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The 4 different types of sales funnels that convert without fail

Sales funnels are great, everyone loves them! They are like magic pills, which once digested into the right business, garner conversions like never before. Hi, fellow sales funnel aspirant! You are now on the journey to sales funnel mastery with Knorish & if you haven’t already started with our first article, we recommend you to start here with the basics & see yourself driving conversions for your online course like a true sales funnel ninja!

Sales Funnel Example

However, it is not as easy as it looks. Building & optimizing a sales funnel the right way for your online course needs a lot of understanding, implementation, testing & analysis. That’s why these tried & tested sales funnels will help you too as they have helped several unique businesses including online courses convert leads into paying customers without fail!

Here are the 4 different types of high converting sales funnels you can use for your online business:

Video based Sales Letter Sales Funnel

Do you have a lot of information to give out & prefer having a video instead of a regular copy? No worries, use a video sales letter to convert your leads!

Video marketing has now started coming in power as most of the content consumption on social media is now in the form of videos. Not only this, but videos are also a very intuitive way of being descriptive about your product as well as not overloading the visitor with lines and lines of copy. 

Here’s how a typical video sales letter looks like on a sales letter page:

Video sales letter example

A video sales letter is usually incorporated in the topmost part of a sales letter page as illustrated above.

Webinar based sales funnel


Webinars have now become the go-to source of every organization’s marketing channel, especially with the onset of the lockdown in almost every region of the world.

Not only do webinars help you generate leads, but the more the people register & attend your webinar events, the bigger the opportunity is for you to close high quality leads at a higher price. But why does this happen? 

Webinars are structured in such a way that you get to spend a lot of time with your potential customer wherein you can pitch your service offering in detail.

In this way, by the end of the hour-long webinar, you would’ve built trust in your potential customer & can now redirect them to your checkout page to purchase your online course.

Product launch sales funnel

One of the most important sales funnels for an online course. A product launch sales funnel becomes the need of the hour when you have completely built your online course, & now want to spend a considerable amount of time in building anticipation for the launch. 

A product launch sales funnel is used when there is a list of prospective customers who are waiting for your course’s launch so that they are lured with anticipation & urgency to buy it as soon as it’s launched. 

Micro-marketing strategies are used with incentives such as previews, teaser videos, limited-time offers, to build scarcity & urgency in the mind of the customer till the cart opens & the product is ready to be launched 

Lead magnet sales funnel

The most common type of sales funnels you would see running around in marketing channels. A lead magnet sales funnel is often used to give people something they can’t refuse in exchange for their email address. 

Prospective customers are usually offered a report or something tangible in return which the users can download. You need to make sure that your offering is of high value and makes sense to your prospective customer’s buyer persona or they will simply refuse to download it & you will not be able to fetch their email address, hence the whole purpose of building a lead magnet sales funnel would be dissolved.  

Below is how a typical lead magnet sales funnel journey looks like:

Lead Magnet Email Journey

This is just one example, where in the ultimate goal is to deliver a high value content report and ensure that the customer has downloaded the file. 

To conclude:

There are several types of sales funnels that come with promising results. However, in spite of several benefits, no unique sales funnel actually works like a magic pill for your business. It all depends upon your research, implementation, analysis & testing that will optimize a sales funnel for your online course.

Please note that you can even combine and optimize multiple sales funnels to fetch even better results. You just need to find the right set of permutations & combinations of sales funnels that will do wonders for your online course business & help you make more money.


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