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How to build a profitable online course

Learning no longer is restricted to offline instructions where one needs a physical environment controlled by an Instructor. In fact, the industry has been rapidly shifting towards providing the freedom of moving away from instructor-led training or learning methodologies. In this article, we will show you how to build a profitable online course that sells like crazy!

Learners prefer on the go learning, and more importantly in the format that they feel most comfortable in. This is why the time has never been better to share your knowledge with the world. One of the fastest and most unique ways to get your knowledge out to a global audience, making a tremendous impact and making more money is to convert that knowledge into a lead-generating, money-making, impact-creating online course. 

The first step on this mission is to find a course idea and make sure it’s profitable (even if you’re not an “expert”). Because as a course creator you have two options:

Option #1: Be the Expert

If you already have a special skill or expertise or knowledge about a certain domain, you can “be the expert” and share that knowledge. Teach what you already know and are good at. 

But there’s another option…

Option #2: Be the Curious one

Being a curious person, you can teach as you LEARN yourself. Here’s what we mean…

Choose a topic you’re interested in. Do your research reading the 3 top-selling books on this topic. Once you have gone through 3 of the most selling books, you will have enough knowledge on the subject matter to create a base of your own. This would allow you to have enough of the knowledge to build an online course. And as you learn more about the topic, you need to document your learning.

It could be in the form of Videos, documents, PPTs, PDfs and others. So as you create these documents, in the process of mastering your knowledge on the topic, you are also creating the course content needed for the online course. This way you could build a course on almost anything that you’re interested in.

Here are 5 key steps on how to build a profitable online course

In any case, there are 5 primary elements to building your online course:

  • Select and Gather your Course Content - This is a point where most of us are stuck at, and the main reason we get stuck here is often because of the volume of information we have in our heads or all around us in books, on our notepads and so on.Try to include content that answers your audience's questions, or answer questions that are not answered by your competitors.
  • Filming, Recording and Editing your course content -  One of the biggest selling points for an online course are videos. Online courses that have videos sell more. You don't need very expensive recording equipment. In fact, in today’s world with the current tech in place, all you really need is a smartphone with a decent camera, and a tripod or a Gimbal that helps you shoot high quality close up videos.


  • This is the phase where you should have a thorough course plan. Gather all of your content and arrange them in the order you would deliver your online course content. As such you would need video recording apps for your laptop or smartphone, Screen presentation software such as Free Cam 8, Screencast-O-Matic, or Adobe Premiere. While choosing the right camera and other equipment, we suggest you start small and grow as your audience grows.
    Recording your first course with your cell phone camera and microphone could be enough, and as you start selling more, you could then think about upgrading to better production quality. Once you have the budget to spare, you can get yourself some professional equipment for the job such as DSLR cameras, video editing staff and more.
  • Setting up a platform to launch your course - To launch and sell your online courses, you need three things - a website where your audience can learn more about the website, an online course builder, a payment gateway to collect payments. You could look at building these three things yourself or you could look at Knorish for it. You see when you sign up on knorish, you don’t just get these three things, you also get features such as discount coupons, payment collection automation, blog functionalities and a lot more.  Knorish can actually help you do all this and much more.As an all-in-one DIY platform, Knorish provides an amazing user-friendly interface and loads of features. You could launch your website with amazing customizable templates and build your course structure in less than a day. This would come pre-integrated with a payment gateway and will allow you to track student performance, conduct live training, webinars, and track your marketing efforts as well.


  •  How to price a course
pexels-photo-2316084-1080x720We all want to earn enough money by selling online courses but we should understand it can be a tricky job. You really have to understand your audience well. What is their paying capacity? Plus you also have to understand one simple fact. Powered by digital marketing such as Facebook ads and google ads, you could really gain a lot of traffic very quickly.For example, let's say you price your course at $30 and that 50 students purchase your course in the first month. That’s $1500 made in the very first month. So really, the sky's the limit.

If you are wondering how to build a profitable online course, you need to find that specific price point where your course price is highly attractive to your learners and builds a significant revenue stream quickly. There is an immediate relation between how much you charge for your course and the engagement level of your students. Plus you can always add discounts to earn from price-sensitive clients, but to beat the price competition, you should not offer a cheap course.

  • How to Market & Sell Online Courses
    In this day and age, you shouldn’t stop at just creating content for your audience. There is more to it. In fact the most important aspect of how to build a profitable online course is the marketing and selling of it. That's why targeting the right audience for your amazing content is the way to go about it. While there are different opinions, there are three very powerful platforms for digitally marketing your course: Facebook, Linkedin and Quora. You must advertise your courses on these three platforms for maximum traction.

Your Journey Has Just Begun

Now that you have reached here, you’re well on your journey to creating a successful online course. You have not only learned how to market your course to an appropriate audience but have also learned the best ways to create the right content and appropriate platform to launch your course on, taking care of all your tech problems.

Hopefully, these steps give you a good idea of what to expect from the journey of creating and marketing profitable online courses.

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