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6 awesome royalty free image sites for courses, content & websites

Finding the perfect images that are royalty-free and allow usage without the stress of copyright infringement has so far troubled so many.

For those, who are not familiar with the concept, using images from common search engines is an absolute no-no and if found can be disastrous for your brand. Of course, there are some images available for copying, but those are marked so. Very few well-known image sites do exist that SELL images but that's the point. You have to pay and buy the rights to download and use those images. There are other sites where you can download images but generic images are passé’ and don’t impress much. Since navigating through the copyright law for an expert understanding is extremely difficult for someone outside the law fraternity, we bring to you our list of 6 awesome royalty-free stock image sites for your online course content & store websites. You can go be free of any worry and use these for your presentations or online course with absolutely zero stress of copyright infringement lawsuit.

Now, even though these websites let you download HD quality images for free and politely ask you to credit the photographer for the work, we highly recommend doing so wherever possible.

6 Awesome Royalty Free Stock Image Sites


6 Awesome Royalty Free Stock Image Sites - Unsplash | Knorish

This is absolutely an amazing website. With millions of images from thousands of photographers and images that are simply out of this world, the website also boasts of a pretty simple interface.


6 Awesome Royalty Free Stock Image Sites - Pexel | Knorish

Another website that is absolutely amazing! Pexels too has numerous images across topics and is a great site for some very nice stock photos which do not look stock at all. All images are of HD quality and only the best images are curated on the website. A great find for anyone looking for royalty-free images just like Unsplash.


6 Awesome Royalty Free Stock Image Sites- Death to Stock | Knorish

No, this is not a shout out to start a movement, this is the name of the next website that has taken upon itself to share royalty-free images. Just like the name says, all images are royalty-free. The difference, death to stock photo doesn’t allow free downloads. What they do instead is email the images to you as a subscription each month thereby allowing you to build your own library over time. However, If you wish to download certain images from the site directly as and when you need, you can get premium membership at pretty competitive prices as well.


6 Awesome Royalty Free Stock Image Sites - Fancycrave | Knorish

A pretty nifty blog site where IGOR OVSYANNYKOV shares his images for absolutely free. No terms & conditions. Known as CC0 license (creative commons zero), with a huge disclaimer as additional proof, all images are absolutely free. While the collection might be slightly limited but for presentations, and online courses most images available on the site suffice.


6 Awesome Royalty Free Stock Image Sites - Splitshire | Knorish

As the name shows, it's a platform for sharing photos as a community. With quite a vast library and more being added each week, this website is definitely a must-try when in need of an image. With more than 20 different categories, this was a pleasant find. The License disclaimer clearly states that the photos are royalty-free and free for commercial or personal use, just like the sites mentioned above.

6 Awesome Royalty Free Stock Image Sites - Pixabay | Knorish

Another website worth mentioning here. Stunning images, some are animated, some are results of collaborative photography yet all have been carefully curated. Images are free for commercial and personal use. The library is exhaustive as well. One key feature as seen on Pexels and Unsplash as well is the similar images feature which suggests similar images that might just be better than the one you select.


Pablo by Buffer is an online software version wherein it allows you to use images from their library or upload your own image and edit it with nice typography that can be edited too with three options — header, body or caption, change sizes as per need, apply filters, and allows you to add logo or a graphic as well to the image. This is a great tool for those who cannot afford expensive photo editing software. The tool in itself is great for quick image editing and can be handled by novices as well. As an additional option, the tool gives you the option to work with pre-designed templates.

The websites mentioned above are for the purpose of creating online courses and presentations can be used without worry of copyright infringement. However, always check first and always make sure you use images without logos or copyrighted graphics on those images. Sites mentioned above show the license details when you view specific images and that should give you enough information to decide whether you can use the image or not.

Know about more of such websites. Let us know in the comments section.

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