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How To Record Professional Quality HD Videos For Online Courses? {Low Budget Secrets Inside}

People love videos. Social media is flooded with it. More than anything else, video content is consumed the most on Social media. With online learning industry slated to reach $325 Billion by 2025, video based content is only going to become that much more important for digital learning. So online course creators really need to figure out how to create videos on a low cost with a great output. It is a well-known fact that a course which has more resources being used in creation is valued upon more. And with an increase in value creators can demand a better price from the audience. While creating videos for courses might seem as a gigantically expensive idea, but you will be amazed at how you can create great professional videos while being on a low budget.

It is well perceived that inculcating videos can turn out to be an expensive investment while creating an online course. Someone new to the scene for online courses might find it difficult to commit their limited resources to create video-based content. While we do agree that recording and creating videos is a bit more time consuming, but the benefit that can be derived out of this can be endless. Let’s look at some of the reasons why creating videos is a better option than text-based learning.

Why Create professional-quality videos with a low budget?

Several studies suggest that our brain retains and processes information better when the information is delivered visually. Additionally, social media has trained people to view video content more than anything. Video now accounts for 70% of the content being consumed on social media. Netflix and YouTube have shown that video is the most powerful content type out there. Therefore it is a great method to create information with videos as the delivery mechanism.

Better engagement

It is a universally accepted truth that studying and intaking information is something that doesn’t appeal to all. Students tend to complete all their learnings to get through with their examinations. So how can we solve this problem to make learning a bit more appealing for the learners around? The answer for this is pretty simple to reach them with methods they can engage more with. Videos are the most effective and engaging medium to connect and reach to the course takers. With the youth’s reliance on online streaming platforms where the prime mode of content consumption is video, reaching students with knowledge on the same lines will generate great interest and engagement.

Not only will they enjoy the learning experience from the videos but will be able to interact with other mediums for intaking information. Tools available in the Knorish platform such as PDFs, Prezi, eBooks and others will be consumed in a far more engaging way once the interest develops by taking the first step with videos.

All in all, this will lead to a holistically rich learning experience for the course takers.

Quick to intake and are content-rich

It is no secret that using mediums like text-based learning takes much longer than watching videos. Even if you consider using audio as a methodology to reduce the time it just doesn’t stand a chance in front of videos as audio lacks the visual appeal. Video content combined with audio tends to reach the user in a far more efficient way than huge and tiring documents. For example, a graph being explained by a speaker on a video conference would attract the viewer in a better way than say a graph with a huge chunk of textual information below it. This would neither be engaging nor will save time for the consumer.

Learning from videos is a far content-rich experience than learning through images or text. Creators can give minute insights when he is reaching out to the viewer which at times are left behind while creating a document or image.

Far easy to produce

Clicking on the record button on your smartphone is far easier than writing a gruelling and tiresome article on a particular topic. We at Knorish have seen countless creators shifting from textual content to video-based content as they find it more interesting to produce.

Video production, creation, scripting and editing has been made easier than ever before with the coming up of our smartphones.

A beginner who has just initiated his course academy can not only create his content but can even market the content effectively with Knorish. Although video creation requires some amount of planning but it is not essential. You can pick up your phone log in to your Knorish account and directly hold a Live lecture. With tools like Google Meets, Microsoft Team and Zoom you can take your sessions online in video format.

Not a lot of research is required

As we discussed above not a lot of planning goes into video production, creators can very well be spontaneous in the course they create. An expert who runs his online academy, can create a small video on a new trend concerning his online course without getting into scripting and post-production. While text-based learning has to be well researched and detailed video lectures can be instantaneous and experience-based. This enables to create content in a much quicker way than going with texts as a medium.

This leads to a win-win situation for the course creator as he not only will engage and interact with the learners but will lead to a reduction in time for content creation.

Now as we have discussed why videos are better than any other methodologies of teaching, let's put some light on the types of videos you can create to reach your audience.

Types of videos

Types of videos for online courses

    • Selfie Videos

      These types of videos are great for interactions. If you wish to create a short video and to the point, selfie videos are a great source of content to reach out to your audience. Daily information about the academy, new course introduction or a regular update are some of the topics that benefit from selfie videos.
    • Course content-specific videos

      These videos need to be information-rich and are bound to be laden with facts and figures. Such videos will not only be tiring to produce, the amount of engagement wont be high as well.
    • One on one interviews

      These videos are great to intake feedback from the learners. By interacting with the course takers enables the creator to implement and adapt according to the expectations from the learner.
    • Panel discussions

      Such videos are great to dissipate expert information. As a panel will be present to share experiences and key learning these videos are extremely inspiring and attention-grabbing.
    • Video Podcasts

      These videos are similar to panel discussions, with a slight difference for the number of experts. At most 2 experts enlighten the viewers on a particular topic.

    • YouTube or Vimeo embeds

      The most easily accessible video-based content available to the creator. With a huge video library in these videos streaming platforms, the possibilities are endless. The creator will not only have a great professional video on a budget but can combine and curate content by using multiple videos uploaded across these platforms.

    • Webinars

      Webinars are extremely easy to create and are a great source of content creation. With the right thought leader in place, webinars can really help build a lot of great video content quickly. 

    • Screencast

      This is the most economical form of content creation for your online course. We have specifically created an article on the subject. A great option for someone who wishes to stay on a budget while being informative.

    • PowerPoint with voice-overs

      Another great form of video content for beginners. These videos to be shot with screen recording software while the presentation is being shown on the screen. You can up the ante by doing voice-overs to explain the information being presented on the screen.

With the video type decided let’s look at some of how you create great professional videos while being on a low budget.

How to stay on budget for video creation


Using a smartphone or a laptop

Almost every one of us either has a laptop or a smartphone or a friend having either of those. Therefore this makes it a free option that can be used to create great professional videos while being on a low budget.


  1. Using your phone horizontally when in video mode while the laptop is being held upright to shoot videos.
  2. While filming on a laptop, keep the screen at a 90-degree angle to avoid any distortions

Tripod is important

tripod for online course videos

It is very important to shoot a video with the camera lens at face level. Therefore if you plan on using a camera or even a smartphone, invest in a tripod or even selfie stick for smartphones. This will give quite a stability while keeping the lens at an appropriate level.

Laptop users can use books, cardboard boxes to have the camera lens at eye level.

Sitting upright and looking towards the front camera while shooting. This will enable you to keep eye contact with the camera and eventually with the learner.

Have the right software to edit

Video shooting is one part, editing is the other. Use great powerful software to edit the video you have created.

  • Smartphone Users
    Free - Movie Maker Filmmaker
    Paid - ActionDirector Video Editor, (Free version available)
  • Laptop/Desktop Users
    Free - OBS Studio
    Paid - Screenflow(Macbook), and Camtasia(Windows)

Recording audio and video

  • Low Budget
    If you want to create great professional videos while being on a low budget, and have nothing other than a laptop and smartphone do not worry. Use the Laptop’s camera as your main camera and smartphone as an audio recording device.
  • Have a small budget
    You can buy a collar microphone from Amazon like Boya collar Mic and a High-Definition webcam from Logitech.

Buying a camera

If you have a budget to buy a great quality camera, try not to splurge your entire budget on a single expensive camera. In such a case get 2 mid-budget cameras in place. Not only you will be able to record a very similar quality video but with an extra camera, you can work on shooting skills by using varied camera angles.

You need not get that Canon or Sony camera you had been saving for, stick to your mobile phone to create great professional videos while being on a low budget.


While we have seen countless creators ignoring this aspect of video shooting altogether, lighting is an inseparable aspect of a great video. Therefore it is important to focus a bit on lighting while creating content.

In most cases, natural lighting is the best source of light. You can try and shoot during the day while sitting closer to the window. Since it is free and abundant therefore not valued upon well by all, but can create a difference in video quality for your content.

If you wish to spend a bit you can buy ring lights for added lighting. They are generally not very expensive and can benefit the quality of video to a great extent.

While now we have sorted the production for videos, let's quickly take a look at some of the great hacks that can change the way you create videos for your online course.

  1. Sound insulation
    You can use old egg boxes and household linen as sound insulators to reduce or minimize background noise while creating videos.
  2. Use natural light
    As we talked about above on how to use natural light to create videos, shooting outdoors is one of the hacks you can implement while creating the content. This will allow you to shoot with all the light outside while providing you with a fantastic background for the video.
  3. Refrain from using optical or digital zoom while creating videos 
    While it may help in establishing focus onto a subject but will significantly distort the video.

Another way to reduce background noise can be by using sound insulation material for your room walls but that can turn out to be a bit expensive.

You can use Zoom, google meets or others, you need not set up the green screen as Zoom has an inbuilt virtual background feature now and these can be easily used with Knorish live events.


With these hacks and tips in place, anyone can create great professional videos on a low budget. Not only will these steps be pocket friendly but will add a great value to the content you create for your online course by using Knorish.


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