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How To Take Your Coaching Business Online

As a coach, your prime goal is to provide meaningful transformation to your clients. Whether you are a leadership, management, gym, training coach, life coach or even a business coach, your job is to enable others to achieve their goals. This needs to be in sync with your responsibilities and purpose of the business, i.e. revenue, sales and profit. 

There comes a point for every coach when the amount of time available for their business is not just enough. Even the growth stagnates at times. This is because there are only a certain amount of clients you can work with in given time. Taking anything more won't work well for the reputation and will deplete your attention towards the clients growth.

If you can relate to this then you are not alone.

Countless coaches have made their way out from one to one coaching and are looking to scale up. And through this article, we will look at why taking your coaching business online is a great avenue to look at and how you can build your business online. Whether you are new to the scene or are figuring out how to take your coaching business online, you’re in the right place.

Why create an online coaching business with online courses?

When working with a single client, you are bound to put your entire focus towards him. This reduces any scope for expanding your business. With one to one coaching sessions as the main business model, you will hit a threshold where you cant add any more clients. This would lead to stagnation in your business revenues, thereby stalling growth prospects. This stalling of overall business growth is the prime challenge that prevents coaches to expand their business. Whenever you hit this stagnation, an owner has 3 options

  1. Increase Pricing: By increasing your prices you can charge more from your customers. This would lead to increased revenues. Make sure you can justify this price hike. 
  2. Hire help: You could hire manpower as in coaches to deliver your coaching program. You can only work as a position of authority to keep a check on the trainers and clients.
  3. Expand with another medium: Online courses are your perfect partner in expansion. With an online course, you can scale up and expand your online coaching business courses globally.

The question really is: Are you ready to take your coaching business online?

Here are a few questions that can help you decide if you are ready: 

  • Have you reached the threshold where no further expansion in the current medium is possible?
  • Do you repeat the same information for your clients time and again?
  • Do your clients go through a learning process for improvement?
  • Can that learning content in your current coaching format be changed to an online course content?
  • Is there a validated demand for your niche?

Answered most of these questions YES? Chances are you are ready to take your coaching business online while growing manifolds. 

Before getting started with content creation, as a creator you need to validate your choice. Here are some crucial steps that need to be taken before you begin creating content for your course.

Before content creation

Find the ideal user personaUser Persona


When you are on the task of curating your online course, you have a person or an image in your mind for whom you created the content. One who would buy the course and benefit from it. That is exactly the ideal customer you are looking for. It can even be your current target audience.

He has to be the one who identifies with your brand and offering. For instance, someone who is attending college would be more interested in your course that focuses on gaming. You cannot target such an online course to someone who is 60-70 years old. They won’t be your target audience as they cannot identify with gaming as a thing to learn.

Therefore it is extremely important to create the user persona that can in a true sense learn from you with the course taking care of their needs and wants.

Here’s a great tool that you can use to get a detailed visual of the user persona: Free User Persona Builder by Hubspot

What will consumers benefit from?

Find out what will make the consumer hit that buy button? What was the core advantage the user felt over your competition? These reasons are sufficient enough to understand what benefit the user will get while selecting your online course. When you take your coaching business online these benefits are crucial to understanding the future needs and wants of the customers. Basis these findings you can alter or add new courses to your portfolio. This would end up giving you an edge over your competitors.

Select a platform

After establishing the benefits and the user base now comes the time to select an appropriate learning platform. Such a platform needs to be holistic thereby catering to the needs of both creators and learners. Knorish as an online course platform has been designed specifically for experts to share their knowledge with masses and monetize it. 

Content creation to take your coaching business online

Converting a one to one coaching business to an online medium does not come without its challenges. With this section, we will try to smoothen this transition to make the process as streamlined as possible.

Revisit the user persona to get specific

Did any assumptions change during the entire process? Now is the time to revisit those changes and integrate them into your ideal user persona. Note down the specific personality traits, skills they currently possess and what are their current experience in the domain. These elements will help chalk out the final user persona for which the content will be curated.

To take your coaching business online it is important to find the perfect customer. He needs to be in sync with your organization’s prospects and growth. A customer who doesn’t match with your ideal persona is bound to leave the relationship at some point. In the beginning, he might familiarize with your product. But with time and lack of required elements in the user persona, the relationship will end.

Define users transformation from current to desired

In this step, your goal is to define your user's transformation from his current state to desired. Define what he will achieve after buying your online course. A critical wrongdoing by creators is stuffing their technical know-how into a single course. This overwhelms a learner while lowering completion rates.

To avoid this:

  1. Note their current experience, levels and where they stand with point X. This is the starting point i.e. before the course.
  2. Now jot down the desired state i.e. what will he be after completing the course. This is the endpoint Y
current state to desired state

Always keep this in mind, your learners are less interested in content and are more result-oriented.

If you have too much information to put across your learners base, try and divide this into multiple online courses. This helps in creating a separate product while enabling the learner to opt-in for the next course as and when he requires.

Map this transformation in the form of curriculum

In this section, we will dig a bit deeper into the entire course curriculum. What are the important bits to consider when moving from the current state to desired? Consider these bits as the chapters and sections in your course.

Inculcate learnings in each of these chapters that are required for the learner to progress to the next chapter. Take these learnings as lessons. Write down these chapters and lessons to curate a course outline for the course. More content doesn’t mean more added value. If you can take your learner from the current state to the desired state without a truckload of information there is no harm in that. Include elements and information that is necessary during his journey to the desired state.

With these now is the time to create your content. Every learner has a varied learning method. As a creator, you need to use a combination of these tools and elements.

  • Varied content in varied formats
  • Chapters and Sections
  • Analytics for results and interpretation
  • Assessments
  • Live online workshops for personal touch

So with these options, you can really take your expertise, and knowledge, convert it into great content and really take your coaching business online.

Branding and marketing

branding and marketing

If you have followed the steps so far, you're almost there. But before you launch your course, you need to get the branding and marketing in place. And to do that, you need to:

  • Establish thought leadership by sharing valuable insights in your domain and community
    You can enter and engage with a pre-established community to complement your presence as and when required. Building the brand from scratch can be a real pain. Try and find a similar and relatable community within the domain. This will help you reach the masses faster.

    You can use LinkedIn and Facebook. Find groups in these platforms that are specific to your niche. Offer them advice with respect to your expertise. This way you will be able to establish trust in their eyes while gaining a followers base. This user base would constantly interact and engage with you. They will reach you for advice or a doubt thereby establishing thought leadership.
  • Get featured within the community
    As you are a coach it is important to build visibility as an established expert in the domain. You can get visibility by featuring in :
    • Videos
      You can reach out to Youtubers to get featured within their videos. Following this, you will be able to reach out to the Youtubers audience to establish trust and relationship with them. Further, you can begin your own YouTube channel to gain a significant number of social media followers.
    • Live Events and Webinars
      You can become a panelist within an online live event or a webinar. Sharing your experiences, advice and resolving doubt of the audience can help you to gel up with the community.
    • Guest blogging
      when using Knorish blogs you can invite a prominent influencer to blog and write articles for your website. This way the readers can establish trust and credibility towards your brand. This will even help in backlinking to your blogs and eventually to your sales page.
  • Create your community and followers base

After establishing yourself within the community, a significant number of those within the community will begin following you. They are more likely to engage and reach out to you for their doubt resolution. Furthermore, this will increase your following on social media handles while increasing your leads. These leads can then be retargeted to be converted into paying customers.

This way you will be able to establish your community, making you an influencer and an expert in the domain.

  • Create Facebook groups
    Facebook can be a great weapon to create an engaging audience that you can sell your online course to. Quite a handful of coaches use Facebook groups as an alternative space to interact with their existing user base. To grow and convert these Facebook groups into a standalone community you need to :
    • Have consistency
      If you want your members to be regular, even you need to preach what you teach. Create and let them know about the schedule when new content would be posted on the group. This way you will be able to understand their timings and post content as and when your community is up for engagement.
    • Don't be boring
      No one likes to be bombarded with technical information everywhere. Use this social media opportunity to indulge in fun activities. Organize quizzes, problem solvers, polls on Facebook to make it a fun place to learn and connect with other community members. Emotions need to be there within the community to keep the user engaged and attentive throughout.
  • Use multiple social media platforms
    To up your social media game innovate by using varied social media platforms. We recommend upcoming platforms like Reddit, Quora and Pinterest over traditional Instagram and Facebook. As a coach these platforms are a fantastic way to establish thought leadership. This is because these provide an opportunity to resolve user queries while allowing the creator to choose their domain. Whether to use one or many depends upon the type of the course academy. Using a perfect blend of social media with a focus on engagement is the way ahead.

    With all of these steps, you can increase the brand awareness of your coaching business while targeting the customers with new and innovative marketing strategies.

    Towards the end, we would like to ask every coach reading this piece to take the online move into serious consideration. With a pandemic haunting the entire world going digital is the only way ahead. It will help you go global while allowing you to focus on the home turf at the same time.

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