  • Discounts, offers, promotional content
  • Testimonials – Students, Peers
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pricing details
  • Clearly & Concise Call To Action Statement

  1. Tagline

A great tagline is a great way to ensure your audience understands your proposition, and buys in to what you are selling. The copy is that basis on which a successful landing page is created. Do keep in mind that the Tagline needs to be concise, yet needs to be worded carefully to ensure that it appeals to the reader instantly.

  1. Opening Paragraph: Text that persuades and promises to deliver

The opening paragraph you create has to be share clear information about the course or the enterprise, and how the online enterprise aims to make a difference for the prospective customer. Most importantly, it should show how the knowledge gained will help the participant in getting them closer to their goals.

  1. Benefits from your online course

Why should one purchase your online course when there are so many out there. That’s why it’s critical to ensure students get the information immediately. Additionally, the longer a person stays on your website it will be better for your search engine ranking. But more importantly, for the prospect who is visiting your site, it is imperative they understand in the very first go why your online course is the best for them.

  1. Clear & Concise Call To Action Statement

Easy availability of call to action statements across the landing page ensures your prospects are able to sign in and make purchases without having the need to search for them. By making it easy for prospects to sign up with clear Call to Action (CTA) buttons, you can increase sales exponentially. Research shows that sales volumes are relatively higher where CTA buttons are spread across the site landing page rather than just one at the bottom.

  1. Course creators’ credentials

While any one can launch an online course, students always prefer course authors who have some credibility in the field. It may not necessarily be academic or professional. You can always share your credibility based on your experience in the domain and successes and achievements in the field related to the course topic. So if it’s a course about better childcare or about new motherhood, your experience in bringing up your own child can be quite a credential for a student versus someone who only has bookish knowledge for example. However, one thing remains clear. Course author credentials are a must for establishing validity of the course’s credibility.

  1. Discounts, offers, promotional content

Limited period offers, discount coupons, early bird offers, free giveaways and more. You can create a wide variety of promotions on your online course that would entice the site’s audience to share their email IDs or sign up for the course. With free giveaways, you will be able to capture email ID that allows you to re-market to these specific prospects and sign ups would lead to more sales. A win win in either case.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonials are always great to show that your online course is worth it. These could be from peers talking about your expertise in the subject matter, students trained earlier or if available testimonials from learners who have taken up the course. Text-based testimonials are fine for use, however, video-based testimonials have a great value as they a touch of authenticity. Whatever the case may be, it is imperative that your online enterprise must have testimonials.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Automate processes and reduce the burden of manually answering questions. Create a strong list of questions that students might ask. Preempting the questions would greatly enhance the experience of a prospect since most of their doubts or concerns would have been answered automatically.

  1. Pricing details

An absolute must. You need to ensure that from the get go that your prospective students know how much your online course costs. Ideally, this is taken care of near the CTA (call to action) buttons. Offering different price tiers is a great way to increase your course sales. So you could always consider offering a free course as a sample, a mini course at 40 – 50% cost and a full fledged course at the full price. This will not only increase your sales and revenues, you also get a clear idea to which stage is your customer at in the purchase journey and hence focus your strategies accordingly.

Final Thoughts:

For success in your knowledge venture, ensure that these 9 points are incorporated as you see best fit. The information flow based on how a potential candidate would like to see it. A step by step approach is always a great idea. Do let us know if you need any other additional support and we shall be glad to provide!