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9 best practices for sales funnels that rapidly grow sales

Reviewing and fine-tuning your online course sales funnel will foster growth and customer loyalty. Sales funnels are crucial to grow your business and the best way to look at this is to get a robust sales funnel. But a sales funnel is not a one time activity. You need to constantly optimize it till you know for sure that the most number of sales that one can get out of the funnel are being achieved. It must be your full time job to achieve this if you want any success in this endeavor. How do you do that?

Here are the 9 best practices for sales funnels that rapidly grow sales


Sample Webinar Registration Funnel(Sample Webinar Registration Funnel)
  • Clean up the old leads
    Cleaning out stagnant old leads would leave you with more time and energy to spend on the leads you believe are still worth contacting. Ensure that all you're marketing lists are up to date. Especially remove the leads that wish to unsubscribe from your marketing and promotions.  
  • Reset follow up timeframes
    Some leads might be overdue for follow-up. Prioritize your time frame to act quickly towards warm leads. 50% of potential customers prefer to work with vendors who respond first. Get more help, or focus on the ones that are older and current at the same time. Studies show that people don't remember sign ups and actions taken beyond the initial 24 - 48 hours. So the faster you respond, the better sales. 
  • Make a placeholder for new leads
    Enter and categorize any new leads in your funnel depending on if they’ve been ever contacted or not. Unqualified and uninterested leads must be removed. Categorization must be based on the most accurate information. This is crucial for future outreach!
  • Setup amazing pipeline processes
    Know exactly what happens when the leads land up on your course page, what’s the call to action? Who or what qualifies them for the next stage in your sales funnel? How much follow up is required, etc. Learn the difference between going overboard and just the right number of follow-ups. 
  • Re-evaluate your current funnel periodically
    Locate the possible problem spots where in leads are being driven but are getting stuck. Address concerns and questions at each step. Or, if your site is facing trouble with lead generation? This indicates the scope for improvement. 
  • Make essential adjustments to your marketing strategy
    If you’re having trouble with lead generation, probably it’s time to ramp up social media, email, and content marketing efforts to strengthen brand awareness. Running the same ad for a very long time will lead to lead quality dropping and cost per lead increasing as well. Keep a check on the ad creative, is it getting old, is the messaging and the context right or not.  Then look at your email messaging? Is there enough juice there. Is the email worth opening. Stuff like this are just small activities but worth your time and effort. 
  • Start Funneling New Leads To Keep Momentum
    Once you’ve attended to all the leaks in the funnel. Get into testing mode. With new leads coming in, monitor follow-up timelines and laid out pipeline processes to check if the funnel is working.
  • Nurture the Leads Throughout the Sales Funnel
    Use balanced lead nurturing techniques such as follow-up phone calls, automated emails to move leads through your funnel. Take note of where leads fall off in your funnel to identify weak areas. When the data fingers at a pattern, you know it’s time to readjust your sales funnel yet again.
  • Rinse and Repeat
    When you’ve found what works, keep it. Continue with your marketing efforts, follow your established pipeline practices to qualify your leads, guide them through the funnel, and convert them into paying customers.
Keep your sales funnel organized, updated and optimized. Then continue to pay attention to the data and analytics to focus on the key areas that will promote your online course’s success.

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