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8 Steps to Rapidly Build Online Course Content

One of the biggest challenges that course creators face is the content creation itself. Single-handedly the most time-consuming aspect, online course content creation needs utmost care and dedication of resources such as time, money, patience, and commitment. However, several hacks exist that one can use to quickly build high-quality content without breaking the bank. So here’s our list of 8 steps to rapidly build online course content.

First things first.

Before you can begin creating content for your online course, there are two important things that you need to look into.

  • Get an all-in-one platform for your online course

Selling online courses need a variety of solutions such as a website, a course builder tool to build and host your content, payment gateway, payment collection options, social media integrations, customer service tools, email automation tool and more. However, if you host your online course on Knorish, an all-in-one platform, you get all these tools, solutions and anything else that you need for building a great online academy. By choosing Knorish, you can run an entire academy all by yourself since a majority of the logistics are taken care of.

  • Sell 5X more with a purpose-built website for your online course.

Building a website from scratch can be quite a challenge. Especially if you are looking to build a website that caters specifically to the needs of online knowledge business. Knorish helps you to build your website quickly. Simply choose a ready-to-use theme from any of the Knorish templates, change the content, connect the call to action buttons to the pages you want and your website would be ready in no time. Hundreds of publishers have already built some very amazing sites using our themes in a matter of a few hours.

Steps to rapidly build online course content

Now that your website and platform woes are taken care of, here’s are some quick ways of building content rapidly for your online course:

  • Choose a profitable topic: Choosing the right topic is crucial. Make sure you have enough demand for the course. A topic based on the questions people has asked you or want your advice on. You could also look at social media and find out the problems that people have. Then, you can create an online course that solves those problems.
  • Don’t start “from scratch”: If you’ve chosen the right topic, you would already have relevant content available or have sources to get it from. So, refine that content and repurpose it. Don’t duplicate the content, enhance it.
  • Make It Visual: Videos, PDFs, PPTs, many formats exist. Liven up your online course with interactive quizzes, worksheets, templates, video tutorials, slideshows, PDFs, PPTs and more.

Make The Course Interactive And Don’t Take Yourself Or The Subject Too Seriously! Have fun making the course and your learners will have fun while learning from you!

  • Share the load: Seek Experts Add more diverse experience in the course with additional experts. You could do one-on-one interviews, or just have the experts answer a set of questions. It increases engagement and is of great value add for the students.
8 Steps to Rapidly Build Online Course Content | Knorish
  • Less is more and keep it uncluttered: Not a cliche but rather valuable advice. First-time course publishers believe they must add as much value as possible. Which is always great but it shouldn’t be at the cost of the learners. Less is always more. Giveaway additional learning material as free downloads for reading later. This way you keep the information structured and enable a better learning experience.
  • Monitor Performance: Once the course has been launched, review learner feedback. Based on the feedback, rework your content to ensure a high completion rate and great learning experience.
  • Keep The Learning Modules Short: Don’t overdo it, choose your content wisely and only keep what you believe is necessary. If need be, break up the course into - basic and advanced. However, always make sure the content is as per the various learners and as such do not overload them with information.
  • Use Videos but other content as well: Videos have the highest engagement. But don’t just do videos, add other content types to make sure you have got all corners covered.

Types of content you can use to rapidly build online course content

Videos by far are the most viewed content on the Internet. Research shows that courses that have videos have higher success than the ones without. However, its always good to ensure that there is a healthy mix of various content types combined with the videos. This ensures higher engagement and students benefit from the various content provided as additional learning material.

Here’s how:


You could create a variety of videos to add in your online course content such as Short videos i.e. under 15 Minutes, long videos such as webinars, interviews, screencast videos. You could also create videos using PowerPoint presentations and the in-built narration feature. Another great way of quickly creating video content.


Although not as highly watched as a video, a new trend that you could use for your benefit would be podcasts. Now if you don’t have a podcast, there are several podcasts apps that allow you to create your own for free. All you need is Smartphone with the App and a nice headset that is great at background noise cancellation. This is more or less a standard feature in most mid-range to high-end smartphones. Additionally, you could also purchase a headset that is great in background noise cancellation


Once again creating documents has now become super simple with PowerPoint and Word. Use the built-in themes to quickly copy and paste the content and save the file in the format you need. Prezis are another great way of building awesome PPTs with a very high engagement factor. And since all prezis are on the cloud, you can simply embed the link into your course.

Similarly, you could also look at creating content such as

  • E-books
  • Lists
  • Infographics
  • How Tos
  • Case Studies
  • Mindmaps
  • Timelines
  • Slideshare
  • And more.


Assessments are a great way to learn about your students and check for their understanding. Knorish’s assessment tool allows you to conduct quizzes with a variety of questions such as single choice, and multiple-choice questions. You can even increase the difficulty level by adding images or videos for context among other things.

and there are literally many more. All you need to do is figure out which ones will get the best engagement and will add the most value. Videos by far have the most recall value however, do make sure to use a wide variety of content in the online course to make it a success.  


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