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Why should influencers start their own online academy?

It is well established that people have started taking celebrity brand endorsements with a pinch of salt. According to a recent survey, only 4% of people trust a celebrity recommending a brand these days. Not only has this impacted the way brands market themselves but has also created a void with no credible brand voice to target consumers. 

This is exactly where the influencer marketing comes into play. When buying and learning about a product or service, people tend to believe their peers more than the so-called ‘experts’. With influencers establishing a wide audience, sharing their learning and experience online while educating people can be a great opportunity to look into. And as such, online courses can be a great place to start with for the well-accomplished influencers. Online courses are simple to create, easy to upgrade when required, and promoting them will come super easy to an influencer.  Here's why an online course from your online academy makes complete sense:

Wide audience reach

Since influencers are well-established personalities with a large following, establishing and creating a learning base won’t be difficult. Followers who already have been in connection with an influencer will blend well within the online learning community. This will not only help influencers in establishing a strong following for their online academy but also gives a boost to their other social media platforms too. 

Having a huge chunk of audience derived from Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn will enable you to create and scale up your online courses in no time. With pre-existing audience for your courses, each social media post talking about the course will lead to course sales. More the engagement on those posts, more sales. Its that simple! 

Marketing becomes easier 

A social media influencer's biggest weapon is content marketing. So when an influencer posts about a course, how their student benefitted, adds a bit of social proof, the cash register will start ringing. You see your followers trust you and your brand. So when you post about an online course, they will believe in its value because it comes from you. That’s why establishing an online academy is only a natural extension for your brand.

Now let us take a quick look at how influencers can build a successful and popular online course academy

Selecting the course topic 

You already have a niche and your followers know about it. You could create an online course in the same niche. For example, a fitness influencer who has a significant social media following should create an online course which focuses more on fitness and healthy lifestyle-related topics. 

Then there's always the golden course topic you could consider: How to become a social media influencer. After all, who better than you in this regard. After all, you have the social proof for it!

This will not only drive their core audience from their social media handles but will also enable the influencer to create the course with ease. As the influencer is an expert from the field; creating the content won’t be a big task. 

Understanding the audience

This is a very important direction to look at during the course creation stage. Once you have a well-defined target audience in mind, creating the course content based on what the target audience wants to learn would come naturally. Plus, learners who are already pursuing a particular course when exposed to a new course created by a well-known influencer will readily take it up. Therefore, the job for an influencer becomes a whole lot easier when reaching the audience.

Choosing the right platform to launch the academy

All the success that can be achieved over the content of a course will only be possible when armed with a great platform to support the efforts. And that’s why with Knorish, you get a website theme builder that quickly lets you build a website that suits your brand and the course theme, create and launch an online course complete with PDF, PPT, Live online sessions or webinars and much more, and even automatically collect payments for your courses.

A brand extension

Content creation comes naturally to an influencer and the best way to monetize their expertise is with an online course. An academy with your brand name is not only going to be an extension of your brand, as a forever product, the possibilities are endless, the money to be made is endless and the future is bright. All you need is to get started.

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