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How beAmusician scaled its online musical instruments coaching to 7 figure success?

Post the pandemic, the Surana brothers, Paras and Akshay were looking for a scalable method to share their passion and expertise in playing musical instruments with others who wanted to learn the skill. Physical spaces were limited in access due to the pandemic and the costs prohibitive. This was unsustainable for long term growth. Learn how Knorish and the Knorish Funnel Builder helped beAmusician boost website traffic, leads, and course sales.

About beAMusician

5000 Customers | 9 Countries | Facebook Ads + Basic Landing Page Funnel

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Discover how beAmusician scaled their business to a 7 figure business and built their own success story with Knorish. Access The Secrets To 10X Profits

beAmusician is an Online Music platform that provides a high-quality music learning experience in an environment designed for ease in the learning process. The platform offers potential learners the opportunity to keep up the practice motivation and grow overall as musicians. 

With ease-of-access and quality learning experience at the core of everything that beAmusician does, the academy makes sure that quality music lessons are available to all irrespective of the place and time so that learners get to learn music anywhere anytime as per their convenience.

A Musical Beginning

Both the co-founders of beAMusician, Paras and Akshay have deep roots in music. So it was natural for them to create a business around music. However, setting up a physical location to teach music and musical instruments is expensive, limiting to outreach possibilities and unsustainable. 

Plus with the pandemic, people were sceptical of approaching physical institutions. It was clear to the co-founders that online was the way to go. 

“From the beginning, it was clear that we wanted to build an online business where we were able to reach out to a large audience and create the maximum impact” says Paras Surana, Co-founder and Director - beAmusician

Paras knew that to achieve his goals, grow and scale his business, and get their courses and coaching programs in front of the right people, they would need to invest in the right platform. 

With that, they chose to invest in Knorish after watching a few Knorish webinars on why Sales Funnels are important for growing a business, especially an online business and how to build one for your business with Knorish.

“As we launched and grew with Knorish, every feature that we were thinking of to take our business to the next level, Knorish was launching those. It’s like you were listening to what we were thinking of” says Paras.

Using Knorish Funnel Builder To Grow The Business


Driving growth in the business to build a profitable online coaching business needs a lot of experimentation. “A strategy that works for one business may not work for another, so we have done a lot of testing on what works, and what doesn’t. But ultimately what worked for us was the simple targeting and then retargeting campaigns” says Akshay Surana. beAmusician strategy was a success because they implemented a basic Landing Page Funnel that was well designed and had great content. By driving exponential traffic from Facebook & Instagram, the founders were able to scale their business quickly. 

To drive better returns on ad spends and increase revenue, the team experimented with several offers & funnels including discounts on musical instruments offered with each course purchase. They also experimented with multiple price points to understand the best price that customers were comfortable paying. 

One key insight that they discovered was that in order to charge a certain premium for the courses, the video quality for course content, ads and creatives had to be such that it was perceived as premium content. After several iterations, and reshoots of the content, the first violin course was launched in 2021. 

“Before we launched our first violin course, we had dumped the content of 2 other courses because the production value was not that great,” says Akshay Surana, co-founder and Director, beAmusician.

Once the video content quality and the ideal course pricing were fixed, the next step was to optimize and scale ads to get maximum exposure and returns on the ad spend. 

“Amongst all platforms available, Facebook & Instagram ads have been the primary source of leads and conversions for us. But what has really helped us do well is the platform and the ability to offer the complete learning experience with Knorish.” says Akshay Surana

Knorish’s native integration of Zoom within the platform enabled beAmusician to offer live coaching sessions as part of their overall offering. This has further fuelled the growth of the business since the live sessions based programs are offered at a much higher premium. 

More Traffic, Leads, and Revenue.
Continuing To Grow Into The Future — With Knorish

beAmusician has been extremely happy with its growth in the business with Knorish. Their strategy to success has always been continuously experimenting and testing what is working and what isn’t leading to continuous improvement in their ad campaigns. The results of using Knorish and using the Knorish funnel builder that utilizes the sales funnel methodology have been absolutely outstanding for beAmusician.

The business has achieved outstanding success and in just a few months post-launch, the brand is a 7 figure business selling courses and coaching programs to 5000 students across 9 countries. Not only that, the brand is increasing sales month on month with plans to expand even farther (including adding several other courses, and scaling their business to other geographies)—and Knorish will be along for the journey. 

Happy with the progress of the business, and clearly seeing the benefits of using Knorish, the co-founders have referred several other coaches, trainers, experts and businesses to the platform for launching their online coaching businesses.

“Knorish has been absolutely amazing in their support for our growth, the team is extremely responsive and happy to get on calls with us to resolve our issues. Plus the features that we request are listened to and acted upon. You guys have been great” - Paras Surana

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