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How Geeta Malik Built A 6 Figure Business With Online Courses

Ms. Geeta Malik is a culinary professional and the founder of Enrichment Academy where she has already helped thousands of learners how to cook better food. Amateurs, budding chefs, home cooks and hobbyists from all walks of life approach her to learn the art of cooking and making better food for their loved ones. 

This is a live example of the ultimate power of creating and selling online courses. It’s not only that course creators drive six-figure businesses (which they do) or that creating these courses helps creators share their passion with the world while earning a handsome passive income but it’s also about how they transform lives.

Enrichment Academy’s immense success proves that no matter what topic or subject matter you have to teach, or how much experience you have, the passion has to become an obsession to attain success. Anybody from any background can launch a successful online course and make money. Enrichment Academy has set a benchmark for all course creators to how they can replicate its breakthrough success for their online academies.

Learn more about Geeta's inspiring journey to success with Enrichment Academy: Watch the webinar replay

Power & Reach of an Online Course: Why create and sell an online course?

Creating an online course allows creators to make money teaching and sharing their knowledge about something they love. The best part is that they can run the entire business from anywhere they like. This is made possible because with an online course business

  1. You can reach out to a wider audience domestically and internationally.
  2. Users & creators can use the platform at their convenience.
  3. Automation gives more opportunities to both of them to expand the skill-base.

From 0 to 8 lakhs in 2 months


Founded by Geeta, Enrichment Academy is really an Online Platform for Practical Life Skills Courses that has touched the lives of thousands of learners with her high value life skill training programs using Knorish. When it comes to practical training, or teaching learners culinary skills, her online courses are both a visual & vital info treat. 

The transition from Offline to Online

After successfully running cooking camps for over 8 years, Ms Malik has applied all her knowledge, expertise and experiences in designing her online courses and crafting the best content for her website. Being an artist, she has always been fascinated with creativity. So, trying out new and innovative recipes came naturally to her. Here’s a little bit more about her:

  • 30+ years of cooking experience
  • Winner of HUL Corporate Master Chef competition
  • Designed and developed 5 crucial life skill courses
  • 10 years of experience in teaching
  • Is regularly invited as a judge to several culinary events

She launched her Enrichment Academy Online during the global pandemic, and has really excelled with marketing her courses. It has enabled her to deliver consistent and quality content to her audience.

So, what is Enrichment Academy’s biggest takeaway?
“The knowledge you find scattered online is not a match for something as organized as a thoughtfully curated online course”, is what she strongly vouches for.

Right Time, Ripe Opportunity, Ready to launch Platform

Ms. Malik insists that one has to find his or her voice and not to be afraid to show authenticity in their approach. This is all about having the right timing and ripe opportunity to launch your enterprise. Her pillars of strength lay in strong content creation, an open to learning marketing approach, and a strong customer success strategy that ensured that her learners found value. learning and support for the courses they enrolled in. 

Her’s is also a story that conveys a lot about an online brand's messaging strategy, connecting and aligning well with the true target audience, and being able to create an irresistible brand story that's validated and valued.

Strategies used for success

According to her, the content must include comprehensive lessons, video, additional downloadable learning content and if possible a mix of live sessions that offer engagement. The structure of the course has to be laid out as clearly as possible. Then all that remains is to create that highly valuable content, roll out targeted and optimized ad campaigns, and encouraging people to buy your course. And that's what they have used in their sales funnel to grow their academy. 

4 rules for driving engagement via social media that work 




Social media ads are all about knowing your customers and target audience well. And so course creators have to be really open to experimenting. One can easily start with Facebook ads Initially simply because of the fact that FB has billions of users and targeting them based on their specific interests drives leads faster at lower costs. The key is to really know what your users find interesting and engage with and take it from there. So here are 4 rules for social media ads as per Geeta Malik that will help grow your online course business:

Rule #1: Stay true to your audience preferences, likings, and tastes

That means creating value-added and useful content. And then the key is to get the creative right. Whether you are using an image, set of images or a video. The design, the look, and the content must be really well thought of keeping your target audience's need in mind.  

Rule #2: Say ‘No’ to sharing the same message twice without alterations

Ads tire quickly and you would see ad costs going up in bringing the same kind of results. Prevent monotony and fatigue. Change the messaging, if you can't think of a new messaging, change the design of the message!

Rule #3: For Each Network Optimize Your Content

Different content works for different social media. Customize your content basis your audience's demographics and interests and also basis what works most on that social media platform. 

Rule #4: Regularly Monitor The Post Results

Keep an eye on how your posts and ads are performing. If you observe ad fatigue, change the content and creative and try a new approach. The key is to monitor, improve and optimize! 

Why Ms. Malik chose Knorish to launch her online Academy?

Ms. Malik has been in the training space for over 10 years now. In that time, she has interacted and gained extensive experience in her domain. When we asked Ms.Geeta why she chose Knorish?', she said it was obvious to her from the platform that it was created by experienced people who knew the best features for the market. She said - “Knorish has features that work great. The interface is really expertly designed.”... "There are lot of features available and new features that we have asked for, the team (Knorish) has worked on it and released them as well. So the team really has offered great support as well. So we are really happy"

Geeta’s advice for brand new course creators

“Take your time and take one thing at one time, stay authentic and create something purely from your experience.”

  1. Define your target audience first!
    Defining the Target Audience is the first important step for your online knowledge sharing business. Without this goal achieved, creating a great website, driving traffic to your site, building a sales funnel, and even sales will be a major problem. So take your time, do your research and define your target audience.
  2. Create a high converting website and landing pages for your courses
    You have to have your course built, hosted, and the course and sales page be ready before you start promoting your brand. Write the content for your website and the ad landing pages, course pages all geared to sell your courses better. Preempt your customer’s questions and answer them all.Once you finish building your online academy, only then can you start marketing your courses. 
  3. Get social media handles
    This one’s very obvious though. If you are still not active on Facebook or only use LinkedIn. or have never Tweeted please rethink your decision to stay inactive over there. Each social media handle tends to become invaluable over time and may serve slightly different purposes for your online course sales funnel. If activity on Quora presents you with an expert tag. Instagram lets you focus on the visual and emotional aspects of your course. You have to decide what works for you.
  4. Create awesome promo content
    For the people who are just starting to create a course, here’s the time for them to think about repurposing some of the content they will create in the form of a blog, guide, videos, webinars, checklist, review articles, podcasts, LinkedIn opinions and so forth. Besides, you must take some time to write down exactly what your offer is about. 
  5. Drive traffic and build an audience through paid ads
    Once the site is ready, drive traffic to get sales! You need to build up your audience to drive traffic to your site. Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. are great platforms to driving sales and leads! 
  6. Master Facebook Marketing
    Facebook ads will help you to promote your course to target audiences within certain demographics and interests. Of course, these ad outputs depend on the budget, but it shall be a good idea to understand how these ads work and what returns you are expecting out of it.
  7. Build an audience on a YouTube channel
    It all depends on how comfortable you are creating and editing your online promo videos to drive traffic to your website. This could mean starting by creating a few simple videos to introduce yourself and your course to the audience. Later the topics could be shifted to demonstrate more authority on the subject and create some awareness around the topics. You don’t have to wait for fancy gear.
  8. Figure out how SEO works
    SEO is a huge topic but it should not scare you off. What’s just the point in writing a hundred blog posts if your website and blog are not optimized for search traffic that you want to drive into the top of your sales funnel? For this, the main thing you need to do is to understand what keywords your target audience is searching for online.

    SEO will always be awesome for your site in the long run. But for short term quick results, use paid ads to drive traffic and sales.
  9. 10 Automation is the key
    Your automated sequence of emails shall reflect the different stages of the sales funnel process. Automated emails ideally should guide your prospective students somewhere from the “interest phase”, where they have signed up for a newsletter or downloaded a lead magnet through to the purchase of your course.

Final Word
If you too have been thinking about creating an online course but have been procrastinating, now is the best time to do it! There is no set success mantra attached to it lest you monetize on your experience, put a dash of hard work, and love doing it. 

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