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Best Landing Page Examples Of 2022 To Get Inspired & Profit From

The secret to exponential sales in an online business is a sales funnel. But the most important aspect of your sales funnel is always the landing page. The landing page is that weapon in your sales arsenal that has the power to make or break your business.

A professional-looking landing page with a great design can improve your conversion rates and get you more paying customers. (The opposite is too painful to even think of.)

Too many creators miss out on some of the simplest things that one needs to implement to ensure conversions. 

But first - What makes a landing page design super effective?

So we analyzed some of the most performing courses and their landing pages. From content to the design of the landing page, we analyzed everything that was working for the pages. And this is what we found. All high performing landing pages have these things in common: 

    • Viral Catchy Headline That Immediately Hooks And Demand Attention
    • They Sell Benefits - Not Features
    • Video - A must on every landing page
    • Course Creators’ Credentials
    • Social Proof: A lot of Testimonials - Images & Videos
    • Clearly Listed Pricing
    • Multiple Call To Action Buttons
    • Great design with contextual images and videos
    • Discounts, Offers, Promotional Content
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Detailed Frequently Asked Questions
    • Mobile Responsive: Looks great on the phone too, not just a desktop
    • Finally, Hide the menu. Drive only one action on the page.

Focus on the landing page essentials listed above and ensure these are included in your landing pages and get better conversions in your funnels for your online course business. 

A few key practices that you should implement to build a great landing page:

    • Match your headline to the ad or the email your visitor clicked on to land on the page in the first place.
    • Multiple CTA buttons (call to action) should exist on the page to ensure someone is able to sign up without searching for the button too much. But on one page, all buttons should point to the same action. 
    • Great content & copy focussed on conversions are needed for a landing page.
    • Focus on landing page design as well. Use high-quality images & videos to elevate the experience.
    • The ultimate success mantra of successful coaches and businesses - 80% Marketing. Keep testing and experimenting with new ideas. Check what works and what doesn’t. Do more of what works.

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There are primarily two types of landing pages:

  • Long Form Landing Pages
  • Short Form Landing Pages

A long-form landing page is primarily used in funnels where all the points listed above are to be covered. These pages help tell a convincing story where your customers are the hero and you are trying to solve a key problem they are facing. For example, course landing pages or webinar landing pages.

Short form landing pages are to the point precise and concise landing pages where a specific call to action is to be driven immediately. These are great if you don't wish to write a lot of content and be precise and quick in what you are offering. Industry Reports, case studies report download landing pages are all examples of a short landing page. 

Either can be used basis what you are most comfortable with. 

8 Great Examples Of Well Designed High Performing Landing Pages [2022 Updated]

1. Sell Like Crazy - Sabri Suby

This one is a reeeaaaallly long landing page. If you believe you need a very long landing page, then this is the best sample to look at. But this page in itself is possibly the best example of amazing landing page copy and content. Even the video added on the banner is possibly the best video we have seen in recent times. The pitch on the landing page and the video is simply out of this world.

Sabry Suby
2. Tony Robins and Dean Graziosi

Another great example of a landing page that has great images, testimonials, well-written copy, and content.  Builds a great story and promises to create a great impact. 

Dean & Tony

3. Purple.Coach

Great use of simple images, black background, and copy-based landing page. This page is a great example of a non-distracting design that focuses on getting more conversions.

Purple Coach landing page

4. CXL

Designed by a premium marketing education website, the simplicity and minimalist design of the landing page ensure the site visitor focuses on the content and takes the specific action that the brand wants them to and that is to sign up on the webinar. A great example of a simple but effective landing page.

CXL5. beAmusician

This one follows the landing page essentials to the T. Great use of contextual images, easy to read, breaks the sections with alternating section colors really well. Instead of long-form content, this one uses bite-sized content, icons, and bullet points to make the content more appealing. 


  1. Sonal Holland Wine Academy

Copy is the number one driver of conversions of sales. The number2 factor is design. And this landing page by uses that to the max best. The usage of colors, images, bullet points, font, to the creator’s images. Everything has been done very professionally and does a great job of attracting the right target audience. 

Sonal Holland

  1. Sign Medium

Is video the hero of your story on the landing page? This page does it really well. Besides clearly listing what the course is about on the banner section, this landing page immediately shares the promise of the course with a video in the second section. So after the initial information of what, why, and how much, the entire pitch is understood by watching the video. Plus if someone wants to still know more, there’s more content below it which again follows best practices of a landing page. This one is a true copy-paste template that you can adopt right now. 

Sign Medium

  1. Srimantha

Talking about videos being primary on the landing page, this landing page is possibly the simplest of landing pages that you could use. This landing page primarily uses video as its main story piece. This page demands an honorary mention because of the 8 figure success this platform has achieved. However, we still recommend ensuring you incorporate the landing page essentials to ensure you cater to all types of audiences. 

In Conclusion,

A well-written landing page with a great design is possibly the best asset that you can have for your online business. Follow these principles and make sure to incorporate all the essentials in your landing page to get as many conversions as your business can possibly handle. 

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