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How Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta Turned Her Passion For Coaching Into A Thriving Online Business?

The time to launch an online course business has never been better. People from all walks of life including Fortune 500 company executives, teachers, artists, musicians, experts, and professionals are looking for ways to share their knowledge with learners from around the world and make money. And one of the best ways to do this is always via an online course.

Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs India (Runner up) Ms. Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta discovered that in order to make a significant impact, online courses are the way to go. Combined with the fact that the pandemic had minimized the opportunities to share her expertise with the world, she decided to take her knowledge online and founded - 

SBY Academy is one of the finest examples of how diligently putting together the right pieces of a puzzle can make sure that your online course business will not only survive in the modern-day high competition but also stay ahead of the game!

From 0 to 2 lakhs in just 30 days after launch with an online course business built with Knorish

An online course not only allows her to reach out to her learners from across the world but also to run and grow an entire business from the comforts of her home. That meant, more outreach, more learners & increased revenues within the same 24 hours.

Teach what you love, and do it from anywhere you like!

However, creating a course does involve several tiny steps, and to stay on track, become a success story & generate revenue like Yukti, you will have to remain very focused. Hence, to sum it up, with online courses you can:

  1. Reach out to a wider international audience
  2. Launch courses & give classes as per you & your learner’s convenience.

Meet Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta, Founder - SBY Academy


Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is an Erickson Certified etiquette & leadership coach. She was awarded the National Woman Excellence Award, 2018 by the Indo-European Chamber of Small & Medium Enterprises. She was also the Former Gladrags Mrs India (runner-up) 2008. As a seasoned leadership coach and a motivational speaker, she has conducted hundreds of sessions and spoken on various corporate, social and entrepreneurial platforms, and is a proud mompreneur. 

Discover the secret sauce behind SBY Academy's success Story: Watch the webinar replay

SBY Academy


SBY Academy imparts outstanding upskilling courses in leadership through its world-class online courses, intensive workshops, and highly personalised coaching sessions. There are several courses on offer and the academy also does live online coaching sessions for learners and based on learner feedback and inputs, releases new courses that helps learners upskill better. Their flagship course 'Upskilling Leadership Program'  is an extensive course on effective Leadership for 21st century with several key aspects of leadership covered such as Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity,
Self-Awareness, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence and more.

How did it all happen? The success story.

Initially, Yukti was a bit reluctant in giving any price tag to her courses. She was giving away all the courses for free. However, after a strong and positive feedback from her audience, Yukti decided to price her courses.

“Everyone said the course is so good, you need to price it. It will sell, and it did!” - Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

So here are the 3 basic yet important things Yukti followed that made SBY Academy a success:

SWOT Analysis

“As much as it sounds theoretical and basic, it is a very important strategy to follow.”, says Yukti.

A lot of people do not do a SWOT analysis before setting up a new venture. However, to build a successful online business, it is crucial to first sit down & do a complete SWOT analogy for your business model. Make sure you ask yourself the following 2 questions:

  • Have I addressed the weaknesses of my online academy and am I ready to strengthen them in any way possible?
  • Have I understood the strengths of my online academy and does it provide value to my prospective users in exchange for the money they will pay?

And this is a continuous process where you need to check regularly if what the business is offering is still valuable to the end user. 

Understand, learn & Build a SALES FUNNEL

MOST IMPORTANT! Building a sales funnel for your online academy is the modern-day marketing mantra for every online business. A sales funnel guides your prospective customers on your website like a salesman & engage & compel them to buy your courses!

  • Make sure you are offering high-value content to your users

    No marketing hack will ever be able to beat an online academy that offers lots of value offering to its users via its courses. Your course must include comprehensive lessons, including audio and video content. The structure of the course has to be laid out as clearly as possible.

    People need to feel like your course is worth spending for, otherwise, you will lose out on a lot of people who were interested in buying your course but did not because they simply did not find any value for the money they would be giving.

Make social media ads your go-to source for effective marketing and driving traffic to your courses

Yukti made sure that she would completely exploit social media for the purpose of marketing her course. Initially, she had started using LinkedIn as a tool to make people aware of her course.

As SBY Academy started gaining popularity, the academy started moving towards Facebook and ultimately nailed the game by effectively using Facebook Ads to exponentially boost her course sales to earning six figures within a few weeks post the launch of her website!

To wrap it up

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta launched her online academy during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown & it turns out, she did a pretty good job in making it a success story. However, building a successful online course business is easier said than done. It requires a lot more than just knowledge of your course subject. From a technology standpoint, you need a website, course builder, student access management, payment automation solutions and so much more. Knorish makes sure it provides that complete solution in one place to make things super easy for any aspiring course creator.

If you too are thinking of achieving a similar success like Yukti did within weeks, you could also be the next success story on Knorish. All you need to do is sign-up, build & launch your online academy within a single day without even the need of any coding /designing skills.

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