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How to create course pages that help sell courses faster

With all the hard work and efforts involved while creating a course, there is just one more aspect that is simply one of the most important that has to be worked with similar enthusiasm. And that aspect is to create a course page. The success of your online course depends only on one thing and that is sales. If your course page can't convince them to hit that buy button then your entire efforts to create the course are reduced to 0.

Creating a course page is not just another task. The content you create will have to stand the test of time and only a well crafted course page is something that helps in that. The primary contact that you can have with your potential users around the globe happens with this course page. It can’t happen that you reach out to every student individually, therefore, create a course page which caters to your ideal customer. The page should create an image in the mind of the viewer while highlighting all the benefits of the product.

When a customer comes in contact with two similar products he will look for clues in each one of them that satiates his needs in a better way. Therefore reaching out to the reader by showing all the competencies your course offers over your competitor is the only way ahead. You might have created your course with all the great tools of the world, using the best possible platform to teach but all this will be of no use if your sales page can’t convince the reader to take the plunge. Therefore create a course page which is convincing and talks about benefits.

So how does one create a course page.

First, we have to take a look at what constitutes a great course page. Primarily, there are 2 main aspects to work on:

  1. The sales copy
  2. The structure of the page

While sales copy in its nature has to be persuasive with a hint of authority in tone which helps in trust-building with the reader. While the structuring has to be done in such a manner that convinces the reader in a logical manner pushing him to take the buying decision.

Using a powerful sales copy to create a course page

Sales Page

Defining your user persona

While a course cannot benefit all, there has to be a defined user who can benefit from such a course. Before writing the sales copy defining that user persona is an important place to begin from.

Ask yourself:

  • Is the learner an amateur or an expert
  • Who is your ideal customer
  • What are the defining traits of your model user
  • Who is the target audience for whom you created your online course

While thinking on these questions and getting an answer for each, what you will see is the right type of customer taking shape in your mind. The model customer! That is the one you will have to focus upon.

For example, if your model customer is a 19-year-old college-going student, a sales copy that is to the point, extremely crisp will be appreciated by the proactive reader. He will be in a better shape to understand your product than say a 60-year-old woman who requires quite a handful of detailed knowledge.

By having a model customer your course can be identified well by the user and will convince them to draw attention towards your offering while making the buying decision process.

Create a course page which is convincing yet aesthetically pleasing

Even before reading and coming onto the subject matter of things, the viewer first likes to scroll the entire length of the page. If he finds the page easy to read and infer the viewer will take the hat of a reader else he is more likely to hit that back button.

Therefore it becomes extremely important to capture his attention during that scroll itself. With just a quick scroll on your page, the prospective viewer should have a clear understanding of whether this is what he needs. This is where he decides to stick with you or look for alternatives.

Some tips that can come handy

  1. Using more images than texts
  2. Using bold headers for the main information
  3. Have an openness related theme on your page, therefore less of cluttering
  4. Similarity in theme for the course and page

With some of the most appealing and well-designed themes on Knorish, we enable the creator to have a great page. The creator can take a look from our well-crafted selection of 10 themes that can help different enterprise concerns to choose one that fits them well. If the creator is still not convinced they can create a new theme altogether by considering our above-mentioned tips.

Use the art of storytelling

While being a creator you are an established master of storytelling. Using the same trait of yours while creating the page can be a great area to look at. Share experiences or talk about the success story of one of your users that benefitted from your product.

Creating a colorful story for the viewer to connect with your product is extremely important to get the user to identify with your brand. And with identification, they are more likely to relate and take the buying decision further with your product.

Eliminating hindrances

It is a common practice that a buyer tries to look for alternatives or doesn’t show in a ton of interest. They try to create some type of resistance like, why is the product expensive, there is no need for the product, I can learn all this on my own.

Pre-empt any and all of the questions a viewer may have and answer them well through the page itself.

To tackle these issues sell your course as a means to help the user get away when they take up the online course. This important point can be inculcated well into the page itself. Showing the user that problem-solving is an important area that was focused when we created the course.

Giving solutions to questions like the pricing aspect of being too costly or comparison on price with the competitor are some of the ways you can tackle this issue.

Convincing is the crux during the buying process. The buyer will find every issue in the product and will try to postpone the purchase with these issues into consideration. Approaching these and tackling them well enough in your page is something that has to be dealt with.

Focusing on Call to Action

While we are well aware of what call to action is. Still, it is the image, button or a text that pushes the viewer in deciding for the product. Call to action even needs to be thought out well. The action button should be well in sync with the theme of the entire page. It should be grabby and yet not be different from the entire feel of the course page.

For instance, if the course topic is related to share market investing. And by the end or maybe in the middle of the page you have a call to action button “Hop in the Fun”. Such a button looks totally out of the serious theme created with the topic.

Therefore the call to action button should look in place while being interesting enough to capture the eye of the viewer. Being to the point and upfront in asking the viewer to make the purchase decision the way to go.

“Benefit” taking the center stage

Using the tone of being helpful while providing benefit to the viewer is the way to reach out to the audience. You need not be crude or straightaway bombarding the user with information. Striking the perfect balance between his needs and your solution with benefits while using a conversational tone will work wonders for the success.

Using phrases like ‘you will be able to’ in place of ‘with us, you will’ can be a great way to look at the overall story.

Make your course page more about the benefit users will have than you taking the center stage. With the benefits the user will have a fair idea about the outcome he will derive with the course.

Taking clues from success stories around

You can take a look around and see a countless number of successful academies on Knorish who not only have scaled up their reach with great course pages but even have expanded their portfolios.

Using clues from the leaders in the field can be a great way to tune your website. If you are new to creating content, taking a look at your competition will help. Using a similar tone, analyzing the entire flow of communication, looking at the structure, seeing what is it that they are doing wrong are some of the areas you can get inspired from.

Fine-tuning and replicating on the good bits with hints from all around can really up the ante when aesthetics are to be concerned.

Now with sales copy being created and discussed let’s take a look at our second important aspect that is the structure of the page.

How to structure the Course Page Like a landing page

Heading that captures the reader

The sole purpose of a heading is to catch the attention of the reader and simultaneously hold him for the entire page duration. Selling up to this point need not be mentioned as it will create a negative image in the minds of the reader.

Headline does the promotional work for the benefit of a page. Therefore it is the headline that sells your page.

If the headline doesn’t click to the reader he won’t stick around for the entire page, so nailing the heading is extremely important. Another important fact is that the reader should identify just by reading the headline that this is “the” product he wants. Headline should capture the reader so well that he puts through the entire page content, further leading to the sales.

Course story

With the attention grabbed with a catchy and intriguing headline, the course description is the one that will keep the reader engaged in the page. This is the point that will appeal to your model customer which we discussed above.

The description should answer the main question. What will the reader benefit from by taking the course?

And if your course description can answer the question Voila! You have made the purchase.

User Story and testimonials

Now we have grabbed the user, engaged them, created the thought that is the best course for them, now it’s the time to validate their decision.

Testimonials, user reviews or user stories have just one purpose, to firm the decision made by the buyer with the way of validating by seeing the positive experiences of others.

With this customer believes in his decision, thereby making them believe the money they are about to spend will get them the penny’s worth.

Bulleted benefits

This has to be written well and in crisp words.

  • The benefits the customer will get highlighted in a short, which makes them have a clear understanding about what the course is all about.
  • Not everyone will read through the entire page therefore for someone who wants to have an idea what the course is all about can only read these and get a clear picture.

The team

This is another validation segment for the reader. By giving a face to the teacher or instructor allows the reader to establish a connection.

Not only this, the prospective clients who are wary and doubtful about the teachings can take a look at the credentials of the instructor. This will help them firm their deed as they can be assured about the quality of teaching being given to them


Another aspect to focus upon for the customers who are still on the edge of making the decision is the curriculum. Seeing the entire learnings in a list helps them to understand what it is that they will be taught. With the course you have created by Knorish course builder, a snippet can be attached to the page which will benefit the reader to firm their choice.


These are the questions that will pop up in your email, social media handle or even during live lectures quite frequently. Therefore creating the section entirely dedicated to some of these questions can take quite a load off from your shoulder.

If you are unable to infer these questions, hold a Live session with Knorish Live Event Builder. Therefore towards the end, the questions that pop up frequently, note them down and put them across your course page. This will help in quite a time saving, helping you to put all your efforts on course creation or teaching.

Call to Action

The moment we had been waiting for in the buying process. This is the place where your entire effort of not only creating this particular page but the entire course will see the litmus test.

Hopefully, all your efforts will bore the fruit when the reader comes here. Do note having multiple call to action buttons can increase the conversion rate significantly, but have a perfect balance. Anything in excess is always harmful.

Now let’s have a look at 4 hacks that will be extremely helpful to create a course page.

  1. Use colors wisely
  2. Colors in sync with your brand
  3. Use images
  4. Email capturing

Incorporate colors that are easy on the eyes while popping out. Don’t use extremely bright colors like Neon Green or Fluorescent Blue.

Such colors may not be very pleasing to the reader.

Create a brand identity with colors. Whenever a certain color associated with your brand crops up before a viewer they should remember your brand with it.

It is a great way to create a brand persona for your academy.

Yeah, you have used them, but having an image-rich website will have a positive effect on the viewers' finds. Images signify freshness and the same will be transferred to the viewer while they get onto your course page with a great number of images.

Provide some downloadable content on your course page itself. And to download that content the viewer will have to put in this email id. This will be a great opportunity for you to generate leads who didn’t complete the buying decision. You can target them with emailers and offers at a later date to try and recapture them.

With all of this, you can very well create a course page that is not only aesthetically appealing but will be beneficial to generate a great sales result. Thereby leading to a profitable and an ever-expanding online academy on Knorish


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