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Designing A Sales Funnel For Your Online Courses Made Easy

Course coupons, blogs or webinars alone won’t drive students effectively to pay and enroll in your courses. Sales funnels do that. With a sales funnel, you get to create highly valuable content, send out targeted emails, and encourage people to sign up and buy your course. 

Here’s how a typical sales funnel works:

A visitor lands on your course website either through an ad they see on social media or on a website (facebook or google ads), google search or a social link. When they land on your site, he or she is now a prospect. This visitor might check out a few of your blog posts or browse through your course listings. While they do that, at some point, you must offer him or her an upgraded content in exchange for a sign up on your email list. If the visitor decides to fill out the form, they then become a lead. Now you can market to this customer outside of your website (email, phone, or text — or all three). Leads tend to return to your website if you stay in touch with them and present them with special offers, new blog pieces, or other exceptionally useful messages. Maybe you could offer them a discounted coupon code.

The sales funnel narrows as visitors move through it partially because you’ll have more prospects at the top of the funnel than buyers at the bottom, but that also means that your messaging needs to become increasingly targeted.

AIDA is how Sales Funnels Operate (top to bottom)


    • Awareness: You created a Facebook ad to drive people to your website.
    • Interest: You offer valuable content in exchange for lead capture.
    • Decision: Your content educates your audience and gently prepares them for a subscription or a purchase.
    • Action: You gave an offer that your leads can’t resist, and begin marketing to them again to boost retention rate.

Here’s how you drive sales faster using a sales funnel based on AIDA :

1. Build your website

You have to have your course built, website created, and the course page ready as a sales page before you start lead conversions. Once you finish building your online academy, you can start marketing your courses

2. Drive traffic and build an audience with Digital Marketing and Social media Ads

You need to build up your audience and mailing list to drive traffic to your website. Generating leads is the start of building an audience to keep in touch and nurture relationships with them. Nothing gets you more traffic and sales than Social media ads. Billions use it every day and that's why running social media ads is like adding fuel to the fire. Get started with Facebook ads first if not sure and then you can branch out to other platforms as you learn more about running the ads, your ideal customer and other such stuff. This would allow you to focus your efforts and target your ads better as well.

3. Build an Email list

Capture and collect emails, build an audience base, and start marketing your products and services to your customers. Email marketing is the basis of almost every successful business out there. Be it billion dollar businesses or upcoming new startups. Once you understand how to set them up, it very effortless and super simple. 

That said, creating your online course sales funnel is completely doable and necessary to meet your significant income goals. In this blog, we’ll summarize 10 steps, more or less in order of execution, that you must take to create a sales funnel to drive students to enrol in your online course.

Helping to Sell Your Online Courses Better Is the Ultimate Goal of the Sales Funnel

In summary, the steps you take to create an online course sales funnel serves two goals:

  1. Creating a path for potential students to convince them to enrol
  2. Automate the sales processes largely

To start developing your Sales funnel start putting the content pieces together, get started on educating yourself on google/ Facebook ads, etc. Once your ready, then it’s just a matter of systematizing and optimizing your online course sales funnel.

Here’s what our experts have to say: Sales Funnels Masterclass: From 0 to 1000 paying customers.

Now, the Steps To Create Your Sales Funnel for your Online Course

#1: Define your niche (target audience)

Defining the Target Audience is the first important step in setting up the Sales Funnel. Without this goal achieved, configuring a sales funnel would be a problem. Sending out willy nilly tweets or emails with no real plan would be a waste of time. To create the right content for the right people you would require to know them. Here, you would need to do some research online.

# 2: Create awesome promo content

For the people who are just starting to create a course, here’s the time for them to think about repurposing some of the content they will create in the form of a blog, guide, videos, webinars, checklist, review articles, podcasts, LinkedIn opinions and so forth. Besides, you must take some time to write down exactly what your offer is about. How have you concluded the present price tag? How your students get to gain from your course, etc.

# 3: Get social media handles

This one’s very obvious though. If you are still not active on Facebook or only use LinkedIn. Or have never Tweeted please rethink your decision to stay inactive over there. Each social media handle tends to become invaluable over time and may serve slightly different purposes for your online course sales funnel. If activity on Quora presents you with an expert tag. Instagram lets you focus on the visual and emotional aspects of your course.

# 4: Create a high converting website and blog

On your website refresh the content every so often. Even if it means stopping where you are now and writing 5 blog articles right away. Do it like this at least once a week for the next 5-6 weeks. Rinse and repeat this whole thing.

# 5: Build an audience on a Youtube channel

It all depends on how comfortable you are creating and editing your online promo videos to drive traffic to your website. This could mean starting by creating a few simple videos to introduce yourself and your course to the audience. Later the topics could be shifted to demonstrate more authority on the subject and create some awareness around the topics.

# 6: Master Google ads and Facebook

Facebook ads will help you to promote your course to target audiences within certain demographics and interests. Of course, these ad outputs depend on the budget, but it shall be a good idea to understand how these ads work and what returns you are expecting out of it.

# 7: Figure out how SEO works

SEO is a huge topic but it should not scare you off. What’s just the point in writing a hundred blog posts if your website and blog are not optimized for search traffic that you want to drive into the top of your sales funnel? For this, the main thing you need to do is to understand what keywords your target audience is searching for online.

# 8: Upgrade to email marketing

There are many benefits of email automation. Marketers do adopt an automated email system to build their list of subscribers and people they wish to market to. Besides this allows them to segment and intimately know their audience base well.

#9: Get enough data

Use all the possible ideas to collect the client database. It could be using social media or any other such channels like commenting on blogs and forums, to drive viewers to an email collecting channel such as your website, etc. In general, you must think of a way to collect emails with any strategy you are following.

#10: Automation is the key

Your automated sequence of emails shall reflect the different stages of the sales funnel process. Automated emails ideally should guide your prospective students somewhere from the “interest phase”, where they have signed up for a newsletter or downloaded a lead magnet through to the purchase of your course.

Actually, there should have been 11 steps to creating your sales funnel.

The 11th one being Rinse and repeat!
Create new content, target new groups, etc. periodically.

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