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5 Ways in Which Technology Can Simplify Online Course Creation and Distribution

According to Tai Lopez, a single source of earning won’t help you in wealth-building. You need to have at least 2 sources of income if not 3 if you want to conquer personal finance. It is about making your money work for you, and not the other way round.

An excellent way to get started is to create and sell online course(s). The online education sector has been commercialized and now is the best time to start your own online course and thus a promising business.

If you find yourself clueless on where to begin, check out these cool ideas for building an online course.

Launching your online academy is the perfect way to earn passive income all the while establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

Be it calligraphy, coding, marketing, or just about anything, you can surely find a big number of enthusiasts and learners keen to learn from you. And it is not just about selling and making money, but also honing your skills in the process as you take the onus of giving a structure to your knowledge while building a course to teach others.

You could even turn it into a full-time gig when it takes off!

According to a study by Global Market Insights, the e-learning market in the U.S. was valued at $190 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a 7% CAGR from 2019 to 2025.

E-Learning-Market-5-Ways-in-Which-Technology-Can-Simplify-Online-Course-Creation-and-Distribution-Knorish-1080x608 Data Source: Global Market Insights

This means that there are millions of people who are willing to learn all kinds of skills online in the contemporary world.

However, merely possessing the skills or knowledge isn’t enough to build and grow a business. You also need to have the appropriate tools in place that will enable you to create content for your online course with ease. Learning about all the various pieces involved in creating an online course website can be overwhelming. You would need an email service provider, payment gateways, assessment tools, video and content hosting, website design, domain name, and much more.

With an online platform for online courses and content, you now have all those tools and integrations in one platform. This is of great advantage as you can then focus on creating high-quality course content.

Below are some examples of how an all-in-one online course platform can streamline the creation and distribution process

  • Easy-to-follow Steps

An online course platform guides you with the steps that can be easily followed for creating online courses. Some platforms do offer multiple templates to choose from depending on course topics to spare you from the trouble of designing your course structure. They offer several tools to help you create and share resources such as discussion forums, graded tests, quizzes, and lectures.

Including but not limited to images and texts, they enable you to add content from external sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, and Prezi to your course with a single click.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

A good online course creation solution enables flexibility when it comes to pricing a course. It helps you with creating pricing options in that whether to offer a stand-alone course or a course-bundle. Additionally, the ability to collect payments in different currencies is always a great option. The more the merrier. Afterall you can students from any part of the world looking to purchase your course.


Some tools go above and beyond by enabling you to build coupon codes for discounts to give your course(s) a sales boost.

  • Marketing Automation

We all want marketing superpowers, don’t we? An online course platform should be such that most of your marketing needs are met. A decent one can help you connect multiple landing pages – like special offers, course launches, and so on – to check out various pages within just a few clicks.


A marketing offer pipeline is usually comprised of three pages.

  1. The first one allows you to generate email addresses and other vital information in exchange for free downloadable content like a cheat sheet or e-book.
  2. A visitor is taken to the sales page, as soon as they enter their email address or fills a quick form. This page consists of your exclusive deals or discounted online courses.
  3. Finally, the visitor is taken to the checkout page as soon as he/she decides to make a purchase.

Most online course solutions also have integrated email marketing that enables you to filter emails and shoot emails to your students upon enrolling in your course, redeeming a coupon or completing a course. Some also allow you to collect feedback from your students and learn insights through surveys and Google forms. You may also add your students who have completed your course to stay connected with them.

  • Webinar Hosting

Most online course solutions offer self-paced courses with limited opportunities to interact with students. Some advanced platforms, however, offer video streaming options through an external service or integrated teleconferencing service. It enables you to host webinars to interact with your students in real-time or host webinars when necessary.


Another advantage of this tool is that it allows your students to view your presentation on their screen while the call is in progress. Some also have a live chat screen for enhanced engagement.

How to choose a platform that suits you best for online course creation?

Conducting your own thorough research is advised before deciding upon which online course software you should use. Factors to consider include marketing features, monthly costs, and time restrictions. While each has its own strength of enabling you to quickly upload content, create a landing page, provide training, and boost sales, the crucial factor is you. How well you market yourself and the quality of your content are important for the success of your online course.

Get started today with Knorish and learn the basics of how to sell online courses from your own website.

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