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Why does every online academy need a sales funnel?

Marketing and selling online courses are where most of the course-creators struggle. Marketing tactics such as running ads on Facebook, Guest blogging, Promo videos on YouTube, and Podcasts help put a word out about your courses but they are not the same as a sales funnel. If you want to go from 0 to 1000 paying customers quickly, you need a sales funnel!

Sales Funnel is not a Marketing Tactic

  • A sales funnel is the entire process designed to guide your potential students through the various phases of product experience coaxing them to decide to enroll (or not enroll) in your online course.
  • Marketing is the very first step in the sales process. Using marketing without integrating them into a sales process rarely results in course sales or enrolments.

Sales Funnel helps students to Buy (or Not Buy)

The free or paid course potential buyers both require someone to guide them through sales processes that end with them deciding to sign up or not for your course. Sales funnel enables better planning, budgeting, and evaluation processes. And most importantly, a sales funnel will help you go from 10 sales a day to hundreds of sales.

Sales Funnel leads to High Lead Conversions


Businesses only do well when they have a successful sales strategy. And so should your online academy! If you love making loads of money that is.

It does take a fair amount of work to set it up. But it’s an effective and not very difficult process to implement. The best part is that once you can configure it the way it works, your sales funnel can run virtually on autopilot – meaning it will continue to enroll new students into your course while you’re relaxing, travelling, enjoying family time, and even while you’re busy creating another course.

Fuel, Foundation, Follow-ups are the 3 necessary F’s of a well-configured Online Course Sales Funnel

  • #1. Fuel: An efficient sales funnel works only when it has traffic moving through it. In this segment, defining strategies to drive traffic to your site gets proposed. Mostly it could be paid or organic traffic through LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook or it could even be the existing email data of the clients.
  • #2. Foundation: The majority of the prospect conversions and qualification happens in this segment. Lead magnet landing pages attract the right kinds of customers provided they have lead magnet offers to build the customer’s immediate trust. While your sales page educates visitors on various aspects of the course. The checkout page is where the sale finally happens when the student pays up.
  • #3. Follow-Up: Not every online course funnel is going to be perfect. Sometimes, leads just aren’t ready to buy yet. Hence, they drop out of your funnel. That’s where the follow-up comes into play. In this stage, retargeting ads and email sequences are designed to bring leads back into your funnel after they’ve dropped out.


What does it take to Create a Great Sales Funnel?

Balance the 3 necessary F’s:
Neither miss the selling nor seem to be over pushy. Figure out what your Target Audience needs (even before creating a course). Once you’ve identified a specific problem that your target market is looking out a solution for, the next strategy is to publish free, interesting, and useful content that helps them solve that particular problem.

  • Create a strong database: Research shows that a potential student will likely need to hear from you 6-8 times before they decide to enroll in your course. Email is the best way to stay in touch. Figure out a free resource that supplements the information that you have shared in your blog, promo videos, etc. Technically, we call this content upgrade, and this is a resource that you give away in exchange for the target audience’s email address.
  • Promote your content enough: in live webinars, social media. Try to master one goal one page. Pitch to grab attention through image-stories, compelling copy, and offers.
  • Do the necessary follow-ups: Even with the non-buyers too. Update your landing pages, enhance the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Knowledge Base, etc. People need to be guided, incentivized, encouraged, and inspired to take action.



Sometimes, building a business is just a matter of creating the right processes and systems. Sales funnels might just be the thing your business is missing. Online Course Academies with Great Sales Funnels sell courses better.

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