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How Sarvanan Uses The 4Cs Model To Accelerate Growth In His Life Coaching Business?


A K Sarvanan is a therapist, life coach, mentor, and entrepreneur who has been helping thousands of people transform the way they experience and live life. Professionals, experts, students, and people from all walks of life approach him to learn the art of living a full life and to find answers to their problems. For over 25 years, Sarvanan has been active in diverse geographies and industries, facilitating individuals and groups to dissolve inner resistance to success, growth, and enhancement. This is the story of, founded by A. K Sarvanan. The academy is a school of applied Yogic & Vedantic Sciences that offers a host of offline and online coaching, training, and transformational programs to learners.

This post has excerpts from the live webinar where he shared his strategies to pricing, offering content and support to learners with insights on how he is building a digital coaching empire.

Watch the replay of the live webinar with A K Sarvanan where he explains how he uses Knorish to offer a host of digital products that customers love to engage with: Accelerate Digital Sales with 4Cs 

Coming from the learning and development industry, Sarvanan understood the harsh realities of building an online course business from scratch. He wanted to do justice to the promises of delivering happiness and cure at scale while considering the cost of his time and effort involved in such a business. What he was looking for was a solution that let him automate the majority of the logistics managing an online business so that he could focus on what mattered the most: sales & marketing

Building a holistic online business


After a lot of research, Sarvanan chose Knorish to build his website that offered online courses and live workshops. The platform has enabled him to build and maintain the entire site, update course content, build the sales funnels, launch new courses, create landing pages, and much more all by himself. The courses offer learners with

“My ultimate goal is to attain maximum Personal Freedom, Help people transform, and generate a sustainable income from my Academy. I am ready to give its due time, effort & investment. The more you focus on value addition, and be of service to your community, the better things will surely get over time. As a course creator, I am committed to my courses, and learners.” - A K Sarvanan, Founder -

The 4Cs Model For Sales 

The academy offerings are based on the user persona, the niche, and the intent of those users. The offerings depend on three primary aspects: personal time involvement, effort, and the cost of the two. That's why it uses the 4Cs model to engage the audience and enable holistic learning for its learners offering on-demand Content, Courses, Coaching, and Consulting.

What this means is that any offering from the academy is based on the time and effort required from the instructor per learner. Higher the involvement, higher the pricing.

The 4Cs Model

  • Content
    Blogs, free webinars, High-value Content on Social Media Pages)
  • Courses
    Online, self-paced courses containing pre-recorded videos and lectures, low priced, the effort needed only on sales & marketing, less effort needed from the instructor once the courses go live.
  • Coaching: Group & One on One  
    • Group Coaching: Webinars for large-scale groups, online meetings for a more personal touch, pricing may vary basis duration, participation, the intent of the sessions, and engagement period.
    • Individual coaching sessions may consume the maximum time and effort of the instructor. Hence, is always based on pre-determined time allocation, and priced basis time and effort required. As such individual learners get access to highly personalized sessions customized to their needs.
  • Consulting
    • Offering a highly customized experience to businesses and institutions, developing training programs for them, training employees. This truly enables the business to offer 360 programs to individuals and businesses offline and online.

This progression of a typical learner from the initial product to the last creates a clear insight into the lifetime value of the revenue that can be generated. This also serves the academy and the marketing team insights into the marketing efforts needed to take a user through this journey.

What we love about Garbaham is that you’re trying to solve a problem holistically not just in the mission of the entire company and the academy but also from the point of creating offerings that actually interact with the users in multiple ways.

"It works for how one way the product works. If my goal is to bring transformation in people. And I do know that for transformation, they do need to continuously engage with me. Then I need to have an entry pricing. And I need to have a premium price where I need to have to directly interact with them. For the entry-level, I am going to do a lot of Facebook ads, spend a lot of money over there. And for an unknown person, I am not a famous Yoga Guru that people look at my face. Come and pay 3000 Rs. 10000 or 80000 Rs. That’s going to take a long time. So! if they can spend 500, 600 then buy my courses, experience the change then perhaps they’ll be able to spend perhaps 10,000 then more. So, here two things happen. One is they are continuously engaged with me. No. 2 even if they are financially constrained, they can still take my offer. So, all the money that I invest in Facebook ads comes back to me. The level of transformation happens in them. The more they transform, the more they are able to see more success. And they get motivated to invest more. So, this is how we look at it." - A K Sarvanan. An excerpt from the webinar

Watch the live webinar replay here: Accelerate Digital Sales with 4Cs 

Marketing Strategies For Business Growth

  • Facebook and Instagram are a goldmine of leads. As an entry point into the funnel, the academy uses the ads platform to drive leads to sign up for their transformational programs such as daily yoga sessions. 
  • Webinars bring more traffic and lead to the site. Since webinar signups are indicative of high intent. Retargeting such leads allows one to get more qualified leads at much cheaper costs than direct conversion ads.  
  • Videos and content shared on YouTube and Instagram are other great sources for organic traffic in the long run. The key to success is enabling great SEO on your YouTube content to make it more search-friendly. At the same time, ensuring each of the content pieces has links to a certain Call-To-Action. While YouTube content is a fine example of a “free sample” marketing strategy, his webinars help him to outreach to his Target Audience as they create a need for more intervention. 
  • Blogs are another great source of traffic when done right, Invest in creating high-value content pieces, get the SEO done right, target the right keywords, and keep updating the content periodically. As Sarvanan explained, the promotion through blogs happens more organically as blogs can be highly engaging as well. 
  • Another great advantage of using Knorish is the option to offer discounts through coupons. The academy offers a host of programs at various discounts basis seasonality, demand, and special programs and sessions. 

Sarvanan's advice for other course creators

  1. Affirm your resolve. Release your energies. Set on a new journey. You’ll do yourself a favour. Rest is taken care of in the process. We agree. If you are thinking about sharing your knowledge and working out ways of how to go online with it, Knorish could be that to convert your knowledge into a digital business. 
  2. Webinars are most effective when the instructor or the hosts do 10-15% of the talking. These sessions should make people get engaged in the conversation 85% of the time. Otherwise, they’ll shut off their video and leave and may not come back. So, structure your content and plan your session accordingly. Thankfully, access to Zoom's premium webinar feature allows you to conduct polls, Q&A, share your screen for presentations, annotate screen and do much more. So manage your webinars the way that makes your session interactive, and engaging.
  3. Sarvanan vouches for the pre-recorded basic Yoga sessions or courses where basically anybody can take the courses or sessions as per their convenience. One key strategy to acquiring new paying customers at super low costs has been to price those sessions almost free of cost or minimally. Once participants see positive results, they’ll accept your invitations to paid content or sign up on those paid sessions when retargeted through ads.

It’s great seeing people follow their passion to share their knowledge, impact the lives of thousands and make a mark in their chosen fields. As a progressive and one-stop knowledge platform, we can’t wait to see where our course creators go from here riding on their success wave. While Sarvanan specializes in helping people understand their subconscious minds, clear their negative patterns, and identify and switch their limiting restrictions and beliefs through his digital business -, thousands of other creators are already using Knorish to build and launch their academies that sell courses and content. And you too can create the same success story on these lines. Take a moment and shred off your inertia or inner fear to walk in the footsteps of Sarvanan and launch your own online academy. All that's needed is to leave your comfort zone and start taking action to build a future that you have envisioned for yourself. 

Get ready to celebrate the creation of your own online course that shall help you teach any subject, even hypnotherapy & yoga to be available for purchase from anywhere in the world!

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