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How India's only master of wine is changing how people think about & appreciate wines?

One of the only 300 Master of Wine globally and the only in India, Sonal Holland is the founder of Sonal Holland Wine Academy, the online school that gets learners excited about everything wines. Using Knorish, she’s helped students around the world develop their skills and discover the true nuances of appreciating wines.

After 10 successful years of delivering the globally sought-after WSET qualifications as their longest-serving approved program provider in India, in 2020, Sonal Holland Wine Academy launched its own online courses with Knorish.

About Sonal Holland Wine Academy

2000 Students | 5 Countries

The academy offers a range of courses that start from building strong fundamentals that kickstart one’s wine journey to more advanced and certification courses in partnership with the prestigious & globally renowned Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

Investment in knowledge pays the highest rate of interest. Being a lifelong learner is a sure-fire way to grow and succeed. - Sonal Holland, Master of Wine

The Intersection of Wines, Education & Digital 

Sonall Holland

Sonal Holland is the premier name in the wine & spirits domain. She is the go-to name & a thought leader in the Indian beverage industry. Under her leadership, the brand offers opportunities for consulting, networking events, a brand ambassadorship program, retail partnerships, and wine awards.

After being active in the space for over a decade, the launch of the education vertical was an organic extension of the brand.

Today, Sonal Holland Wine Academy supports professionals, wine enthusiasts and young adults from around the world to acquire a deeper understanding of how to taste like a pro, increase their appreciation and understanding of wines, and help them to gear up for success in a fast-evolving industry. 

The Academy’s flagship program - The Advanced Wine Pro is the most comprehensive wine course that helps learners advance their wine journey. They also help enthusiasts and learners with live programs that participants can attend and learn from. 

Her courses cover a host of topics ranging from Wine styles, Tasting wine like a pro, Important Grape Varieties, Storage and service of wine, food pairing, Wine-making options and processes and a lot more. 

Since the launch of the academy in 2021, Sonal Holland Wine Academy has more than 2000 learners accessing her courses and content from 5 countries globally.

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Website, Courses, Webinars & Apps: Choosing Knorish Funnel Builder To Grow The Academy


Sonal Holland Wine Academy gives learners the chance to jump in no matter where they are on their journey. For instance, the certified wine pro is for anyone starting their journey to wine enthusiasts trying to master their wine knowledge. Similarly, other more advanced courses offer deeper knowledge catering to Food & Beverage & other professionals on the finer nuances of wine appreciation.

The primary source of traffic and sales for Sonal Holland Wine Academy has been promotions through email marketing & offline events. The academy uses the basic landing page funnels as the primary funnel to drive revenue across courses and offerings. 

Additionally, Knorish’s complete lesson framework and the amazing distraction-free learning experience make it easy for the learners to learn well from the content. What adds to the learning experience is the availability of multi formats of content & media available in one attractive, easy to use package. Besides that, the assessments offered at the end of the course offer certifications that add further value to the learners with respect to skill upgradation. 

With a simple login process, robust payment gateways, automation for notifications and reminders, native Zoom integration for conducting large scale online virtual events and webinars, and a funnel builder to drive exponential growth, the academy was able to increase outreach, bring more traffic to the site and share their knowledge with learners faster. 

Additionally, Sonal Holland Wine Academy can also enable a more focused learning approach with the branded android & iOS apps that are available for all creators with Knorish. 

The Next Stage Of Growth: Brand Deals

As an influencer and a thought leader in the space, Sonal has been able to use her expertise and influence to promote quality wine education in the physical space and online as well. Considering the brand’s ethos and power, California Wine Institute collaborated with the Academy to introduce the academy’s students to premium wines from the Californian wine region setting them on the path of exploring the best wines that the region has to offer.

The brand partnership now has opened up new revenue opportunities for the academy besides further building the thought leadership position for Miss Sonal Holland in the domain. 

“I just wanted to thank Knorish because when we thought of taking our courses online, the team really came to our rescue, and the platform has been flawless to say the least. So we really enjoyed our learning so far and look forward to many more years of our partnership.” - Sonal Holland, Master of Wine

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