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One course or many. How many courses should you launch your online course business with?

Launch one course or spend time building more, that's one question we get asked by creators quite often. Either you can begin with a single course and focus everything there. Or make multiple courses and divide your efforts among them. Choosing either of these two has its advantages and disadvantages and one must choose very carefully to avoid pitfalls.

So should you work on creating just one course or launch more simultaneously? 

One course

  1. Enables you to learn the business better with a more relaxed learning curve
  2. One course allows you to focus on the customer better with lesser effort on logistics.
  3. You can laser focus your ads on your target audience.
  4. Enables you to scale as you gain more traction with a single course
  5. Gives you time to react and respond according to customer feedback

Multiple courses

  1. Gives you access to a wider audience base
  2. Can increase your target audience size
  3. Your leads have more options to choose from 
  4. Enables you to expand horizontally i.e. enables you to enter new and upcoming domains, offer more courses across topics
  5. Better showcase of your expertise in the domain
  6. May help in expanding your business quickly. But more courses equal more spend on ads, bigger teams and customer support efforts 

So, let's dig deep and find out which is better - creating one course or many.

Why one course?

  • Gives you an experience
    If you are new to the field, it can takes some time to get the hang of the business. It will take some time and learning to understand the intricacies of creating an online course business. Meeting deadlines, creating content, delivering lectures, helping students, taking feedback and improving course content or your customer service are some activities which can take up majority of your time. 

    As a creator, understand that learning is a two-way process. You not only deliver sessions, you even get to learn from your learners. With a single course, you can gain experience on how to manage and operate your academy better. When in that dilemma, always choose an option which will help you run your business better! 

  • Helps understand course creation process better
    Creating an online course is time consuming. From course outline, to video creation, PDFs, building a course page, website pages, setting up customer support processes, setting up emails, there is an entire process that needs to be followed before you can start marketing your course. Taking up multiple content creation at a time can create more trouble and might just deter you to progress further. 

    By creating only one course, it enables you to understand and tweak the process accordingly. You can make changes, gain feedback and integrate those learnings to streamline the process.

  • Understand customer's needs and wants for better adaptability
    Focusing on just one course allows you to respond according to the needs of your learners. Knowledge and learning are dynamic and ever-evolving. This makes it important to react and respond to these changes. So understanding what your audience wants and needs to learn is key to ensuring success of the course

  • But what if the course doesn’t attract a buyer?
    Well that can happen. But it's not because there aren't any takers. You just haven't found the right audience. Targeting the right audience is key. And that's why a sales funnel helps drive traffic to your site and then sales. Combined with a great ad landing page on your site built with Knorish that helps convert leads to paying customers faster! When it's only one course, tracking and enabling this is easier, better and faster! 

  • Better content in lesser time and effort
    Content is the king for an online course. And to make great content, you need to be thorough in your research. Focus on the content, doing better research, discovering latest topics and additions for the course and tools that can help you create that course better are all benefits of making one course. In the end, you want to offer a course that is well researched and up to date. It guarantees customer satisfaction and builds your brand and trust in your brand.

  • Promotes interaction and engagement
    Interaction and engagement is important when selling an online course. You need to get customer feedback and implement it. Having multiple customers from multiple courses can become a roadblock to implementing changes suggested by the learners. While choosing to create one course, you can respond and react to these suggestions in a better way.

    Not only feedback, you can even engage with your audience on the social media platforms. Create Facebook groups, Linkedin groups or even Instagram pages to have one-on-one interaction with your learners. Your existing customers can even provide a positive word of mouth which will attract new customers.

  • Enables you to work with a lean team
    A single course also enables you to work with a small team, work out the kinks and then scale your business. Automation is one of the key areas Knorish focuses on to reduce the logistics behind running an online business. That combined with only one course, you can run the entire business with just a few key team members making sure keeping costs low and profitability high. This would allow you more room to grow as you scale.

When to consider multiple courses?

  • Course content will take longer to produce
    If you have a team that is available to help you create content better and faster then launching multiple courses will make sense. At the same time, each course would need a course page that helps you share information about the course. While building your site with knorish is super easy and quick, creating content for these course pages can take some time. So you do need to factor that extra effort and time in.

  • Increase in ad spends
    All that effort of building multiple courses must lead to sales. And if your primary method of driving sales on your site is via social media and google ads, then you would need a significantly larger amount of ad spends to drive enough traffic and conversions. More courses equals more money being spent on ads. In the initial stages of the business, this can become difficult or challenging. But if you optimize your budgets and target your ads well, more courses can also mean more sales!
  • More effort in customer support 
    You would need more people to help you drive customer support, because automation can help but only so much. At some point in the journey, you would realise that you need more people for better customer experience. This means salaries to be paid and that's an outgoing expenditure you will have to factor in.

It's obvious that with multiple courses, your time, effort and costs will increase to finish producing the content. Your efforts to build a website will not change drastically because the platform is designed to quickly help you create the site pages and launch your courses. What would be needed is the content. So while resources, expertise and team strength enables you to create multiple courses faster, a single course is significantly better for a new creator or a lean team. Lesser risk, lower costs, time and efforts to launch. So it really is a win win.

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