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Driving engagement and course sales with virtual events

Physical events are time consuming, require a lot of effort and manpower. With the pandemic in 2020, physical events and workshops have come to a standstill. A huge chunk of these events are either being canceled or are delayed indefinitely. As such, virtual events have taken centre stage, and will continue to take up space in our lives. Will this online movement sustain and replace physical events? Time will tell.

If we take a look at social media feeds, we have our LinkedIn feeds, Facebook posts and even Whatsapp forwards filled with “virtual seminars or events” being conducted by various businesses and individuals. Questions are even directed towards physical events. It is a well-known fact that physical events do help on the networking side of the story. Meeting people from the industry, the benefits of interactions outside the seminars, making contacts, being inspired by these conversations act as the cherry on top. Everything is great but do these events promote participation inside the hall?

Sitting for hours in a room filled with people, participating in hour-long speeches, business-related advice, how to’s etc takes a toll on the attentiveness of the audience. No one can have an absolute concentration on a topic for hours at a stretch. After some time you just can't take a dime of information in your head.

Here’s why virtual events will continue to rule

Flexibility to organize from anywhere


The traditional events are quite limited by the fact that there is a serious amount of logistics involved. Organizers have to go and search for the venues and plan the entire event and manage it on the ground. Whereas virtual events can be organized from literally anywhere! It would be perfect to say that if you have the expertise to make the event happen in the physical form, the chances are that the same can be recreated virtually, faster and in a lot less time and lower costs. All you require is the right platform and tools to make that event happen and automate majority of the logistics.

Cost efficacy

Since all the things you need are already at your disposal the costs associated with the setup of the event are almost none. Being a virtual event, all people need is a mobile device and internet. You do not need to worry about renting a venue and the associated costs such as food and drinks, accommodations for speakers, insurance etc. All of these costs are non-existent while organizing your event virtually. All you need is a platform that offers a more holistic experience to the participants.


The event can be organized on a far larger scale while taking the virtual road. The fact that physical events are limited by the scope of managing attendees, the size of the venue, and the budget, going virtual is the perfect path to capture a huge audience. With inbuilt support for several platforms ranging from Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, scalability won't be an issue. Audiences around the world can attend the event at the same which earlier was limited due to geographical limitations.

Time Utilisation

Commute, vendor negotiations, prep time to launch the event are all things that can be done away with when it comes to virtual events. Time saved is money saved, which makes virtual events even more tempting. This is not only better from the viewpoint of organizers, but will benefit the attendees as well. The need to travel, hire hotels or even to get to the location to attend the event won't even exist.

Most Importantly, lead generation and sales

Every event organizer wants to generate revenue from their event. And so, virtual events can also be great money makers. At the same time, every participant who registers for your virtual event is a candidate who is interested in your domain expertise. They are also leads for your course sales. Longer the duration of promotion of your event, larger the number of leads captured.

So not only do you save money, you can actually make more money with Virtual events, grow your community of followers and sell more courses. While we have looked at all the pros and cons that are associated with the virtual events, the pros heavily outweigh the cons that are associated with these events. And with the pandemic haunting the world till the time the vaccine doesn't get to us, continuing with our digital and virtual life is the only way ahead. The argument doesn't settle completely with the virtual world, after all the dust settles physical events will coexist with the virtual events but on a smaller scale this time around.


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