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18 powerful online marketing strategies to sell courses faster

Whether you are just beginning your course journey or at your thousandth sale, there’s always something new that can be done to get more traction and sales. And sometimes it's just the small things that most of us forget about. So if you’re in the market for some really powerful yet effective marketing tips, here’s our list of the top ones: 

Low-cost powerful marketing strategies

There is no right fit for any business. You can use these strategies by altering them according to your business. While some may sound time-consuming but will surely help you achieve the sales target you always dreamt of.

But before you begin, hope you've taken care of these: 

Create a buyers persona

This is one of the most important tools in marketing. Personas give you a quick reference on your customers while providing baseline information to whom the product will be sold. The ideal persona has to be someone who identifies with your brand and offering. 

For instance, a teenager would be more interested in your gaming course. You cannot target such an online course to someone who is 60-70 years old. They won’t be your target audience as they cannot identify with gaming as a skill to learn.

That's why it's extremely important to create the user persona that can in a true sense learn from your course while taking care of his needs and wants. This powerful marketing strategy can only work if you think and create your perfect user persona. To help you with it, here’s a great tool that you can use to get a detailed visual of the user persona: Free User Persona Builder by Hubspot

Learn how to tell a great brand story

According to research around 92 % of buyers want a brand story. Even if you are new to marketing you surely are a storyteller. The human brain is programmed for storytelling. And how great it would be if we use this to the advantage of our business. 

Creating a brand story is a great way to reach out to your target audience and eventually selling your product to them. It becomes really important, to be honest when reciting these stories to your customers. Tell them about your success, your failures, incorporate real customers while using actual data to prove your point. If the consumer will relate to this story he will surely buy from you. It's the matter of establishing trust and that can only come with some concrete evidence in the form of your company’s previous experience.

This is by far the most powerful marketing strategy which can help anyone. Without this, all your efforts will be wasted. 

The Obvious Ones

So these are some of the most obvious strategies but make no mistake. These are some of the most powerful strategies used by most of the successful creators across the world. 

Start Blogging

Organic vs Paid Traffic Costs

Content marketing has always been gold for marketers. Research has shown that organic results in search based on keywords, high-value content, and context drive better leads over a longer period of time. This is a more cost-effective way of driving traffic and capturing leads. When done right and with proper SEO, creating blogs on the same lines as your course content can be a great marketing tool to boost your course sales. The audience who is reading your blog becomes a potential buyer of your online course.

Start by creating blogs about your course topics while creating meaningful and information-rich content for your readers. Share industry news, provide complimentary or free resources while using the call to action buttons which will be beneficial to capture leads. Use blogs to generate awareness about your brand while conveying what more you can offer to your audience. Use keywords within the content to enable the crawler to crawl all over your content. You can even reach out to fellow creators and blog on their websites. Ask them to add backlinks to your content in return while offering a similar favor in return. You can even comment on some of the top blogs in your domain while adding links to your course page. This can be a great way to validate your content thereby enabling better SEO results. 

Ultimately, you are trying to establish a position of authority in the eyes of a reader. If they build a solid trust in your brand they are surely going to buy from you. This is one of the few powerful marketing strategies which might take a bit of your time and effort but will be well worth it. Over time as the content gets discovered more, the organic traffic volume will increase substantially. 

Got courses? Add testimonials on the course page

Testimonials are a powerful tool for motivating a customer. When a prospective customer learns about how your product was received by others, they are more likely to buy it. This is your opportunity to use testimonials as social proof of quality.

Publishing what your customer says for your online course on the course page can be a terrific way to push viewers towards the buy button. Ask your learners to reach back to you about what they like about your online course and how did they benefit from it. List these advantages on the page while attaching an image of the learner. This again will help the viewer to establish a connection by adding a face to the statement. 

Add tons of value before expecting them to buy

It is crucial to provide a lot of value for your prospective customers before expecting them to hit that buy button. And that value can be anything. You can begin your youtube channel and provide them with mini videos about a particular topic. Towards the end of the video pitch in your product. Ask them to visit your website to download additional content like an ebook or a PDF. Create a separate landing page for such viewers by using Knorish Website Builder.

If a blog reader drops by on your course page provide him with a free high-value resource on that topic. This will establish trust and relationship while enabling you to capture his email which then can be used to re-reach the person at a later date. Supplementing this strategy with blogs can be a great way to generate interest from potential customers. When looking at powerful marketing strategies you just cannot look away from this one.

Use Facebook ads

Social Content Sharing Image Facebook

Yes, we know this is quite an obvious one but Facebook ads are powerful when you wish to reach your target customers. It might not be the most cost-effective one but will surely generate great results. Simply because of the number of people active in their ecosystem  - FB, Instagram, and Whatsapp. That's why FB is the first place, most advertisers start their ads. Our tip? Set up a Facebook Business page as it enables targeted advertising. Plus get your buyer persona in place. Once that's done, get your free high-value content setup. It could be free ebooks, webinars, courses, downloads, checklists, etc. Anything that has tons of great content and you know your audience will love! 

Marketing Strategies Used By Successful Online Coaching Businesses

Host live webinar

Everyone loves videos. Live webinars offer that engagement to your potential customers, are great for some quick content, super low-cost leads, and for generating tons of interest in your business and products. Reaching out to them every once in a while with a new upcoming topic through a webinar can definitely garner the attention of a lot of potential learners. While it may sound resource-draining and time-consuming, but with Knorish, running webinars is super easy. You already get a lot of automation in place that lets you just set them once and forget until the webinar day. This allows creators to reach out to their learners whenever they want, capture tons of leads, and offer great content with minimal effort. This is one of the upcoming powerful marketing strategies which not only helps your existing audience but enables you to reach potential customers too.

Discover how to use {automated} webinars to drive traffic, get super low-cost leads, and tons of sales. Masterclass: 5 Expensive Mistakes You Must Avoid Before Conducting Your Next Webinar

Build a Facebook community

We cannot stress more on the importance of interaction and engagement. And what better platform to accomplish this than Facebook. Your audience already is logged in their plus they expect to be engaged on the platform. So it's a win-win. Plus, it is cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire new ones. So it only makes sense to ensure it is crucial to always stay in touch with your learners base. And Facebook communities empower you to do just that. Reach out to your existing customers and invite them to join your community groups. Talk with them, hear out any suggestions, share other meaningful information through these groups. Based on this feedback, rework your content and make sure you let them know about these new changes. With this try and re-establish your relationship with them by upselling to them with new content or bundled courses. Community building is one of the most powerful marketing strategies which can benefit almost all course creators. As it is interaction and engagement where most academies don’t stress a lot.

Use Pinterest

Since its inception, Pinterest has been touted as one of the next big things in the social media marketing circle. It is the second-highest social media source of website referrals in the world. With such credentials, Pinterest is the perfect place to market your online course. Content on Pinterest ages like a fine wine. The older a post gets the higher the reach it generates. Repin and pin content from fellow bloggers to create a backlink to your profile. We even recommend you to brand your Pinterest profile to enable brand recognition for your profile on Pinterest. Post all blogs, images, and video content. Ensure proper SEO on the platform to make sure the content is discoverable. And most importantly post regularly.

Use Instagram with video format

This is one social media platform that is most used by Gen Z. And in most cases that is your target audience. Instagram comes within the Facebook ecosystem. So there is quite some compatibility and synchronization between these two platforms. It is highly recommended that using these two platforms together can work wonders for your online presence. Instagram is more youth-oriented with more stress provided on images and short videos. When finding a cost-effective strategy Instagram can work wonders with its core features such as stories and reels. Stories that are available for 24 hours with a 15-second duration are the perfect way to quickly interact with your audience. Creators can even use the new Instagram Reels to innovate interactions with their target audience. All in all one of the most powerful marketing strategies that can be put to use when dealing with a young learner base. Besides, you can always run Instagram video ads as well to drive exponential traffic.

Use Quora


Quora is probably one of the most underrated social media platforms from a marketer's perspective. If engagement with knowledge is your prime motive, Quora is the holy grail. You cannot go wrong with Quora when you want to add real value to your learners' knowledge. As the saying goes, when on Quora do as the Quorans do. Answer and answer a lot of questions especially questions from your domain. Try and establish yourself as a thought leader. Provide meaningful answers to queries and towards the end drop your website’s link. Do keep in mind that putting too many links on a Quora answer can collapse it, therefore only provide links where necessary. A great activity to indulge in is by answering a query and towards the end provide a link to your page, further when the viewer drops by providing him an ebook or a PDF through a call to action button which again can facilitate lead capturing. Make a list of these leads and interact with them regularly on Quora.

Learn more about what is quora and how you can use it: Read How to use Quora to sell Online Courses faster?

Partner with Influencers

Use bloggers to review your course product to have an opinion about your offering. Having great reviews from popular influencers can create great sales results. Connecting with well-known influencers and offering them the product for free in return for a review post on their blog or video can create an audience for your online course. Not only will this create traffic from the Influencer's website, but will even create validation on the benefits and advantages of your product. Reach out to YouTubers or Instagram influencers while asking them to use and promote your course by offering them a share in every sale generated. Use coupon codes. Ask the influencer to share this code with his followers, thereby every sale generated with the help of the influencer will be well accounted for. For this Knorish as a platform has an inbuilt coupon creator which enables the creators to create a coupon according to their needs and wants. The creator can create a name for the coupon to make it a bit more attractive and in sync with the discount. The coupon creator even has the functionality to create a coupon based on a percentage discount or a discount on the price. All this makes influencer marketing a tempting direction to work and look at.

Build a sales landing page on Knorish

Most users first scroll through an entire page and then tend to read the content. If the page appears to be easy on the eyes only then a viewer converts into a reader, else they hit the back button.

Therefore it becomes extremely important to capture the attention during the first scroll itself. With just a quick scroll on your page, the prospective viewer should have a clear understanding of whether this is what he needs. This is where he decides to stick with you or look for alternatives. If he finds the content following his needs and wants he will run towards you with all his money.

Some tips which can help in building a great landing page

  • Use more images and videos than text
  • Write great copy. 
  • Provide blank space between content to give that airy feel
  • Use a common theme for your course and the page
  • Use a common color scheme throughout your brand
  • Use logos

Landing pages can make or break your digital marketing efforts. Because ads only drive traffic. They cant make the user buy your product. It's the content and the copy of the page that does it. 

Write better sales copy that converts site visitors to paying customers. Learn how to build awesome landing pages for your online academy

Build an email list and retarget the leads generated

With so many ads and other marketing efforts, you will be able to slowly build a list of emails of potential customers. Now would be the time to send emails with tons of great content for your users including weekly newsletters. Reach out to these potential customers and tell them what’s happening within your business. Generate interest from them by indulging them into your day-to-day activities, share tips and hacks, educate and teach. Over this, emails can even be sent to make them aware of your new products, discounts or bundled offerings. Creating awareness is the key when it comes to selling your online course. Therefore this can be a great strategy to generate the sales you desire.

Pro Tip: Segment your emails

With all the leads captured, you will have separate personas cropping up with varied needs and wants. If our potential customers are varied in nature why not target them individually. This is where segmenting emails becomes important. It is crucial to target each customer according to their needs and not mass spam their inboxes. For instance, you sell a course for cooking and gaming. Each of these courses has a different audience. Therefore it makes a lot more sense to create a different email marketing campaign for each of these. Since gaming is done by a younger audience, offers on new gaming courses would be an appropriate subject for an email. While cooking, the audience can be targeted with a campaign according to their interest. This highlights and necessitates the importance of segmenting the emails which are sent to a varied audience persona.

Publish an ebook

Sanjeev Kapoor Academy EbookImage Source: Sanjeev Kapoor Academy

Ebook can be a great lead magnet. Ask your site viewer for his email address in return for an ebook related to the subject. This will help you build an email list while building credibility in the eyes of a potential buyer. Moreover, if you wish to, you can even sell these ebooks to generate greater revenue. Please ensure you need not sell these to your existing audience and provide them with this ebook for free. This ebook can even be used as standalone content within your course which can even speed up your course creation speeds. This strategy can be gold if used well when looking for powerful marketing strategies to sell your online course.

Translate courses into other languages

This is one of the best ways to automatically increase the reach of your course.  By changing the language for the course you can effectively reach a wider audience. While it may seem like a resource-consuming activity, you need to understand that every business expansion requires resources.

You might question what happens if I have a lot of videos in my course? No worries there are many tools online which can help in generating auto subtitles to your content. This means you need not record the entire content again in a new language. All you need is quality subtitles that can push the customer towards the buy now button.

All of this will widen the reach of your product thereby acting as a value-added feature to your course.

Visit events or enlist as a speaker

We highly recommend you to engage with the audience through public speaking. Attend seminars and events. Make connections with your target audience, let the people all around know more about your offerings. Secure a panel position during these seminars and events. Speak about the topic and try to bring in references to your course products whenever possible. Establish your credibility while being a thought leader. You can re-create the same while hosting a webinar as well. This can be a great marketing strategy to generate viewers' attention while spreading awareness for your product.

Which marketing strategy will you implement?

Before you choose and decide, take a closer look at your buyer persona. What do they like? Where are they most active? Look at the best possible combinations of which marketing strategy will drive most engagement and conversations about your brand and its offerings. 

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