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How to Build & Nurture an Email Database For Exponential Sales?

Building a robust email database is necessary to keep your prospective customers engaged so that when the time comes, your audience is ready to buy your products and services. In fact, most marketers agree that email marketing is still the most effective marketing tool for the growth of a business. This especially holds true for an online business for digital products and services. When you build a strong database of email lists, every email sent can bring in a great amount of business. And that’s the real power of email marketing! But there’s more...

Here are a few of the big benefits of Email Marketing you must know about

Email marketing has been ranked as an ultimate marketing channel in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) in various survey reports. 68% of companies have rated it as a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ mode of communication and sales growth.

  • Email marketing saves acquisition cost and is also an easily-accessible marketing technique that drives real revenue for the businesses.
  • It is also a great way to keep the customers clued in to new offers and deals.
  • Email marketing also acts as an effective method to keep prospects highly engaged and it’s super-efficient to track the results.

The first step to start making a strong database for your email marketing campaign


Choosing the perfect email provider is the first step in this direction. It helps build your email list so that you can start creating and tracking your email marketing campaigns. An email marketing tool such as Mailchimp helps you create a master list of all email addresses and also helps you with a lot more data such as:

  • Email Click Rate
  • Email Open Rates
  • Page Views
  • Add to Cart
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Course Purchase
  • Lead Capture via pop up forms, etc.

What are the different methods of building a Quality Customer & Prospect List?

There are several methods to build an email marketing database for your campaigns. However, to build a list of quality leads and prospects, you’ll require to master the art of intent to capture the user-details. That hints at the users who could be genuinely interested in buying your product/ service or content. And another set of users who just keep browsing the information but are not proceeding to make any purchase.

Here are few methods to do to capture Email IDs:

  1. Make a provision to use an apt Call to Action (CTA)
  2. Embed a Pop Up form to Capture Email IDs

An appropriate CTA ( call to action) on your blog and a web-page for the people to sign up for your newsletter shall not only grow your newsletter readership but it shall help you with acquiring an email database too. Embedding a pop up form on your site and blog posts help capture email IDs a lot faster. With pop up forms, you give the users an option to sign up for available special offers, updates, weekly newsletters, high value content and more.

Segment and Target your Email Prospects

Segmenting your prospects based on their interest levels and activities performed on the site etc. allows you to customize your marketing messages.

What is segmentation?

Dividing your prospects’ email addresses according to who they are, which group they belong to, whether they have purchased any of your courses earlier or they are a passive audience? etc is known as Segmentation

As an online business owner, once you have taken the stock of your Target Audience’s interests, you would be able to fine tune your messaging that could be relevant to them. This allows you to craft personalized message for them.

Here are the two most effective ways to segment your prospect list :

(i) define your customers as ‘who they are’ - where do they live, how old are they, what is their gender, how much they earn, etc factors

(ii) define your customers as ‘what they’ve done’ - like if they have just browsed your website? Or downloaded a brochure? For that, if they have clicked on and purchased from any of the given offers?

Most email marketing solutions let you segment your email list with ease and automate your campaigns to send out targeted emails to different customer types you chose. This is a must use feature!

Make Email Signup simple and your Emails interesting

The sign-up forms should not get into too many details. lesser the details filled the better. Keep them basic and easy to fill up. It's the emailers that should contain valuable information for the users.

Place your email capture forms strategically

Always have your research in place. Figure out the where will be your CTA more effectively noticed by your target audience. Would it fit in better on a “Contact” page or “as a pop up form" that shows up on blogs or only on exit? Few of the recommended places are :

  • As a Pop up form across the site
  • On your top-performing page
  • On your blog posts
  • The header/footer of your site

There could be any number of positions to place them in. What you need to figure out is where is the maximum traffic coming from and which page gets most visited. That's where you need the pop up forms on...

Design an Amazing Landing Page

Whether your traffic comes from an ad or through social media posts, no matter what the source of the traffic, a landing page can make or break your sales numbers. Your landing pages should singularly focus on one main detail that could convert the prospect visitors into subscribers. Whether you ask for contact details in exchange for a discount, a free webinar or some discount offers that subscribers would like to have, you must get more people to sign up. The design of the landing page too needs to provide an exceptional user experience once the users land over there.

Do A/B Testings

Is using “Register Now” good enough as a CTA ? Is the word “Subscription” implying a commitment or any ‘financial’ suggestion? You need to pay attention to such minute details too. Keep a track of your website's performance, footfall & trends. Figure out how the audience behaves once they land on your site. This will help you to stay open to experimentation until you get your CTA strategy perfect. once you have the right information, make changes to the landing page according to the learnings


Gone are the days when purchasing a database used to be enough for email marketing campaigns. Brands who develop their own database of interested or potential customers are more likely to succeed. Sending emails to your curated database is these days a personal, dependable and direct way of reaching out to your target audience that you must take a hint to excel. The dynamics of email marketing are changing fast but the basics are still the same. You’ll definitely have the audience hearing what you are telling them if you follow the right email marketing database & strategy.

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