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How Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Enables 50K+ Learners in 164 Countries To Start A Food Business?

Celebrated Chef, Restaurateur, Creator, and Founder of celebrated brands such as Wonderchef and the 24-hour TV Channel Food Food, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor had been sharing his knowledge about the culinary domain for the past 30 years. So when the pandemic hit and millions around the nation and the world were impacted by it, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor decided to share his knowledge of starting a successful food business from home through online courses. Here's how Sanjeev Kapoor Academy gave wings to the mission of enabling the next generation of food entrepreneurs and culinary enthusiasts: 

50,000+ Learners | 164 Countries | 450% Increase In Traffic | Basic Landing Page Funnel & Ebook Funnel

About Sanjeev Kapoor Academy


Launched in October 2020, Sanjeev Kapoor Academy offers a wide range of exclusively-curated online courses that include teaching essentials of launching and growing a food business, etc. 

The pioneering online academy was started to cater to the needs of the Home Chefs, Homemakers, Food Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Cooks, Trained Chefs, SMBs, Enthusiasts and Brands. Today it enables entrepreneurs, homemakers, professionals and cooking enthusiasts by helping them train, develop and hone their skills in the art of Indian cooking and empowers them to initiate their food-based ventures.

Online Courses & Bundles

 At present, the academy offers five courses:


About Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

The most known trusted and loved face of Indian culinary, Sanjeev Kapoor is a household name and go-to expert when it comes to the food domain. He is the founder of the super hit TV Channel FoodFood, and kitchenware brand Wonderchef has authored 150+ best-selling cookbooks and had hosted the popular food show Khana Khazana which ran for 18 years on television. Featured in Reader’s Digest list of 100 of India’s Most Trusted people, Sanjeev Kapoor has also been ranked 34th in the Forbes list of top 100 Indian celebrities.

Followers On Social Media

  • Facebook: 8,508,547 followers
  • Instagram: 1.2 million followers
  • YouTube: 6.83 million followers
  • Twitter: 2.1 MIllion followers
Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor has always been at the forefront of adopting new digital technologies. Under his name & entrepreneurship, cooking has emerged from the shadows of the kitchen and invaded our living rooms through the small screen. In the 90s itself, he found himself betting on a new strategy to take the culinary industry to unheard-of heights of glory & recognition. At the core of that strategy was content designed for his audience and fan-following.

The Challenge is possibly the world's largest repository of recipes and insights. The website offers hundreds of thousands of recipes for a variety of dishes. Plus everyday recipes are shared on his social media channels which have a combined following of more than 20 million followers worldwide. But the problem is that social media and YouTube are full of distractions and are not really designed to offer a wholesome learning experience. Because when you want to teach someone not just how to learn a new skill but master it and implement it to drive specific outcomes or successes, you need a lot more than distributed content on social media.
At the same time, while offline courses by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor were already available at the Symbiosis School of Culinary Art, a reputed institution in Pune, India, offline education systems have always struggled and can't really offer the large scale, outreach, and potential possible on the internet.
The convenience of on-demand learning is unbeatable in the offline ecosystem. But no tangible method or platform existed that could help package the knowledge into digital information products like an online course.


Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his team evaluated how online courses could enable a consistent, personalized learning experience for their target audience, and what tech would be needed to be built to offer that complete learning experience from one space. And this is when Knorish pitched in to help build and launch that platform for the legendary Sanjeev Kapoor to enable that complete learning experience.


The Solution

Team Knorish worked with Team Sanjeev Kapoor to ideate the courses, topics, course content, and the launch strategy for the academy and the courses.
The two teams worked together to create what is known today as Sanjeev Kapoor Academy - A premier platform to learn & improve your culinary skills, discover how to start a successful food business from home, build your immunity and improve health and culinary skills.
The academy offers a host of courses and course bundles that can be taken up by learners to hone their skills and start their food ventures. Plus learners get opportunities to interact live & learn from MasterChef directly. Additionally, learners also get access to dedicated communities besides access to competitions and other bonus content that is continuously added to the courses to keep them abreast with the times.

The Successes

50,000 Learners | 164 Countries | 450+% Increase In Traffic | Basic Landing Page Funnel & Ebook Funnel
Launched in Oct 2020, the academy today boasts of more than 50,000 learners that are today engaging and learning with the Academy from 164 countries. With India having the maximum share, the US, UAE, Ireland, Sweden, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Germany are some of the other countries where learners access the content from.
In 2021 alone, the site saw a 450+% increase in traffic on the site vs the past year because of the efforts in marketing and the innate demand for starting a business from home. Plus by super focusing on the content and putting it out in the right market to attract the right audience, the Academy saw a 200% increase in top-of-the-funnel leads after the first month of launch through social media, PR, and organic content.


The Inside Track to Success

The first step was to identify the target audience & the pain problems that the target audience is facing. Together the team identified the top 4:
  • Target Audience: Home chefs, Homemakers, Food Enthusiasts, Food Entrepreneurs, & Aspiring Chefs
  • Pain Problems & Needs
    • Financial stability and independence
    • Entrepreneurship that could be started at low costs
    • Better health and immunity
    • Better culinary skills
The next step was to ideate courses and content around these pain problems. And one of the clearest ideas that came across was food entrepreneurship. That meant starting a food business and the biggest need of the target audience was - entrepreneurship that could be started at low costs. Hence, the Start Your Food Business From Home was the perfect idea because it addressed and helped resolve all the pain problems of the target audience.
Sanjeev Kapoor explains, “It has always been our endeavor to empower people through food and there is no better way to enable this than through online courses. Sanjeev Kapoor Academy attempts to become the single destination for all culinary needs and will offer many more courses in the near future."


A Supercharged Approach to Content

Once the target audience and their pain problems were understood, the team ideated the course topic and content, created the website content, and eventually launched the courses. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his team got together to shoot the videos for the courses. Team Knorish produced the videos for the course content, assessments, recipe instructional videos, and all the additional content needed for the courses.
From the website design and course content upload to building the social media pages and setting up ad accounts to going live with the launch, all of it was done in under 3 weeks. Something that is completely unheard of in the industry.

Building Trust and Partnerships

Unlike social media or Youtube, where the minutes spent with your brand can vary significantly, learners spend hours with the academy improving their culinary skills.
Based on this access to a very specific target audience, the academy has leveraged brand sponsorships & partnerships with other unique food & beverage brands such as US Cranberries and many others in the pipeline.
For example, to promote the use of Cranberries in India, the academy curated a set of cranberries-based recipes and developed a course around the theme. This course was then offered as free content to existing users and new users.


Tens of thousands of people took benefit from those free pieces of content that benefited both brands. The academy gave valuable information and knowledge to the community and US Cranberries got a specific highly engaged audience in return.

Growth Formula: Funnels

SK Academy ebook pageFunnels have been the primary strategy for business growth. The academy uses primarily two types of funnels to drive growth: Landing page funnels and an ebook funnel.

Traffic and sales are optimized with all course pages designed as landing pages. By designing course pages as landing pages, the academy is able to exponentially increase the course and bundle sales at the most optimal costs.
Another funnel that has helped acquire top-of-the-funnel leads is an Ebook funnel. By putting out a synergic ebook on the topic of the course, the academy is able to acquire thousands of high-quality leads at super low costs. This audience is then further invited to an upsell with other premium courses leading to acquiring thousands of paying customers each month.


“We are excited by this opportunity to offer online culinary courses and help people in these difficult times whether it’s for immunity or starting one’s own business or consolidate current food business. It has always been our endeavour to empower people through food and there is no better way to enable this through online courses. Sanjeev Kapoor Academy attempts to become the single destination for all culinary needs and will offer many more courses in the near future.” - Sanjeev Kapoor.

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