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6 Key Features of Knorish Which are Worth Thousands

Created for Knowledge Commerce Entrepreneurs, Knorish is an all-in-one knowledge commerce platform that allows publishers to build, launch & sell online courses based on their knowledge. Ever since the launch, several hundreds of publishers have already launched their online knowledge businesses with Knorish. One question that we get asked time and again is what all features exist in Knorish besides the course platform that would help our publishers become successful in their online knowledge businesses. Automation is one key benefit of Knorish that really allows a one-person team to run the entire business on their own. This is why this article is a straightforward discussion about all the features & benefits which not only save thousands of dollars for Knowledge Commerce enthusiasts and professionals and not to mention the work-hours it saves. So here are the 6 key features of Knorish worth thousands that you get with every subscription:

  • Website Hosting Service: Saving — $99 Per Year

From the moment you sign up with Knorish, every knowledge commerce entrepreneur gets to create a unique domain that becomes the home for the online course. The average cost of a web hosting service for one year is about $99 a year. That’s a $99 saving right there immediately since this is a part of the platform itself.

  • Site Theme: $99 per purchase

Every knowledge commerce entrepreneur must remember that the landing page of the site is the most important page and the most crucial for converting prospective leads to sales. With that in mind, a great looking landing page is extremely crucial and while professional website themes come in all designs and colors they are mostly super expensive. On average, they can range from anywhere between $99 to $599. The great thing about Knorish’s site builder is that you can either create your own look for your site or get inspired by our theme samples. Ultimately you can create your own look, just the way you like it. And the best part is that the feature comes to you For FREE!

  • Product Platform: $750 per year

Online courses, Video training, upskilling training, product-based training sessions, no matter what the knowledge be and the method you choose to propagate it, Knorish as a platform has the ability to incorporate Videos, Webinars, PPT, PDFs, PREZIs and much more. What this means is that the possibilities are endless. As long as you have knowledge that you want to share, in whichever form or language, Knorish works great as a knowledge commerce platform.

  • Payment Gateways Integration: $499 per year

Key Features of Knorish Which are Worth Thousands

Streamlined user experience is crucial for converting prospective leads into sales. A break in the user experience would lead to the customer moving away and not purchasing from you, resulting in a loss. This can be catastrophic for your online course business. Hence, using trusted payment gateways like CCAvenue, PayPal and other popular and secure options is crucial. This is why Knorish has spent months and countless man-hours in developing a foolproof solution using known and trusted payment gateways to ensure that when your customers sign up on the platform, they get an error-free streamlined user experience without any hiccups.

  • Webinar Platform: $99 per year

Live Webinars have always been a tough nut to crack. Conducting live online webinars was a real struggle with complicated tools that depended on high-speed broadband which were not available to everyone besides the high costs of data.

Realizing the need for an integrated platform that enables live video streaming for webinars, we have made that option possible as well. So now instead of spending money on expensive software that has been designed specifically for webinars or live video streams, you can simply go ahead and use Knorish’s inbuilt feature for live webinars.

Bonus Tip: Once the live webinar is on, you can record the same in its entirety. What that does is that it gives you another video ready for usage. You can then simply go ahead and launch and market the calendar of various webinars and conduct such webinars. Users log in to the platform, view your webinar and as a takeaway, take up the action you need them to: this could be a sign up for a newsletter, take up a course or join your community.

  • Automated Emails To Students: $99 per Year

Key Features of Knorish Which are Worth Thousands

There are a plethora of email tools that are great but are tedious because you will have to manually track every students progress. Knorish automates this for you based on specific instances that are present in your academy.

Additionally, you can use MailChimp’s free plan as well. By integrating MailChimp’s email marketing solution onto your online course site, even with the free membership, you will be able to send emails to 2000 contacts with one click, with 12000 emails a month total, run email campaigns with options for marketing automation, Target and Segment specification, A/b Testing and analysis, reports, etc. Everything you need to make your email marketing campaigns successful. And it's Free!

Ultimately, these and many other such features available on Knorish serve one key purpose. It allows knowledge commerce enthusiasts to build, launch and sell their online courses quickly as compared to building your own site, enabling these functions on your own and then launching an online course.

It’s not just about 6 key features worth thousands that you get with Knorish

It’s much more than that. It’s about saving all the countless work-hours one would have spent in building a site with all these features, implementing the tech in the background, collecting payments, integrations, APIs, navigating through hundreds of software, emails, coding, and testing, and so much more that would delay the process further. For years or months, the time it used to take to create online courses, you can now build, launch and start selling online courses within a matter of hours.


Everyone has knowledge that can be shared with others. If you are on the verge of deciding whether you should take the plunge to become a knowledge commerce entrepreneur or not, the timing has never been better. Globally, professionals have launched millions of courses making six figures in sales and profits from these courses.

While it is true that not every online course sells or makes six figures each year but here’s quick math for you. Let’s say you create an online course with basic PPTs or PDFs, create few short videos of yourself sharing your knowledge — all of which can be shot using your phone, and then you use Knorish’s knowledge commerce platform to launch your course.
Now let’s say you decide to sell your course for $50.00 per student and your online course is not a success and you only sell it to about 30 Students.

What you didn't realize is that by selling it for $50.00 to 30 students, you just made $1500 with a few hours work.

Knowledge Commerce is a force to be reckoned with which has the power to create success stories overnight. All it needs is the commitment to take the first step towards launching an online course.

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