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7 Best-Selling Online Course Websites by High Performing Professionals

It's never too late to learn - Jim Butcher 

Online Learning is here to stay and grow bigger. Not only marketing gurus, but finance advisers, brand specialists, and blogging ninjas are rolling out courses one after another and are selling like hotcakes . This is because curious minds are ever inquisitive. Ample people are willing to spend bucks on high-quality online courses today. There is a big chunk of audience interested in up-skill on a regular basis. From career growth to pursuing a new hobby, there are many reasons why people want to keep learning.
As an educator, you want to create something of value which is worth selling in the market. Hence, the credibility of paid online courses is much more than free ones.
Teaching online on one’s own website is a trend that experts are leveraging like a wise sage.
Here we have listed 7 high-performing online course websites. This is for you to get inspired to launch that online course you have always wanted to teach.

1. College Info Geek

Thomas Frank started College Info Geek in 2010 while working as an orientation assistant at his school . Since then, his online course website has gone on to become one of the most-visited college blogs on the inter-webs, is visited by over 135,000 people every month . His courses are on hacks for college life and how to get the most out of college. All the while enjoying your student life while you’re at it. He coaches about how to be a better student at college and in life.
His courses are popular and in-demand amongst the student community. He also writes on studying and learning, career skills,life-skills, and productivity. Thomas and his team are doing a commendable job with his deep and wide knowledge bank. His online course website has set a benchmark high enough for his counterparts.

2. Melyssa Griffin

This is how Melyssa introduces herself and her online course website. She is a mentor for anyone who is in search of an expert to guide them through the big hazy world of blogging. Melyssa touches the exact pain points of her audience in such a way that you can’t help but read through her blog.
Her compelling branding conveys the amount of effort she puts in her online course website . This ensures that her students trust her as an expert on blogging and entrepreneurship .
Melyssa Griffin’s online course website is a fantastic example of branding and using bold themes to generate visits on your website .
She uses vibrant colors and a conversational tone on her landing pages which pulls the audience towards her courses .

3. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit Sethi is a personal finance adviser and runs his online business by mentoring individuals on finance . He brands himself as a mentor on not only finance but all aspects of life: money, careers, relationships, business, fitness and more .
He is a New York Times best-seller who believes in wealth-building not by cutting back on vacations or clothes, but by using psychology to focus on what works . He has built his empire from the ground up by giving away his knowledge and expertise in the form of online courses long before the trend of online course websites became popular .
He states that anyone having credit card debt is not eligible for joining his premium material, giving out a clear and loud message to individuals of getting out and refraining from credit card debts if not yet indebted . Ramit Sethi is a pro at what he does and he conveys this on his website, making him even more magnetic as an entrepreneur and mentor .

4. Fierce Grace Collective

If you are a fan of the Matrix, you know her as ‘Trinity’. This great online course website by Carrie Anne Moss provides online courses and programs on living a purposeful and meaningful life by adopting mindfulness and slowing down practices . The Fierce Grace Collective is a 12-month online program created by Carrie-Anne Moss.
The website is created to perfection in terms of user experience and speaks a language that is in-sync with the spirit of the business . If you scroll down, it reveals the four cornerstones or pillars of their foundation values - Discipline, Devotion, Freedom, and Radiance .
She has had a deep calling to empower women around the globe ever since. Now she helps women with building a life which they crave for themselves. Her powerful and soulful yearly online program is built so as to enable learners to support themselves and enjoy a more meaningful life by practicing mindful habits such as Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Mantras to heal from the inside .
She has one more website built for her brand - Annapurna Living. It is an inspiring and classy example of a well-designed and clean website for personal branding . You should check it out while you’re at it.

5. Lashonda Brown Delivuk

LaShonda Delivuk is a Corporate Film Producer and serial entrepreneur from Dinwiddie, VA who has successfully launched five organizations since the age of 18 . She is also a You tuber who teaches through videos and courses online and runs an amazing business based on creativity . Her website is a classy example of how an online course website can be made pleasing and authentic. She creates a difference by providing all the visitors, old and new, a VIP Vault - an epic business resource library for creative entrepreneurs that is high on value .

6. Susannah Conway

Susannah is a lifestyle coach who writes and publishes courses on how to rediscover yourself and reconnect with your inner self . She helps and guides her students in finding their true calling and establishing a balanced lifestyle . Her courses are centered around living mindfully by adopting practices such as Journaling, Meditations and a special course on Tarot reading where-in she seeks to build a lifelong support system for her students by teaching them to read for themselves .
Lifestyle has become a saturated niche but it is well-built websites like these that really stand out . Susannah Conway is one such coach who manages to do just that. If lifestyle and self-care are what you are good at, she will provide you a dose of inspiration and ideas to build your own website up for success .

7. Luxury Connect Business School

LCBS is a unique business school that imparts well-structured online courses based on luxury brand management .
It provides corporate training as well as online courses to employers and employees of luxury brands for better management and marketing .
Well-reputed luxury brands such as Rolex, Gucci, Swarovski, Kama Ayurveda and Mercedes Benz among others are their corporate trainees and hiring partners .


Their website's UX gives a luxurious feel, matching the very tone of their trade.
Teaching online through an online course is a promising business, but no should tell you it is easy, it takes grit, determination, courage, and consistency, like any other business .
We at Knorish help many such budding entrepreneurs and established education conglomerates in building their online course website, and imparting knowledge worldwide while teaching what they are best at . Come see us, explore the infinite earning potential you already have! It is always the right time when you decide to act and make it happen.
Over to you!

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