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2021’s Top Online Course Ideas Most In Demand

In our previous articles, we had mentioned about several online course ideas that are great money makers which could help you finalise what kind of online courses to publish based on your skills and knowledge. In this article we discuss with you how to find online course ideas that sell well and generate a strong passive income. Additionally, this post is to help you refine your search for the perfect online course where your expertise and learning search trends meet. So if you are looking for an inspiration on which topic to create an online course, then look no further. This should be the most definitive post on which online courses in 2021 are going to be the most selling courses.


In case you still need a little help with specific or offbeat online courses that have done well over the years, here's a quick read: 

Unique Online Courses That No One Thought Would Make Money, But Are


#1: Finance & Cryptocurrency

It is but natural for professionals and students alike to maximize their potential by learning new skills which are most relevant “right-now”. Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency exchanges and the required technology — know hows & how-to courses are selling like hotcakes. Forex, Investments, stock trading, and various other aspects of finance including banking processes are also trending topics to look at due to their high demand. Although the recent ruling against cryptocurrency in a few countries has dampened the shine yet it is still a major draw across learners.

#2: Personality Development & Self Help


Self-help books, seminars, sessions, and conferences have always been popular. The new age learning mode of online courses takes personality development to a whole new high. with search for better employability and better career opportunities, people are searching for great coaches online. Anyone who is an expert in concepts like self-help, coaching, and/or counseling can launch an online course ranging across topics such as leadership,  spirituality, self-development, mindfulness, confidence, dealing with anxiety, and mental health. 

#3: Technology


STEM courses are at an all-time high in demand. Courses based on technology like AI, Cloud, Data Science, Robotics, Automation, Mobile Apps designing and coding languages like R & Python, are extremely in high demand. The key aspect is that students are looking forward to data science, automation & cloud courses more and languages like HTML, CSS, and Java, etc. are highly revered.


#4: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is in demand is an understatement. Hence, it is obvious that courses that teach entrepreneurship, business skills, investments, startup ecosystems, business management, are doing really well. However, with so many courses being available, quality of content is highly critical. As such, learners are always looking for the latest information from established entrepreneurs who have established themselves as credible entrepreneurs.

#5 - Vocational Skills

Making passive incomes or side hustles is what is driving people to learn a new skill. Be it culinary, creative arts, repairing stuff, teaching creativity, or just learning new age skills that help learners start their career in their preferred domain, make career changes, or simply make money. You've got a skill to teach, there will be a learner for it! 


#6 - Marketing


Marketing courses go hand in hand with entrepreneurship courses. It’s organically linked to the other. Hence, it's not uncommon to see that the learners who pick up entrepreneurship courses, pick up the other as well and vice versa. Digital Marketing, social media, google analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram outreach analytics, customer engagement metrics, and marketing analytics are just a few topics that learners enroll for. Those interested in entrepreneurship but naturally seek out these courses as well in order to become successful entrepreneurs themselves.

#7 - Creative writing


Mobile, website, blogs, social media posts, ebooks, and actual books, articles, newspaper journals, ghost-writing… Career opportunities in writing creatively and as a profession are many and learners want to cash in on them. With every business now relying on access to the internet and Google services in one form or the other, quality courses that teach great content writing skills are scarce and in high demand. However, access to prominent writers is scarce. Online courses bridge that gap. Content that interactively meets the needs of anyone aspiring to be a writer does really well.

#8 - Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty


Fashion, beauty, & lifestyle industry across the world is the biggest industry in the world. The industry can be further subdivided into skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrances, toiletries, accessories, clotheslines, footwear, and more. The demand will always be there simply because of the huge space for it. 

Mobile internet is highly accessible now and as the preferred mode of learning for most online course learners, there are learners in every space. There are literally no limitations to what you can create a course for. The only limitation to the whole aspect would be your imagination.

So the question really is… Which course would you publish?



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