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How To Conduct Effective Webinars That Drive Traffic And Get Super Low Cost Leads

Webinars are great content formats for bringing traffic to your website, acquiring leads in thousands, and generating exponential sales. But more importantly, hosting high-quality and high-value based webinars educate and engage ayour audience much better than any other.

Unlike a physical event wherein the logistics are humongous, webinars are easier to participate in, far easier for hosts to conduct, and are a great content format that can be repurposed easily. Plus, with limitations set in the physical world, conducting more virtual live events is proving to be an important marketing strategy that is leading to faster customer acquisition.

What is a webinar?

Simply put, a webinar is an online video session. It has a host or a presenter. Generally, a webinar could have a few panelists as well. There is a pre-decided topic. However, to increase engagement and ensure a great learning experience, webinars are done well when they have presentation slides for the virtual audience in attendance.

Webinars have always been a great content format. For people seeking knowledge and businesses that share it, it’s a great way to connect, access experts in the domain, and learn from them directly. Plus with a majority of people still working from home or telecommuting, webinars offer a great convenience that physical events simply are not able to match up to. In this article, we’ll share our expert insights to help you create a compelling, effective webinar that will help you get started on Knorish.

Immediate benefits of hosting webinars

Hosting a webinar is super easy. You just need a smartphone or a laptop, a stable internet connection, and access to Zoom or other such video conferencing solutions. With Knorish, every paid plan also gets access to a premium Zoom Enterprise Account that allows one to conduct webinars for up to 500 participants in one session. So, here’s what you gain from conducting webinars:

  • Webinars generate huge leads and improve conversions

    Webinars are a great way of generating high-quality leads quickly. Because when you run ads for a webinar, people see your ads and read what the webinar is about. Those who get excited to learn more, sign up on the webinar and that is the reason why webinars are great for generating leads. People who sign up for your webinar are the ones interested in the topic and these leads can then be retargeted for your paid courses.

    And because the cost of retargeting these leads will be a lot less, you can actually get a lot of sales at a lot less cost!

Discover how to use a webinar sales funnel to sell courses to thousands of learners across the world making tens of thousands of dollars: 5 Expensive Mistakes You Must Avoid Before Conducting Your Next Webinar

  • Increased audience engagement

    The key step in building a funnel is audience engagement and retention through high-value content. Webinars are always those high-value content pieces. Because they tick all the boxes:

    → Video format
    → Easy to attend
    → On-demand
    → Zero travel required
  • Improved social media traction

    Webinars are exciting. These are like online events and help you gain traction on social media as conversation pieces about the upcoming webinars, experts in the panel, insights to be discovered, and the value they offer.
  • Establish trust with your audience

    Webinars help your business build enormous relationships with your audience. By answering questions from the participants you create value without taking anything in return {in the context of Free webinars}, your audience is more likely to trust your recommendations.
  • Enhance SEO efforts

    Consistent, high-quality webinar tractions are termed better for your overall SEO efforts.
    With a more developed content strategy, your content should help you rank higher in search engines and act as various segments of content.
  • Build authority and brand recognition

    If your brand is established as a credible place to get information, bingo! It’s what you asked for with all your webinar efforts.
  • Produce repurposable content pieces

    Each webinar is a high-value content gold mine. You can actually create multiple pieces of content from one session. 

    → Image posts
    → Checklists
    → Quotes
    → Podcasts
    → Videos
    → Mind Maps
    → How-Tos
    → Insights Pieces

    If you’re doing webinars every now & on it is going to add up to your content for sure. That means you can extract more of the blogs, videos, and other types of content from your webinars.

Every second person is hosting and attending webinars, but...

Everyone is super busy conducting webinars. Probably you too have registered for at least a few webinars in the past? So, what’s your take on that piece of information? Personally speaking, conducting or attending webinars doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bound to get people to sign up or buy your stuff. Many times even if people registered, they give attendance a skip.

Having said that, creating a webinar is still one of the best ways to reach out and engage with potential customers in an increasingly virtual world. Plus, online webinar recordings are great high-value content that can be further repurposed. People have given the technology a real thumbs up. But, there are many hoops to jump through before you are able to turn them into a gold mine of lead generation.

In this blog, we’ll teach you how to run a remarkably profitable webinar sales funnel and generate substantial income from your webinar. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

How to set up a free or paid webinar on Knorish?

The beauty of hosting a webinar lies in its ability to fit in with as-is-per-available expertise and content. From the cost perspective too hosting a webinar comes to almost zero internal costs minus promo ads you run to increase footfall. Since you already have a lot of content pieces churned for your site you’re not short of expertise and content.

All you’ll need is to brainstorm and zero in on the webinar topic which forms the first thing on your webinar creation checklist.

Here's A High-Value Webinar Content Check-list

1: Brainstorm the right topic and format

Once you’re set to making your webinar, you'll need to decide the topic you want to speak about. Typically it is a good idea for you to choose a topic fit to answer questions that your audience frequently asks and if possible keep it broad-ended yet highly defined. A bit of reverse engineering works out fine in this case. That means to start thinking from your user’s perspective and define the buyer persona. To clearly define your audience, create a buyer persona map that defines your expertise, content & ultimate value proposition to the people who sign up.

For example, if you're planning to host a webinar on email marketing, you can choose to stay true to the core niche in particular.

Overall, your webinar should deliver value to your audience. Think about your online course business as a whole and your expertise. What topics are you an expert on? What topics can you provide value on? Consider picking an educational topic, as this type of content usually performs really well. It is equally important to align your topic with the goal of your marketing & sales team.

2: Webinar Format Options

Panel discussions, Q&A sessions, single-speaker presentations, and interviews are some of the commonly available formats. Other formats include case studies and product demos.

→ For conducting panel discussions, you can invite industry experts to broadly talk about a niche, any trending topic, or pain point within your industry.
→ For Q&A sessions, you need only the product experts in your team to answer your customers’ questions.
→ For Interviews, a choice of an industry expert or your current customer to interview them on their experience with your company will work.

3: Identify the speaker, team member, or expert

Find an expert, or influencer, or even your best performers on the site to speak on the platform. The secret lies in the fact that the more variety you’re able to garner for your audience, things become interesting and people look forward to interactions that sound promising and enterprise on great learning goals.

Webinars conducted must be done to offer a vast hue of speakers, topics that add to the value propositions for your customers. You could conduct webinars, masterclasses, and even workshops. Be it an hour-long or multiple hours spread across multiple days. Here's one that we did on building automated sales funnels: 

masterclass: automated sales funnel
In case you want to get a first-hand experience of a user's flow on how the landing pages and the signup process works plus if you want to learn more about how Sales funnels work in driving traffic, generating leads, and sales, here's the session replay: How To Build [Automated] Online Sales Funnels?

4: Produce High-Quality Content

Once you have set the format & figured out the topic you want to address, it’s time to create the content depending on the kind of webinar you want to conduct. Most of its layout will depend on the client base and its preferences & expectations set. Whether it’s going to be a PowerPoint and talking from pointers or a live panel Q&A? Either way, you'll have to produce high-value content.

For example, you'll need to create your slide deck for the Presentation with all points well highlighted in bullets. Since you’re going to put them in front of a wider audience, it’s altogether important to make them visually appealing and use interesting graphics, such as images or GIFs, etc. Similarly, you’ll need to plan out your speakers, gather audience questions, and prepare any other questions you might have if you’re hosting a discussion-style webinar so you can prioritize your time during the webinar.

5: Zoom/ YouTube/ Google Meets - which live streaming tool?

Deciding on logistics is important as it helps seamless event streaming on the platform. Here, going through this article at steps to create live sessions, webinars on Knorish will help.

Now Live Sessions deliver an even better user experience on Knorish as with the improved integration, you can use our in-built ZOOM solution to conduct live online sessions straight from your academy and host up to 500 participants per webinar.

Need to learn more: Learn how to use our zoom with Knorish for live sessions: Live Sessions With Zoom

6. Create a stellar mobile-friendly webinar landing page

Don't just share the webinar link on social media. Capture intent and personal information. Build a well-designed mobile-friendly landing page. The perfect landing page will have multiple call-to-action buttons all over. It would be preferably in a long format covering the purpose of the webinar, learning goals, speaker intro, agenda & talking points to set the right kind of expectations. When you add those CTA buttons, ensure they are enabled to capture the email IDs and/or phone numbers of users who wish to watch the webinar. Because these are people who are interested in the topic. You need this information to retarget them with your ads and marketing emails.  This is why all
the theme templates on the Knorish theme library are already designed to be mobile-friendly. So you don’t have to worry about that hassle. 

Sanjeev Kapoor Masterclass Landing PageImage Source: Knorish Academy

Built using Knorish website builder, the landing page design shown above is just one of the examples of what is possible using the themes from our library. While the visuals have been downplayed, the single-minded call to action, along with the detailed copy has given us many decent leads.

If you have paid attention to it, it’s a beautiful 1:1 attention ratio. Notice that there isn’t a menu or other external links, and all our CTA buttons serve the same conversion goal. The focus is entirely on what our target audience is going to get out of the webinar. No hard-selling over there.

And that’s exactly how this needs to be done. 👌😘

To get started, just pick a template, build your site and start designing the landing page. Tweak it to match your requirements, or build the whole thing from the ground up all by yourself.


7. Schedule it Strategically

Certain days and times of the week work out amazingly better when trying to attract the largest audience possible for your free webinars. From our experience and analytic reports, what we’ve learned is that yes! Here are some scheduling tips that will help you boost your webinar registrations:

→ Know when is your audience available? Weekdays, Weekends, Post Work, During Work
Host your webinars preferably on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Slot them between 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM leads to maxim attendance.
→ It is ideal to float out your webinar ad promos, invites by Monday maximum to give enough time to ad platforms to run the ads and get you leads and signups.
→ Recorded versions must always be floated for the audience to watch later at their convenience.

8. Images and Thumbnails

In the age of visuals, Images are crucial for that first and lasting impression of your business. Viewers take a call as to whether to watch your content or not depending upon what your webinar image conveys to the audience. That’s why image must have something that they should be interested in—just like any book cover does.

Make sure your images and thumbnails are in line with the audience, and the type of content they consume. Refer to YouTube and other social media channels of your competitors and influencers in the same domain and learn from them.

PRO TIP: Use Canva to reference and design amazing thumbnails and other creatives that your business may need. Super easy to use, cloud-enabled with thousands of templates for almost any creative that you may need to design.   

9. Set up automated reminder emails

Ideally, email reminders are set for 1 day before the event, on the day of the event 15 minutes before the event, and 1 hour after the event - to watch the recorded version. You need to send these many emails because not all emails will be opened and not all emails are read. So, practically we are talking about 3-emails to be scheduled as part of your live event.

And obviously, people do need to be reminded of their priorities & preferences at times. They won’t mind them unless you don’t spam. Keeping this functionality in mind, drip mailer content and live session reminders are enabled on Knorish. Set up once and forget. This automation helps you ensure every user who has signed up is getting reminded and maximizes attendance with just one setup and not multiple tasks. 

10. Get your questions for the guest speaker ready

Although attendees are likely to ask plenty of questions, it’s always a smart move to have a list of prepared questions at hand and broadly discussed with the speaker. This questionnaire is your Plan B in case the audience isn’t as engaged as you expected them.

11. HD camera, headset, microphone and a stable internet connection

Since webinars are video-based, ensure to have a decent webcam in place with great audio. You don’t want your audience to be straining to catch your every word. In fact, you want them sitting back comfortably while they listen to your crystal-clear voice delivering the webinar. To achieve this, you need to stop using your laptop’s built-in mics and upgrade to a high-quality headset or microphone which necessarily doesn’t have to be super expensive though.

To avoid the typical embarrassment of any webinar gaffe, make sure to test your internet connection first. instead of using a WiFi mode to access the internet, it's always advisable to be on a LAN connection as Lan Cables offer more connection stability. Most webinar solutions suggest at least 3 MBPS upload speed as a standard recommendation.

Get great sound quality for your next session with zero background noise. Learn how to record high quality audio for courses, Webinars and Live Sessions

12. Zero background noise

Ensure zero background noise to make sure you get a crystal clear sound. Right before the webinar, mute every other device that isn’t part of the webinar, keep pets & children away from the webinar area and inspect your room for anything that produces unnecessary noise. Close all other applications running in the background of your computer to have no cluttered space. Use background noise-removing apps should you need them. 

13. Promote your webinar via social media, email marketing, pop-ups

Organic social media no longer get the kind of results they used to. Make sure to run paid direct conversion ads on FaceBook and other ad platforms for at least a week to promote your webinar. You must still also promote it through your existing social media channels and leverage the power of hashtags. Once you’re all set, do make sure to send out a mass mailer to your target audience in your mail list.

14. Do a dry {test} run

A day before, get everyone, including the Speaker possibly together to do a dry run of your webinar, set up acting as if it were the real thing. This way you will know that all the equipment is working properly, whether the slides are all in order or need tweaks, and the speakers too know what they’re doing?

15. Add Webinar recording

Post-event, it’s a good practice to let people access the recorded version of your webinar, just in case, they couldn’t attend. Plus repost on social media, and send out emails for the recording. Get the word going and get more signups. 

16. Study Webinar Results

Having webinar metric insights is crucial to your investing time & effort in doing them. Hence, keep track of approximately how many people registered/attended and so on. As webinars are obviously a great sales opportunity. You don't want people to leave your webinar and never think of you again later. Here, comes a handy thank you mail from you or a request to obtain feedback and reviews from the audience. Generally, it helps to keep the recorded version because after going through intense learning during the sessions people might want to refer to the recordings to make up their mind finally to opt-in. In addition, recordings relieve people from notes taken during the ongoing learning session.

In the end

Webinars do take a lot of time and planning but are a great tool for getting a massive amount of leads and sales in no time, setting up your thought leadership in the domain, and simply because people love videos and live sessions. In fact, some of the most famous coaches, creators, and trainers have used the strategy. 

The key to a great session is great planning and automation because automation ensures minimal logistics and maximizes attendance.  Follow the steps listed in the post for that premium quality webinar.

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