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5 ways to get maximum like and shares on your content in the communities

When you’re investing so much effort (and time) into building up your online community, you can’t risk going wrong with your content marketing strategies. 

You've spent hours researching, designing, writing and publishing what you’d consider the “perfect community post,” only to find out that none of the members exactly cared to pay any attention to it. Nothing is as disappointing as not getting as many likes or shares you had hoped for. This happens quite often even to the best of the community creators when all they see is a non-engaged community despite their best efforts.

We don’t want that to happen to you.

In this blog, we’ll not only show you what you can share but we’ll tell you exactly 5 ways how you’re supposed to promote your content within the community.

  • Because as a brand behind the community creation, end of the day you’ll have to not only create the content but push it out as well 
  • Moreover doling out relevant content within your online communities stands to be a win-win situation for your community

What are online communities? And why’re they built?

Social Content Sharing in CommunitiesSimply put Online communities are groups of experts, or people from all walks of life with similar interests who share advice, knowledge, tips & tricks to excel in any given task. They are hosted on forums, paid or free social media platforms and so on. 

And the very best part about them is that they exist on almost any topic you can think of—helping you troubleshoot an issue or giving their ratings to any services or product- they’re perfect tribes that can make a larger impact. For example, let’s say a community was created to help out people with troubleshooting a platform they’re using. If one or the other member came across any issue, he can simply go and submit a query and wait for the answer. 

People might answer or the moderators or Community Managers do chip in with the help. That’s also one reason for the communities to be every marketer’s, business’ dream wish as the members share their expertise and save up on the company’s customer support resources or aid them for better functioning. And not only that, in the process they end up doing brand promotions for your product too.  

Wait, but what’s the big catch here?

You need to create or find the online community that exists for your product or business hanging out on the internet.

Your job is to tap on their potential. 

But how? 

Brands create or source robust content marketing strategies to keep their communities together. You too can iron out the basics and map over your content strategy, right? 

And what to share with the communities?

You’re never going to be short of shareable content, if you ask the pro marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, they not just encourage creating 10 times content but they’re also more than happy to share the details with everyday people like us. Because they are very clear that in a volume-centric creative world, you should be creating more context and reach out to more audiences on every possible content marketing platform.

Overall, the goal of sharing your content in the community remains the same as: 

Social Content Sharing Image 3
  1. Boost your brand’s awareness: The more you contribute and share with the audience, you obviously get involved and that has a direct impact on your brand’s awareness.

  2. People start respecting your knowledge and grip on the subject {because of the content you share etc), this way again you’ll boost the number of relevant customers interested in your brand.

  3. You’ll oust the competitors in the process when you’ll have exposed a maximum no. of people to your business, product, website or digital business sheer on the strength of adding value to the life of many people and as a result, etching your business in their minds. 

  4. Your content will increase and improve the engagement rates only when you’re using online communities effectively to source and market your content and increase your following in the process. 

And you know what? 60% of online community creators are clueless about producing enough or engaging content. 

Common but Top Challenges for Online Community Creators include how to drive relevant yet strong traffic to their sites leveraging on their online communities. Plus how genuinely your community members are interested in your brand or product to do you this favor.

While others are still left wondering if they should be sharing content every day and fiddling with still delicate questions like whether to post from the brand or their personal accounts.

Well, there can be many tricky questions as such but ultimately your content has to stay in the main focus. 

So, what are some great content strategies to use while aiming to promote your brand?

Social Content Sharing Image 4

Here’re the 5 top content strategies to turn your online communities into one huge source of referral traffic. 

  1. Define who is your target audience

Of course first things first, after all, you can’t create rocking posts if you’re unsure about who they’re for. Map over the people for whom you’ve created your product and the kind of people who form your community. 

You better, extract the user information from the platform your community is located at and do figure out 

  1. What do they do for a living?
  2. What are they struggling with ( their pain points)?
  3. What do they prefer in the content format (podcast, video, live webinars, blogs)?

Eventually, some marketers believe that the more you know about your audience better will be for your content.

  1. Where’re those audiences hanging out online?
Once you’ve got both your buyer persona and content down to a Tee point, now is your task to figure out where these people hang out online? Certainly, online communities can take various formats. But, you can create or  find them mostly on these platforms : 

Social Content Sharing Image Facebook

Facebook Groups: Considering Facebook has over 2.80 billion monthly active members, your brand is bound to get high footfall here. However, Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms don’t guarantee that the content you share will be seen by all community members. But on this platform, you could : 

  • Ask the questions that will encourage conversations
  • Drive people to leave a comment with their inputs
  • Post at optimal times when most Facebook users are very active
  • Go Live more often to give the people enough feeling that they are dealing with a human connection
  • Introduce various tactics of surveys, reports, gamification, etc.
Social Content Sharing LinkedIn Blog_image-6

Linkedin Groups: With 740 million members worldwide, Linkedin is yet another great opportunity to nurture or find like-minded professionals who could be possibly interested in what your business or brand has to share. One thing that you should be very picky about is that these groups tend to be very B2B-focused. Thus, don’t use this platform just in case you’re targeting B2C audiences.

  1. Ideal content would be to make high-value content pdfs, downloadable ebooks, long format blogs
  2. Conduct live webinars, live sessions, and group or one on one coaching.
  3. Pull out pieces of the live webinar you conducted and extract nearly eight pieces of content out of it { video, podcast, pdf, quote, image carousel,2 image posts, etc}

Quora Groups: Right from the questions such as checking out which one is the best online course for digital marketing or the best cooking online course, Quora is the platform that has these same questions with a lot of people viewing the answers to those questions, or choosing to answer such questions. In fact, Quora gets approximately 300 million active users monthly. 

It is an awesome way to find or create close-knit communities of people with a shared interest.

And higher are the chances that you’ll find your brand a fan following there. From fixing a leaking tap to high-ranking digital marketing hacks, there is something for everyone out there. Just one thing you would need to mind over there would be that members can get too picky with the content they want to engage with. But, you’ll be able to get around this problem by becoming a valued expert in the community, rather than an obvious marketer. 

  • Respond to Quora questions relevant to your brand every day 
  • And focus on providing in-depth answers—linking them to your website, if that serves any context.

    Social Content Sharing Quora

Google Forums: Well, if you think you’ve found the perfect online community platform to create or share your content with, here’s this one more perfect avenue we must explore. When you do a Google search for your industry and your “forum” or “community”, usually they pop up. 

Since these people are thoroughly invested, they offer a unique possibility for your brand and content. You can observe the groups with a similar audience you want to check out what they’re doing right to make this community thriving under their mentorship.

Social Content Twitter

Twitter following: With over 350 million users on Twitter alone. And they are tweeting almost twice a day. Imagine the volume of tweets every single second of the day! And the power of your community, if only you can create one over there!! This way your content reaches the right audience; gets retweeted end number of times and in the process brings thumping “virality” to your brand. 

  • Keep your tweets small and give them a compelling CTA (call to action)
  • Well research your tags to increase their reach to the right audience
  • Keep max #2 tags per tweet to avoid it looking spammy
  • Use different content formats, CTAs for one content to see which one gets more likes, shares
  • Try rotating a tweet at different times in a day or week to measure the response it acquires 
  • Churn smart shareable tweets so that people love sharing them
  • Adding an Image Creative is certainly going to double the engagement
  • Do reply if people leave any comments or likes on your post. Actually, it’s a good practice to thank the people writing to you or sharing your posts on social media
  • Go ahead and retweet your members’ post at times
  • Retweet posts are very much trending on Twitter, so feel free and 2X your audiences aggressively!

    Social Content Instagram

Instagram Groups: Besides the visual nature of the platform, Instagram offers a great pull for the community provided you know how to make the best use of it. Our advice would be that: 

  • You design your feed with some great plus unique ideas. And you don’t have to be pro, there’re ready to pick free templates available on DIY platform Canva, Pexels, etc
  • And post it from your profile. Because on Instagram, you can build a thriving community with your raw, honest realness
  • And you can tackle every topic in the sun that your community cares about – like your upcoming cooking course, motherhood tips, and even how to set entrepreneurial goals and chase targets, motivational quotes, etc to name a few. 

Well, for that matter you should focus on creating a Community on every platform that matters to your brand including YouTube, Snapchat, etc. Follow as many relevant brands, share the same content on all platforms but only with minor tweaks possible.

Just don’t forget to keep your content relevant, trendy, and up to mark!

3. Analyze and review  the content you have already created to date 

After having a short trail of all platforms and different formats of content that work there, it’s time we tell you to make a list of all the content you’ve shared to date and also benchmark them against your community’s likings or preferences. 

 Why? Because we don’t expect you to create too much content at any point because, in the community, you’re to discover how to encourage people to contribute too. While you index and create a long list of content you’ve or is on your cards, ask yourself these 3 simple questions: 

  1. Is the content similar to what you’re planning to share and has good engagement in the groups? 
  2. Is your topic very original or has been too much discussed before? 
  3. Are the people having a positive opinion about the content you’re willing to share? 

If your answer is  “yes”, you’ve done a great job! You’re on the right track. 

But, if you’ve answered “no” to all 3 questions, you better watch out because this will not bring you enough engagement. Two things are important : 

No.#1 that your chosen subject should have maximum learning value for your community members 

No. #2 that you will need to be very clear as to which kind of post will work best on which platform 

The power of content lies in its messaging plus how many pieces you can actually pull out of a single write-up. See here below how even a single blog piece can be turned into an amazing number of content pieces. Thus once you know the flow of your posts, you can rock.

Social Content

4. In the Communities get involved first before you try to sell 

We simply put you on the watch to bid for the perfect timing you actually jump into promoting your brand. The timing for pitching and sales has to be meticulous and carries as much weightage as your content. If you add members and right away start pitching them or expecting returns, this would not happen and would sound unfair to them.

  • People want to build long-term rapport with the community creators rather than just being used 
  • You better first help them with the problem they’re facing
  • Contribute to their knowledge and learning, all eyes are on you already!
  1. Keep an eye on referral traffic from your community

It is as simple. By creating a community you’ve taken your first right step in the direction of marketing and promoting your brand, the next thing for you to do is now to check their effectiveness. Integrating Google Analytics will be a great move to help you know if your content is actually working and bringing in people to your digital course.

Find this data by going to Knorish>Integrations>Google Analytics Integration to be able to track referral traffic from your various online communities. Within a week, days or months you’ll get better and better with this method when you hit and try several content strategies and zero in on the most effective ones that work for your online community and implement them in your future content strategy. 

Coming to Final Thoughts {Conclusions} 

We would love to see you sharing great content with your community, one final thing we really want to reemphasize is that don’t jump at promoting your content straightaway. Your priority is to nurture it first through personal relationships. 

Actually, the truth is that if you’re not willing to invest the time to get to know the members of your group well beforehand, don’t expect them to engage with the branded content you’re up to putting out there.

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