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Why sales funnels sell online courses better than a website?

Building an online course sales funnel is the modern-day strategy to build a website that actually sells & replaces an existing traditional website. Besides, it guides each visitor through all the sales processes around a product and qualifies leads at each step to ensure possible lead conversions.

What is the biggest difference between a Sales Funnel & a Website?

The biggest difference between a course sales funnel and a traditional website is that a website is just a digital profile. It hardly tells people what they need to do next. With a traditional website, you may have just one opportunity for a visitor to purchase. But a sales funnel gives the visitors multiple purchase opportunities.

Why can't websites be more effective than a Sales Funnel?


Websites make things complicated, and they're boring!

A sales funnel on the other hand is a highly strategic way of organizing the thought process to build a sales plan for your online course. It needs to be full of action. Here is why sales funnels are good for your business:

    • A funnel ensures that your buyers don’t get lost somewhere on your website
    • It puts you in charge to create a better experience for your customers
    • Speeds up decision-making for the shoppers.


Why are traditional websites dying?

At present times, it is all about the experience both in business and culture. Traditional websites don’t create an experience as good as funnels.

    • You can’t do the business with building just a basic website
    • The internet is home to more than 1.5 billion websites. And only a tiny fraction of those websites get consistent traffic.
    • You spent hours, days, weeks, months creating your website but might still get inconsistent traffic and low-quality leads.

No doubt that creating a Sales Funnel is a better option than a website.


People reach your website, check it out, and decide on their own what they’re going to do next. It’s sad but most of them leave in the absence of enough guidance. They had been shown a ton of stuff — some products, some content, some news, some ads, and an About Us Page — but they were not clearly instructed as to what action they should take. There was no one to greet them and ask how we may assist.

That’s where a sales funnel is different. It is like having your very best salesperson guiding each online prospect to conversion automatically.

Sales Funnel:

On each page, visitors are virtually guided to the next page or next action eventually leading to nothing else but a sale! And that is precisely why a sales funnel gets way higher conversion rates than traditional websites. Naturally, they are the best.

Tips to create a simple and high-ROI sales funnel from scratch

Assuming that by now you know the pressing need for a sales funnels for your course website, here are 4 steps for you to review or plan your strategy on your course webpage:

  1. Create Unique & Useful Content (videos, infographics, blogs, Instagram, etc.)
    Capture your audience’s attention. Pay extra attention to keywords, headings, and links. You may run a few paid ads too if money is not a constraint. Give enough CTA (Call to Action) buttons.
  2. Build an Amazing Sales Landing Page

    landing page example
    A personalized, mobile responsive and a well-optimized landing page is the cornerstone for successful online marketing campaigns. Create a robust landing page for your online course with an advanced page builder with Knorish. Drag and Drop blocks from hundreds of templates to customize your landing, offerings, and other pages in minutes with your own logo on a custom domain or a white-labeled solution.
  3. Send Leads to the Landing Page to not miss out on tons of sales opportunities because landing pages are designed with the dedicated purpose of capturing leads. They are focused to drive the campaign and follow-ups. That means the offer and CTAs are strategically presented for the user’s benefit.
  4. Use a Lead Magnet For Email contacts because it becomes difficult to get email contacts without giving your prospects something complimentary in return. An e-book, free webinar, buyer’s guide, cheat sheets, email course, etc are a few examples.
  5. Presell the Main Product Experience The email contacts you have been able to collect can be used to present your customers with a free offer in their inbox. Experts recommend using a front-end offer to create a desire for the main one. You have an option to present the main product as part of an upgrade.

To conclude, a Sales Funnel and a Website need great work! But a sales funnel is the new normal to sell better, faster and more! So, get going and customize your website and sell your courses better.

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